Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I miss you~


physics, ntah . . . Sadang~ i did revised for it lastnight, but radiation and thermal sja, which didn't come out haha~. I answered 10 and 11. Ok, rmai yg answer 9 instead of 11. Drang ckap lgi snang. Maybe i'm out of my mind eatah jawab sja tia XD

played cube with chub, race to 5. Manang x ah, but tipis haha. Makin laju wah ea, or i'm getting slow XD. Against zaim also~ but mng lah. Then we went to d ujung cause kn mliat the colouring stuff atu, well drang plang ganya. I have my own reason ;). Played against zaim, siapa kalah ea langgar the old lady atu. It was kinda like a dare lah since ea lost haha. but nda dbuatnya cause nda brani =p bhutang tu~ ;p.

geo, i sat at back. Whee~ apakan, one seat back jua ganya XD. It was ok, sdang haha. Hung out with her, but sadly kajap ganya -_-' lain kali awal2 ku eyh hahaha~

went to the library. Otw, ada org date arh flagpole, kata kn ke library =p. Library, joules gur ayyub jon jaz and aqil wus there~ busy revising a.maths. Semangat haha~ except for si aqil, who happens to be busy playing the sims XD

i miss you~

boring~ kn revise a.maths ku eyh lau smpat wawawa . . . and esuk after a.maths, there will be a match, ppb against outsyders. Whee~ . . . On the other hand, boo~ i wanna do something x ah. You know what i mean ;D well inda plang kali hahaha =p

aaah!! Suffering!! ='0

♥S, RR

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