Tuesday, December 30, 2008

look at us baby, look at us now


tenet tenet tera tenet duk duk duk duk

wah~ with ayyub and aiman in the room, i ended up sleeping at 4am haha. and woke up at 9 haha where we were supposed to be at yayasan dah bnrnya cause there's this kfc family something but bru bngun and stuffs plang instead XD

ate and jalan around 10.30. As we arrived there, aku trus lonely cause ayyub had to be with durky and aiman had to be with ayeen. Both of them ada date~ aku ganya nda ='(. Maybe drang pkai bju sewa atu kali eatah ada date atu haha. I'm gonna use baju sewa next time ;D. Ayeen is a really really really cool person cause she's so friendly, funny and she just can't shut up which makes her even more cooler haha xp, too bad ea date sama si aiman, cubatah aku haha ;) nda wah~ . . . Pokoknya she's cool lah or should i say amazing, wonderful, miracle and incredible. Lurus kah tu? xp . . . and jambu hahaha XD but i have the permission to call her ayang dah wawawa cause this is to keep the confusion out cause krg confuse sma one and only ayeno kudros~ alasan plang saja tu. Saja ngambil ksempatan haha XD

Luckily alif batu was there to keep me company but he had to go home earlier. So, lonely jua ku masih kan ='(, but i don't mind since aku ndang slalu funself kadang2 haha ;D. So i went round2 to the sports section. Owh ya~ there was also the Orang kuat brunei competition, cool. First time ku mliat ;D next year register ku eyh kalau ada since my name ada azez hahaha XD

most of the time aku limpang2 near the bouncer plang ganya with the quadruple~ you know, there's two couples eatah haha. Well not really, but aku consider as couples haha. Eatah just limpang2, watched the clouds and sang till the rain falls XD. Also played the trolley with aiman, hehe~ siuk ;D



subuh~ nda deyh XD

Ayeen with her doll stand xp

craving for chocolatos, i searched for it everywhere but nda jua ada. Huaho, sbalah ayamku, front yg anugerah 60 atu, pusing bandar lah pokoknya but nda jua ada. So i ended up buying corn sja haha. I've heard people saying that brunei's town is considered as a ghost town at night, i think they're really right about it cause sunyi wah and most of the shops awal tutup. Bru jua lapas isyak but there's also an advantage besides that. To me lah ;D to people who just wanna chill and relax, chillax. I suggest bandar is the best place cause it is so quiet and peaceful. I know some of you would say boring plang, that's cause nda bnyak entertainment but it is really cool there especially if you want to have those 'BONDING' time haha ;D if you get what i mean :D.

So when i got back from bli jagung, drang yg lain duduk2 sja. Sorg2 stress except for me cause aku stress awal2 dah eatah nyanyi2 atu haha XD. Went to arcade, played the shitty prize machine again. I was so close wah, really really close to win~ but then aaaah!!! O=) played futbol cause si ayeen ayang trial for ppb goalie hahaha xp, staie wah ea ah =p.

at 9, aiman durky and ayeen went home leaving me and ayyub. So we went to huaho again. Bought drinks bread and tuna cili, si ayyub plang ganya yg mmbyr xp thanks haha. So kmi makan tmpat mcm umbrella atu and one of the drinks yg ducth lady atu i think nda baik. So aku tumpah kn kelantai sja and dared ayyub to siruk it. Siruknya jua~ eww man xp . . . Kmi aher minta ambil due to kesalahfahaman, nda wah yub :D. So kmi round2 arh anugerah 60 atu and did some stuffs. Ayyub with the freeze and mini me with the flare ;D.

nunu with freezer, nice pic eyy? I edited the background colour, rugged kn~ ;D

nunu's bro came around 11, kmi round near masjid kajap. Went to rimba. Kadai near jalan zahir and got back at nunu's. Aku sleepover sana since it's aher dah. Went to sleep at 1.40. Nda plang accurately ;D

