Saturday, November 1, 2008

We Ride We Ride Till The Day We Die

ohmau/maumau -

no breakfast? Ok~ then mom offered me something, it was in a container. Breakfast tah 2. Spanish chocolate, nyummy~ ;D . . . 06.5ish, i went to canteen, CHUBBY was there, alone~ =p. He had this new cube with sudoku on it. Coaol~ *mcm si ;D*, i solved it 4 times today. Ramai dtg, so we played futsal. I was waiting for QAWIEM and DANIAL to pay for the z.i. but nda jua ada drang ani. O's then menghilang, AIMAN sja yg tinggal main. ZAIM, ada date. CHUB ada sort-of-date, prjumpaan plang ganya haha xp and for me, well ;D

went to N through the staff room with si big show MALCOLM =D cause i was sweaty eww eww eww eww. Some guys look even hotter when they're sweating, i guess i'm not one of them wawawa XD. N, i guessed btah dah ea mnunggu cause she layed 284 eggs dah xp. I like the egg yg ke 104, apakan haha. I solved her cube dah, whee~ apakan . . . Majal, apakan majal apakan majal apakan majal apakan hahahaha =D. McD, paksa makan cara prabuk wah -_-'


canteen, played ball kjap while waiting for si AYEN and AYYUB, wth~ mengaleh eyh. Tunggu punya tunggu nada jua ada dorang ani -_-' so played sam chong with the guys. Coaol~ xp. Then i got a cramp bwah my mouth, near the chin. Huh? nda logic kn, but it did happened. 1st time wah. Ketulahan wah kn main buyuk sja XD. I saw her sitting there alone, with the laptop x. Idk, nda clear haha . . . I was gonna go there, but nda jdi -_-'

3hr 30min of waiting bru tah kn jalan. Wth~ i could have done something more meaningful, syeesh~ nyasal ku eyh. Oh well~ . . . There's ALWAYS next time ;D. Went to utama grand bowling, haha wth~ 1st time jua ku main tu. I think i did ok but yet not good enough. Si AIMAN was baie baie baie!! 1st time main spinning tia sudah ea punya bouwulll~. Si SHREK ada gaya lah masa throwing, kakinya atu =p. Si AYEN was the worst teacher haha and si AYYUB should play with the pagar ah hahaha xp.

and they wrote weird names ;


Overall AIMAN 1st with 78, SHREK 2nd with 78 too. AYEN 3rd with 52. Me 4th 49 and lastly AYYUB with ntah, around 10-30 haha ;D. Weird ea ani eyh xp. Due to desperation and dissatisfaction, we played another game. Pkai duit team wawawa, i'll pay it nanti ;D 3 on 3. PPB NOS ; AYYUB ME AYEN against PPB IKI284 ; AIMAN SHREK and SUFERI. Yes, driver si AYEN main jua haha. Ea staie wah. Awal2 buruk, skalinya andal tia haha. Better than AYYUB xp. Ok we lost to them by 10 points x or 20 XD they all ampit strike except aku ='(

AYEN antar kmi blik, awal2 antar AYYUB dulu then chilled at his house till 6.30, mlarat wah =D. Got home, rest for 15 minutes. This that jalan g arh my cousin's wed d lambak. Helped this that and masa mengangkat 2 box of delite's drinks, i nearly got a cramp. Idk what's happening to me haha~

i'm so mengantuk and tired. Now, i'm having flu -_-' . . . Paning ku eyy~

♥S, RR

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