Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I'm going crazaay . . .

10/11 -

♫ hanya bersama mu mu ku akan bisa ♫ maths was ok, well nda plang. Snang on the questions yg worth 1 mark ganya XD. JAHAT got new specs, cool~ mcm dpat d bend. Bukan BEN ZUBAIR eyh, ah? Apakan~ baru ya lame hahahaha xp

went to her class

sigh~ =p

walked her to the front and


need i to mention anymore? xp

played card at canteen, si JAZ badmood so i tried my best to make him even more piss-er so i pissed on him, bau ancing trus wah ea. Nda wah haha~. Tidak berjaya cause ada si MUAZ =p he would stop me whenever i'm gonna melampaui batas =D Si JOULES makin pmarah tia dah since the day kmi ngambil jersey haha. Maybe he's using edward cullen masa ani eatah XD to those yg nda paham what i'm talking about, aga sja blognya. Ada tu~ ;D. Well i didn't hung out with the 0's lately, maybe cause exam and sorg2 tah kn sibuk like si ZAIM xp cari alasan aku ah haha~ well, i miss them, i mean hanging out. ;) I miss hanging out with them~ it's been a while sudah nada ku jumpa teacher MARIANA, mana kah ea? I missed her voice, time she's scolding me plang ganya tuu~ xp. Wah!! I'm missing everything!! I have to report it to the police~ apakan XD

library, did a.maths but ended up finding facts bout snakes cause the questiog was pyh2~ seriously blank. Balik, out of nowhere idk why si AYEN ke that kind of convo trus~ =p

listening to going crazy (urban remix) from natalie rite now. Idk natalie mana, natalie goh kali wawawawa XD

ok~ i'm bored eyh. I can't sleep cause i just woke up from ttdur kn buat a.maths, apakan haha~ i'm gonna post something lgi eyh

mata rindu awak~

♥S, RR

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