Monday, November 17, 2008

Tapi ku tak pernah bisa~


went to school for the school band. Cool~ i learnt some basic notes. Nanti tah ku revise bout it hahaha. So i'm taking the clarinet since it's the only instrument yg beruang. Not beruang bear, i mean beruang kosong as in space. Bkan space luar bumi eyh, i mean space as in empty position. Bkan empty position . . . Ok you'll get it ;D. Aku smpat main drum masa awal2. I applied yg rockband kesana, mau jua. Whee~ XD sakai aku ah hahaha~

nite, saya revise chem. Looked at the time it was 11.04~ then stopped it was 11.40 . . . Waaa!! I MISS YOU!! ='(

♥S, RR

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