♥S, RR

Let me take you up and down


12.00am, still awake chatting with me love, syee. Both of us stayed up late till the early morning which is around 8ish maybe and that was when she decided to go to sleep, nda ea sanggup~ so aku mng lah wawawa. Nda wah ;D. At 9, bru tah me tdur. 10, alarm bebunyi but since still rasa ngantuk so i set it to 11 haha. Ayyub invited me and aiman to come to yayasan but aku nda dpat ah ='(, dpat plang~ but si syidah yg nda mau xp . . . Woke up and showered. I had to wait for my mum blik. Katanya pukul 12 ea kn balik. Tunggu punya tunggu, pukul 3 bru tah she came. My mom turun kajap cause she had to take something kali so i waited in the car lah along with nadiah wardeena and adimu. So i waited . . . and waited . . . and waited . . . Then brutah my mom came out but then ea masuk balik. I caught her mcm menyubuk2 to the car from the kitchen =p she came out then msuk balik~ waah!! Sengaja wah ='( then she catwalked to the car haha xp . . . Rasa wah menyaya ah~ i'm having a date with syee and i said i'll be coming around 1-2 tpi it was 3 sudah. So so late -_-', stress bh me olehnya hahahehehihihohohuhu~ 3.4ish bru tah dtg. Met her and went to watch bedtime stories. Okay~ cool the story.

an old friend of mine from mabohai bru tah kn mnagur aku, i mean slalu jua ku mliat ea dsna atu. Bru ingat kali, well that took a lot of for him to remember me =p. Si far lari, makan haha xp so me and syee were off to . . . tonnes of shoes~ haha for some people who doesn't understand what does that suppose to mean, well i'm not gonna tell ya~ . . . It means heaven according to syidah's term of what heaven is like to her =p, haha d bgtau jua XD

so i went home around 6.40, before that i saw si khairini dating with someone who is far away from her age, ish3~ nda wah, i think atu bapanya kali :D. I also saw 5O's toughest man, si chixx hahaha xp nda wah chixx, toughest lady wah ;D

so i'm having this bbq drumah. Michelle was there plang dah helping since morning. The bbq was ok although i had few burnts on me fingerings XD the best part was that i'm the one yg merasa either the foods masak kah udah or blum haha~ ayyub aiman and jaz came but only ayyub and aiman stayed for sleepover while jaz had to go home. I am so tired cause i slept for 2 hours saja in 24hrs~

through the fire and the flame

we carry on~

i love YOU~

YOU = nuRRaSyidah halwani xp

♥S, RR

Friday, December 26, 2008


Nothing much today. Just preparing and cleaning some stuffs for the bbq tomorrow~


went to stadium to play tennis with ayyub aiman joules jazmi and halim. Si joules offered me a ride to go there using his scooter utk menebus hutangnya =p. Whooh~ this dude is crazy i tell ya that. His speed reaches up to 93km/h wah. Gila jua tu. I mean i was the passenger kali, takut gugur wah or apakah XD. When i asked him, this is the 2nd time ea membawa org. Lucky me cause the 1st one could have been lying in the hospital bed right now in a comma situation haha xp average speednya 80km/h lah and everytime ea slows down for the bandul tarus tah mengajut accelerating tu after that haha XD. Ada this one time arh stadium, gila wah ea arh seleko ah :s mcm si . . . Siapa? Valentino rossi kah haha~ as kmi sampai, aiman was there duduk2 like a blind person with his shades and tongkat =p . . . Hopped off the motor and sujud sahwi, thankfully that i was still alive haha lame~ XD . . . The others came sama2. So played a competition, eventhough smua bru2an except for some. Used the 2 cubes as dadu for siapa kn di lawan. I got against halim while jaz against joules and ayyub against aiman. Jaz aiman and me were the winners while the other were the not winners haha. Played against aiman, i lost. Handal wah baie ah =p, bowling handal jua ea ani. Smua sports yg kmi bru2an kah yg ea andal ani? =O . . . So lawan jaz i won heheh~ then lawan aiman again, kalah tia ku lagi XD i know how to serve sudah whee~. Balik around 6.5ish, but this time aku yg drive the motor while si joules passenger =p heheh, my average speed 50km/h ja. Biar lambat asal selamat xp.

so malamnya bersihkan my room. Bru tah checkout dri living room for like 5 days dah haha. It feels good to be back to my kapal pacah haha ;D i'll miss the sofa ='(, apakan XD


