Tuesday, November 25, 2008

It's an opportunity . . .


arrived at school, i saw ppb damal against basah~ kewl . . . Mcm ramai g mliat tu, but too bad drang main trlampau serious, nda enjoy haha xp . . . Overall both ppb's were menghampa kn =( especially damal . . . and congrats to basah cause dpat plate round and congrats also to karing cause dpat world~ ;D eyh~ i mean baku haha . . . Angan2 sja jdi tah XD

so i came to school for two reasons, 1st ppb and 2nd her. I was like jalan2 sana sini check2, kajap ada kajap nda wah~ mcm chipsmore haha xp. Kn d aga~ ada tia kna bwa bcrita atu, spoil eyh haha . . . finally i get to spend some time with her, whee~ haha ;D

owh ya~ got the school magazine, bru tah kn ngambil~ buntu wawawa . . . Checked the class list for next year, cool . . . and watched ppb baku. Their match was aweesome XD, JEALOUS bh ku drang dah main ah haha~ . . . Then someone happens to find out an adidas spray, so aku main2 lah, ancit2 everyone yg nearer till habis =D

got home, showered, ate and tetidur around 7 kali till 10 haha~ sorry to that someone if you were waiting tdi :D . . . I asked my dad bout his puma turf shoes cause aku kn pinjam for tomorrow's match but unfortunately he left it d pejabat. So i think i'll be using umbro atu sja, ijap ku kuyak wah -_-

♥S, RR

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