Thursday, November 6, 2008

It's Never Late To Say Hello Again


while having breakfast

mom : grul ambil kad babu arh kerita tucson and start kn presea.

me : bh~ kajap *ignoring*

mom : kalau kau pandai taruslah keluar kn presea

me : ah? Ya kah? Bh~ :D *iski bh trus huahuahua*

searched for the card, start presea, vroomvroomvroom haha ;D i did ok. First time tah ku bejaya manual ni without any guidance xp

mom : sudah tah kau keluar kan kerita ah?

me : awu, tu ddpan ah. Ok x ah, manada g mcm naik kuda =p

English 1, wooh~ i chose no. 5 about the necklace. I think my story doesn't fulfill what the question want. I wrote something crap haha. Began the story with a meteor, mcm cerita stardust. Then ada farmer jumpa diamond. Ea bwa to a blacksmith instead of a goldsmith. is goldsmith a word? or does it even exist? Idk~ ntam lah labu XD. Then the smith designed the diamond into a necklace which have superpower to change si JOKO into a princess. Perempuan hodoh lah 2 maksudnya XD the farmer quits farming, open a beauty saloon. Became famous. Competitors jealous. Threat farmer and family. Can't take it, sold the necklace to jewellery store. Regret it. Asked his generations to find the necklace sampai dapat. That's why nowadays bila perempuan pass a jewellery store, they tend to stop looking for the necklace XD wth~ fantasy wah cerita ku ahhaha . . . Paper 2, idk. sdang lah.

library with you with you with you, SYEE~ xp. She changed balik kul 4, aww~ =p . . . Then panya si JOULES diam2 sma alais haha ;D

happy birthday to that someone. I'll just greet it here since we're not talking anymore. I was gonna shake your hand tdi time balik but it would feel awkward + jauh dah. Oh well, long life cheap foods dude~

♥S, RR

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