Plan jalan with O's nda jadi cause nda jua sound2~ slept the whole day mcm beruang. Winter x ah, winter sonata wawawa . . . Apaaaan~

so, tomorrow bbq, but before that jalan whee~ and abg is not at home right now. Nda adil eyh. Ea satu tngan saja but still driving and jalan2. He should be resting and aku yg drive kn ea. Auto jua saja heheh xp
. . . and i went out masa azan isyak tadi, wow~ so peaceful. It's like malam raya wah or puasa, so refreshing~ haha maybe cause the devil(s) inside of me lari wawawa xp

♥S, RR

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Luck hasn't been on my side yet~


so~ as i woke up, si alif ani ilang tia jua, like mengajhutz ilangnya haha~ . . . Kmi chillax sja, nothing much. Si joules went home around 3pm, cmatu sja? Haha apakan~ . . . Si ayyub mental cause aku pkai emelnya ngacau si lamena haha and some other people kali :D . . . I was planning to go home at 8 so i msgd him. Around 6.30 i received a call from mom.

me: hello?

mom: hello grul, grul dmana msa ni?

me: d lambak arh kawan ku ah, ngapa?

mom: bkan d gdg?

me: inda~ nda ku jadi.

mom: ikut siapa kau balik krg?

me: ikut abg kali, tadi dah ku msg ea.

mom: abg mu btahan tu d emergency. Ikut babu sja blik. Nda lgi btah ni. Msg sja alamatnya

me: ah? Emergency?

mom: awu, bh msg sja babu ah.

hmm~ apa alamat si ayyub ani kn? Nda jua ku pasti tu haha. Yg ku tau jalan 64 and spgnya brapa? 18 kah? I was not sure, si ayyub g dbwah. So paksa tah ku check wallet si ayyub. Luckily ada arh icnya yg cute ah hahaha xp sorry yub haha~ don't worry nda ku ngambil duit mu, card atm mu sja wawawa~ apakan, nda jua guna tu XD

6.5ish ibunda tiba, kami pun pergi. Before ke hospital kmi ke kiulap kajap to take something ;). Hospital, kna turunkan arh emergency sja cause my mom had to go sambung kerja. So i went to the x-ray room. There he was limpang XD and one of his teammates sana, jeffry i think the name. His left should dislocated. Maybe he was a little bit unconscious kali cause he told me the story cmana bleh cmatu twice wah haha. He was doing the flying header kah or diving header, then left arm nya tenaik while his right arm was covering the chest. Then ada bunyi ' krkk~ ' as he landed to the ground. He can't even move by that time. Eatah kna hntar ke hospital, well duh~ apakan XD

haha~ kesian


So, abg was hungaary masa ampai2 atu so he asked me to buy foods from the canteen. Wth~ wallet ku lgi empty ooo~ empty~ . . . So ea suruh aku bwa walletnya, skali ku check . . . Hahaha XD sama saja mcm wallet ku hahaha~ but with an extra $1.80, which is so much better than me. Haha apa kan ni? Case org2 bankrupt. So i bought a drink and 2 milo wafer, memuaskan jua wah ;D I met adi zekwan otw to the canteen, jadi doctor tia kali dah anak ani xp. atau pembersih wawawa nda wah ;D

before betarik

him vaining xp

yesterday was his birthday and ani presentnya? Dislocated? Cool jua ah, nda wah haha xp and my brother keeps on pronouncing discolate, balik2 dah ku lurus kn nda jua mau, maybe the landing had made some effect on his tongue heheh~ xp . . . and sesakit-sakitnya, he still flirts with the nurse. Nurse ani mlayan tia jua. Cool jua tu haha~

nurse: khairul azmi, sakit masih?

abg: inda lagi, awal2 sja mcm panat~

nurse: sakit kah?

abg: nda jua lah, baik tia ku udah ni

nurse: adeh~ tadi menangis

abg: manada ku menangis, aku mcm tetidur kali ah time kana tarik

nurse: eleh~ kau mana kau sadar masa kna tarik ah

abg: bh menangis tah nah.

