Sunday, November 16, 2008

PPGoth =D


ok kmi ; as in me and aiman, sleepover arh si ayen. Kn awal bngun tah ni skulah for the band which starts at 8 but unfortunately kmi bngun kul 7labih~ mandi, breakfast. Akhir tia dah. Mcm kul 9 dah~ bila smua dah siap so kmi main rockband kajap. Skalinya addicted wawawa~ extend punya extend cause nda mau2 kn main so nda tia kmi jadi kskulah cause useless jua dah 2 since kmi late. The songs yg kmi slalu main ada 2. 1st creep-radiohead, small the pieces ni wawawa and 2nd reptilia-the strokes, almost 3hr bru tah dpat complete wah. Well, expert x ah haha =p i was on the guitar, aiman on drums and ayen on mic :p but we took turns lah, last2 plang ganya 2 =D we even made new characters according to our . . . ehem~ XD

we played mcm dri 9 pgi till 9 malam XD. Dano came after the prayer ;). Cause of this game me and aiman extend another day for the sleepover, yg bri heran my parents ani agreed tia jua =p they even sanggup mengantar my baju for school haha ;D akhirnya we had to stop playing cause we're giving someone in the house a chance to play, we're not that tamak x ah. Eyah~ XD. Slept at 1

♥S, RR

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