Thursday, November 27, 2008

On my nerve


woke up at 7 something, malas ku kn awal2 ah~ came to school using the ppb jersey yg no. 3 completely. I saw them karings standing by the canteen's stair waiting for my arrival haha xp . . . They played the hadrah and stuffs~ you wished haha =D . . . So our match was the third, so btah g mnunggu~ i kept on searching for her di canteen, nda jua ada. Even after every matches. Panya ea sibuk mencuci pinggan mangkuk maci ah XD haha apakan~ so i guessed she wasn't coming after all, owh well~ :)

so our first match was against royal mystique aces which happens to be a form 1 team~ booring -_-' . . . 2nd was against uic minano, we lost 1-0, si mizan punya pasal =p . . . 3rd was against form 1 again~ won . . . 4th was against uic zilch, if we win this match we would be in the world cup but unfortunately the same person main2 g =p so we lost 2-0, i know we can win this bh tpi he wanted us to be in the plate cup instead of the world cause it's easier~ oh well. Our last match was against the form 1 again -_-', so cause stressed kmi confirm plate so kmi blasah them brabisly, no mercy XD. We were aiming for two-digits score but kmi dpat 8 ganya =D

stayed till 5 cause mliat the group d main. Half of the matches were played in the gym, siuk wah ;D. Si muiz mahri was so lawa caranya main, fell inlove wah ku trus hahaha XD. I mean btah dah nda liat ea main wah eatah :D. and there's this form 1 team, royal mystique all-stars, they're so handal =o, seriously wah. I'm impressed trus haha except for si gemuk itu, ea spoiled everything =p nda wah ;D

got home and blablabla XD

♥S, RR

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