the convo stopped kajap cause my brother received a call from someone. Kbasaran jua tu haha, i mean the nurse kn ikat tangannya x ah. Paksa jua ea mnunggu tu nurse ah haha =D

abg: sorry, manager bula~ eatah. Kana sayangi, pemain terbaik x ah

nurse: eleh~ pemain terbaik tapi lousy

abg: bkan lousy tpi clumsy xp

the nurse starts doing her work

abg: Ada warna pink kah?

nurse: pundan

abg: cool x ah supaya bini2 mcm wow, cool.

nurse: sampat lgi tu kn menggatal sakit2nya

abg: eatah bisai tu supaya bini2 mcm, ai kesian. Sakit you?

nurse: eleh~ cuba kau duduk cmani, pyh wah mcm nda muat.

abg: basar wah muscle ku atu

nurse: haha kambang~ pdahal tah bengkak

abg: haha pyh tu eyh

nurse: bh tgan mu ani jgn bnyak d garakkan ah, pyah krg

abg: cemana tah ku bebaju ni? Kana liat2 tia krg oleh bini2~

nurse: haha eleh~ tu jacketnya ah

the nurse pakai kn my sweater arh my abg

abg: wah~ siuk jua ah kna pakai kn ani, mun tiap2 hari bisai ni eyh

nurse: haha, bh mana kasut mu?

abg: selipar ada dah~

nurse: eyh, selipar tidur jua tu

abg: cute x ah~

nurse: haha eleh, cute tia krg

ada plang lgi but aku lupa dah haha. Me and jef tumpang ketawa saja XD . . . Waited for my mom, went to kadai and home.

♥S, RR

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

on a stalking mission


woke up around 8.4ish, trus rushed everything cause i have something going on at school which starts at 9. i thought i was late sudah ni, skali dtg aku sorg jua ganya~ baie jua 2 -_-' . . . i saw cigu sopian, wow ea makin kurus lah ;D does he go to the gym? or the rambut saja yg different? haha nda wah cigu~ . . . takut wawawa. then aku round2, so i happened to saw si mizan walking up to the canteen. i hissed i'm mcm ular cobra, hissssssss~ he stopped, looked at me near the library but then continued jalan lgi. apakan ea ani? so i went nearer and waved at him, bru tah ea ngaga. panya ea nda nampak tadi atu. pikirnya org d atas ngacau ea hahaha~zan zan :p, siapa jua ada d atas? blum jua start skulah x xp . . . went to the teacher's cafeteria and waited there. suddenly minuman ku begarak, mcm there's a sort of vibration coming from somewhere. you know mcm cerita jurassic park ah =D. as we looked across the fish pond dapan admin ah, si iqbal panya dtg. patutlah bevibrate wawawa~ nda wah bal :p rasyidul then came, pkai baju bula g tu, katanya baju skulah ah xp

cerita2, then mcm nearly 10 bru tah the girls dtg, aini and who? lina kah? nda ku pasti haha~ went to the bio lab to meet cigu fatimah~ and started the lakonan there. blatih plang ganya :D it was about lab safety rules kah? awu kali. i got an easy role which was cool and i don't even have to say anything unlike iqbal and mizan. si mizan tkeluarkan suara JOKOnya masa acting ah, calieyh hahah . . . imagine si JOKO saying " oooh~ thanks for reminding, " in a very high note/pitch scretching bitchy way hahaha~apakan XD . . . bitchy jua kau zan hahaha~ nda wah, suara mu lama dtg kembali menghantui, eatah~ hahah apakan aku ani XD . .. then si rafa came a lil bit late~ the whole thing was siuk, and i think they're gonna add one more scene starring the EMO couple, ayen and khairini wawawa~ kali lah lau jadi. bkan khallilah ah, i mean kali space lah = kali lah hahaha . . . the teacher also lanja-ed us chocolates gold coin ;D

teacher, lina?, aini, rafa, rasyidul, mizan me and last but not thin, i mean least haha, iqbal xp


