Friday, November 28, 2008



i woke up early~ i mean early so early. Kn tdur blik nda jua dpat. So i went to take a shower instead. I was so nervous wah about the match, sampai kn beria pun nda jadi wawawa XD . . . Used the ppb jersey no.28. Arrived at school, whooh~ everyone was early, i mean early so early. Apakan~ majal haha . . . Played at the futsal area with most of the ppb, warming up . . . Then came sir izam, vote where to play, either luar or dalam gym. Only two vote for inside so conframe lah main luar :D . . . Our match was against the stg. Rahman bicycle kicked me twice. First he hit my chest and secondly he kicked my head resulting a crack on my tooth ='( without a sorry lgi 2 :\ . . . The match was a draw. Extra time, still draw so we ended up taking penalties. I chose danial muaz and mizan to be the kicker and me being the gk. Danial took the first shot and he missed it. Buuruk xp. The the first opponent shot, it was at the bottom left and i couldn't catch it. 1 to them and nil to us. Muaz took the 2nd shot, woot woot~ he scored!! Yay . . . The opponent turn, whooh~ i was so lucky that he targeted the centre where i managed to save it ;D . . . Mizan also scored his goal and finally rahman who happened to miss his target so we won by penalty 2-1 ;D

canteen, rahman apologized so i was okay with that as long as he apologized :D . . . Then our match was against hukan haku, we won 3-0!! So we were one of the plate cup finalist ;D . . . Went to the girls hostel with danial and jon and on our way back to canteen, we met this teacher which each everyone of us langsung nda biasa or knal ;

teacher : lawa baju kamu
me : ya kah? Terima kasih cigu :D

Spent some time with her, and you know, read her blog sja =p *buat promotion haha XD*

in the afternoon, we played against villareds and we lost 2-0. They got a controversial penalty which was . . . -_-' outsyders also lost =( . . . But ok lah cause we got no.2 :D

after the matches, people went crazy especially the outsie. They went mandi d kolam ah since air d kampung drang tutup XD . . . Front with her. Then played footie with perabuks xp and stayed school till 6.30 with ayyub and ayen. Went to rockpaper to check for jersey si fauzi, but nda =o . . . Workernya so bangang wah, mcm first time mliat E=mc² xp. Went to lambak behind a.ayam to find a girl that fits this right shoe yg ku pinjam. Skalinya, adeyh~ si zaher cinderellaellaellanya ey ey under my . . . haha XD Nda deyh we went to return his right shoe. Bought nasi katok and went to joules. Aku tekajut time keluar kerita cause ada kucing mengajut d sbalah pintu. Warna putih lgi 2 haha~ rumah si joules ani g freaky friday XD then si joules showed us the snake yg abgnya bought. Eww~ takut wah ku haha . . . Tapi lau d pkir2 kn cool jua ada snake atu ah, wth~ cool tia krg =p

went home, they ate nasi katok and chilled in mah room till 9 then byebye. Lame ending ku ani eyh XD

♥S, RR

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