whee~ ada track dah haha

joules msgd me that ea mau sleepover arah si ayyub and ea bawa aku. then a shocking msg dtg from ayyub saying that ea lambat sikit ngambil which i think was around 1 kali katanya. paksa jua ku menunggu 1 hour tu utk ea huhu~ our plan was ea kan ngambil aku dari school and tarus jalan gdg jalan2, well to me more like stalking someone hahah~ but nda mnjadi cause ea late bangun. so i followed si mizan instead, ea hantar ke arah si ayyub, thanks aslah

arh si ayyub balum tia jua bjalan, by 2.4ish bru tah hahah~ so as we go up up and away!!! the person yg kn kmi stalked ada arh gelato, what a coincidence hahaha. kata si ayyub that was her but aku nda pasti wawawa~ then finally awu tia haha . . . we watched free movies, then cover ku blown pasal kana tagur, haha apakan~ . . . blum lgi pro~ yg kmi stalked ani masuk then bru tah kmi bli ticket, yes man kah ea liat? bkan si yasmin eyh, yse man :p . . . tpi the movie sold out dah~ alaaaa ='( then ada light shining down upon the ticket counter ah, you know light mcm org kna tarik ke heaven ah~ mcm dalam movie haha . . . so kmi aga and asked for two tickets, kaluk!!! ada jua heheh~ whee . . . excited sudah ni kan masuk, skalinya yg penjaga atu ckap yg kmi blum g dpat masuk, haha wth~ bri heran jua 2 cemana bleh ea masik and kmi inda. so kmi aga blik the counter and change the ticket to the movie yg start on that time jua. it was the day the earth stood still, wah ok jua cause yes man sudah jua kmi liat, bkan si yasmin eyh, yes man hahah~ majal eyh XD

so, masuk. yup lurus, she was there. arah sit E rite? E7, hahah~andal jua aku ani ah ;D prasan wawawa . . . the cerita was ok lah,except for the ending haha~

cetak rompakyaw, tapi gambar saja hahaha XD

makan jolibee, awu jolibee wah kmi makan ah. lapang wah space sana ah trus pasal kmi makan. so to the people yg mau buka food stall arh mall ada tu satu space kosong haha~ . . . ok, jolibee umm? the food yg ku ordered mcm biasalah but mmbyr nda mcm biasa if you get what i mean haha xp . . . arcade, played the shitty prize machine lagi, sama jua ceritanya huhu~ . . . met si wafil and fatlee there. Then kmi seat arh foodcourt waiting for the victim, grr~ . . . sir pcai ada :D ea makin kurus, haha apakan~ bkan ndangnya kah? XD . . . 5 4 3 2 1 . . . ching ching ching~

the victim yg sbalah kiri. not my left, your left =p . . . she is siiiiiii durky haha and sbalah atu kawannya,si ayeen kah? kali :D

this is their bodyguard so we can't get any near to them ='( . . . haha ndawah~ one of the friend i think, saja masukkan. krg hampa ea nda masuk sini haha XD

so me ayyub fatlee and wafil went down to utama grand, yup lurus sana drang. am i that good or what? naah~ not yet hahaha XD



owh shiite~ KANADAPATAN wawawa~

after drang balik,me ayyub and fatlee went to communist utkmliat cerita free and balik sana~ ksian si fatlee kmi tinggalkan hahaha~ kmi balik around 8. at ayyub's aku msged ibunda that i'm not going home and will be staying at nunu's.kana suruh jua haha~ nda plang ku bawa brg ku hahah~ si joules and alif also joined. stayed up till 4am

and happy birthday to kekanda me abg.khairul or well known as labut by his friend. yg ke-19 right? haha~long life cheap foods xp sorry aku nda drumah wawawa . . . and antar aku jalan on 25 heheh~ ;D

♥S, RR

Monday, December 22, 2008

cool~ :p

Don't sleep with watch
Watches can emit a certain level of radioactivity. Though small, but if you wear your watch to bed for a long time, it might have adverse effects on your health.

Don't sleep with bra xp
Scientists in America have discovered those that wear bras for more than 12 hours have a higher risk of getting breast cancer. So go bed without it.

*fuhh~ luckily my mom nda mau pinjamkan arh ku, kalau inda abis eyh hahah XD*

Don't sleep with phone
Putting the phone beside your bed or anywhere near you is not encouraged. Though some of us will use phones as far as possible. Scientists have proved that electrical items including mobile phone and television sets emit magnetic waves when used. These waves can cause disruptions to our nervous system. Therefore if you need to put your mobile phone near you, switch it off first!

Don't sleep with make-up
People who sleep with make up might have skin problems in the long run. Sleeping with make up will cause the skin to have difficulty in breathing and problem in perspiring. You will also need a much longer time to go into deep sleep.

Don't sleep with other's wife/husband
You may never wake up again :)

♥S, RR



the day was not that bright cause aku tutup mata sja, haha apakan~ . . . So, as i woke up, i went back to sleep wawawa~ malas kn bngun cause there's nothing to do. Suffering sja krg~ so lastly, around 6pm bru tah bngun. Atu pun ibunda yg bngun kan cause she asked me whether to ikut jalan arh my cousin's wed kah inda~ . . . Yg bnrnya aku kn jalan today menalur sorg diri, but akhir bngun. What to do? -_-' . . . So i said yes, awu sja tia. Showered then off, hujan lah. Otw turun mount everest, ayahnda lupa shadesnya, i mean spectacles XD, so trpaksa berputar kembali. Putar halim!! Hahaha~ muflis?! Alaa~ okay stop it right there. Paksa tah balik semula mendaki gunung. Ibubapa menyuruh saya turun untuk mengambil itu benda yg tertinggal, the back door's knob was kinda stupid. Nda mau d buka. Pkai kunci jua dah 2, lock and key hypothesis =p fooh man~ nervous wah ku, krg marah my parents wah cause lambat, luckily nadiah offered to help. Sama jua 2x5 nya 10 ea ani =p haha~ but before dad ngaga, niatngensonggg maatakajii semarnginnseng, tbuka tia olehnya pintu ah whee~ took the spec and jalan.

otw, bru ku sadar hp ku ada mc from her. Wah~ syidah in brunei dah kali. Whee~ selamat, no plane crash or whatsoevah XD I guess the bomb yg ku taruh arh planenya atu rusak, tcabut x batterynya~ nda wah ;D . . . So i dialed up her no. arh speed-dial, 'trrrng' pressed the red button. mc balik~ apakan haha. Wth~ XD excited bh, eatah =p

so back to reality, went to rizqun cause the wedding being held d sna. Saw 3, bkan saw yg movie atu eyh, i mean saw as in nampak =p. Ok~ saw 3, bkan saw yg . . . majal~ =D nampak 3 ms students arh wedding atu. 1st, one of the pre-u's yg uic clown kali. 2nd, arif saifuddin and 3rd, gf si beng. The foods tidak memuaskan bagi saya, haha ngomplain XD . . . I was mcm a little weird tadi cause i was like focusing everyone's face arh table ku atu. Then suddenly something popped out of my head. My brain? Nda lah, just some thoughts =p i was mcm " Allah is so wow, look at those faces, nda sama ani wah. Lain2 " haha~ weird much eyy? Okay i think i just made a sin =D Some of then were cute kalau d liat bnar2, eventhough tua sudah ;D okay now i sound like a weirdo, but i'm a creep~ haha apakan XD then around 9+ bru tah balik.

not to forget, happy birthday to lutfi who as you can see named as abang mental arh my links haha~ long life cheap foods dude xp


♥S, RR

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Teringat disaat kita tertawa bersama~


aiman's in kk, enjoy bro~. Don't worry about org sini. Release your stresses sana ;D owh ya and monday ea balik right? :)

so, woke up around idk~ 10 kali or awal lgi or akhir sikit. Changed the phone line, i was using my sis's punya lastnight. Skali on~ there was a msg from syidah, whee~. She msgd me lastnight plang dah around 12, according to the time arh msg atu. Syeesh~ mun ku tau awal dah ku ubah -_-'. So i replied her msg, to my surprise, 1 page of msg still cost 5cent. Heran jua ku 2 haha, bru tau :D, but syidah told me that 1 page kali or msg cost her about 60cent, ksian~ haha apakan XD she's coming back isuk, not monday. Cool~ apakan, boring expression ku ah haha. I should be yay-ing, yayy!! Hahaha~

umm~ ok, nothing much to tell today. Bangun tidur bangun tidur beria saja wawawa. Spent most of the night main harvest moon. My body sangal cause it's been 4 days kali sudah i'm sleeping on the sofa arh living room with nadiah and wardeena. Malas ku d bilik, but ani kira bilik jua ni. Bilik tamu wawawawa~ that's all haha ;D vavye~

♥S, RR

Stressing night eyy?


went to gdg cause mom asked to since she was there arh something bibd ah, menjaga. So went there with nadiah and wardeena around 2. Aga mom, got kaachings and she halau kmi from there huhu ='( nda deyh~ kna suruh round2 mcm arh roundabout ;D. So we went atas skali cause nadiah and wardeena were making stickers of their name, kids~ =p then went down, by that time si jaz msgd cause ea d atas dah with si ayyub. Sengaja wah drang ah, mliat dah aku arh escalator but nda jua gtau. Sudah ku arh ground bru tah -_-' mengaleh jua 2~ . . . So i told them about cerita yes man, bkan si yasmin eyh, yes man xp and they agreed to watch it and cancelled watching twillight with faizah since kmi tiga mliat jua dah. Mun kn dliat lgi skali wah, buntu jua ku 2~ kali ke 3 jua tu, mcm fanatic wah tu XD majal haha~ met faizah around the food court and jaz told her about it, she was okay with it. Went to the arcade, kmi main yg ada prize patung atu, pfft~ membazir duit eyh. Nda jua mau dpat XD

our movie starts at 3.55, 4 lah but it was still 3 time atu so we went to the thai foodcourt to eat there. On our way, we saw this cool t-shirt, nanti tah wawawa~ back to watch the yes man movie, bkan yasmin eyh, yes man wah XD the movie was cool, by that i mean supercool ;D rugged lah haha. So after the movie, kmi went to arcade again to play the shitty prize machine again, nda jua mau mng haha XD wasted about $6 to that machine :D. Then kmi chillax sja near the jolibee cause teingat kn si JOKO wawawawa. Panya ea arh giant ='( haha brigali eyy~ we saw this waitress bwa sizzling lamb chop with fries, nyaman usulnya. Melilih wah air liur olehnya =O, so kmi search for the place dmana and kmi ordered one sja. Chip'in since sorg2 bankrupt haha. Aku 20cent plang ganya XD. The food was so nyum2 ;D went to the bookstore, mahma called, balik~

group chatted with the regulars till 4am, it was a very stressful night. Subuh actually cause i miss syidah and ayen and ayyub and aiman and scooter si joules wawawa~ . . . Awu wah joules, kau ea jua wah =p . . . and chubby also, and . . . Haha apakan~ baik smua nah. PPB's O's. Ok that's all bye

your gay friend,

p/s : gay as in happy wah~ apa kan ni =p

p/s2 : siuk~ haha apakan. Yub~ bleh ku masukkan nama si durky arh part miss atu? XD

p/s3: man, si amal bleh? xp

p/s4: yen, you get me. nda wah~ =p

♥S, RR

Saturday, December 20, 2008

I'm on crack

Haven't been posting for a while~ malas wawawa. Oookay ;


nothing much. Kapal pacah under renovation. That's all. Renovation? Haha~


had a futsal match d jkr against mizan's cousin/friend. Went there with si azmi. I was gonna be the keeper but then jon cina ani dtg tia jua. So played forward sja. Ok lah~ i did get to score plang but just once haha~ . . . Maklumlah, lama dah nda main XD. Owh ya~ i brought lunch from home, maggi plang ganya tu, the whole $1.50 ah haha. Jaditah~ atleast there's something to eat. Minta jua org2 sna wah =p. Final game i became the gk, 1 bolos x ganya ah :p. Awu handal, i know~ the defend ah wawawa.

syidah went to kl~ waa!! ='('= , owh well~


had a match against outsyders arah si hafiz. Before that i went to ayyub's cause kmi bkumpul d sna. Hajat kn ksana pgi tah ni around 7 8 9, somewhere around that time, but akhir bngun. So ikut my dad sja ksana since he's going to muara jua kn which was around 12. At ayyub's, chillax sja. Played cube and stuffs. Si joules makin laju ah, baie xp. Shrek came around 2.30 along with bahrin alif and aiman. Kmi smua ikut si shrek. At hafiz's, khalid was there already and the outsie~ chubby was there, nda jua difference ea ani~ sama sja before and after haha. Si zaim rambutnya ganya haha, and rambut si azlan ganas. Haha apakan aku ani~

so the match, we won by scoring 5 sja while they scored 8 which determined that we lost XD but it was ok. I don't mind losing cause outsyders x 2 ah, impossible kmi mng padang. Futsal x lah =p. Losing by 3 is considered as ok sudah tu ;D. The info ada reported by ayyub arh the ppb's blog. Showered there and hafiz's maid was so kind enough to provide us drinks and nasi katoks. Thanks. Went back at nunu's around 6. Thanks shrek for the transport. There, makan lagi. Thanks to both person yg masak ah. Nda ku mau sbut siapa =p. Si aiman blik around 7. Joules 8 and me nearly 10 after si jaz came. Got home, washed my stuffs yg penuh dgn chocolates itu (lumpur) XD

i miss you syidah~

♥S, RR

Friday, December 19, 2008


1. What is your name?
- ak. mohd. azeerul azez bin pkz

2. How old are you?
- 17

3. When is your birthday?
- 28th april

4. How tall are you?
- 163+cm

5. What is your weight?
- 55kg

1. Where did you go to?
- ms

2. What class are you in?
- 5'O

3. You usually sit at the back or in front?
- back but if there's geo front

4. Who do you usually hang out with at school?
- the nerds

5. What is/are your fav subjects?
- break and physics since everytime physics it is consider as break =D

1. Are you single/taken/married?
- taken

2. By who? if you're taken/married?
- umm~ siapa namanya ah? Lupa ku eyh XD haha~ nuRRaSyidah halwani xp

3. What is your longest relationship?
- 17yrs *with family XD*

4. Ever given/received a rose from someone you loved?
- arh msn sja xp

5. When was the last time you said I Love You to someone?
- 2 days ago

1. Have you ever kissed someone that belongs to other people?
- no~ but i wanna XD

2. Will you kiss the person you last kissed?
- bleh kn? xp

3. Ever thought of wanting to make love with your love ones?
- kau punya pasal haha

4. Hugs or kisses?
- kisses comes with a hug, setau XD

5. Have you ever cry just because you love him/her so much?
- :D

1. Do you regret of being with any of your ex bf/gf?
- no~ they lead me to something good

2. What's one thing you regret of doing in the past?
- idk~

3. Have you cry recently? why?
- no~ sad sja cause i miss someone

4. Have you ever regret of rejecting people's proposal?
- i never reject XD

5. Who's the last person that you kissed and hugged?
- is it satu-satu or both tarus?

1. Who are/is your close friend(s)?
- IONS~ . . . and ppb

2. Will you do anything for them?
- for ions, anything~ yg ku mampu haha~

3. How many times you guys see each other?
- ntah~ more than millions. I have problem with my eyes eatah kelip-kelip. Apakan~ XD

4. Love and friendship, which one will you choose? why?
- idk~ cause you should asked love OR friendship

5. Ever been used by your friends/use your friends?
- awu~

1. How many family members do you have?
- 8 but now 7

2. Which one are you close with?
- nadiah?

3. Do you tell EVERYTHING to your parents?
- no

4. Sleep alone or with siblings?
- alone but for the last 2 days with siblings

5. What will you do if you're living alone?
- watch tv alone, sleep alone, eat alone ='(

1. Are you allowed to have bf/gf?
- yup

2. How many times you went out a week?
- depends

3. Do your parents look at your homeworks/schoolworks?
- no but just ask

4. Do your parents read your inbox all the time?
- nope

5. Are you allow to oversleep at your friend's place?
- yeah

1. What are you listening to right now?
- nadiah counting stickers

2. Are you currently eating/drinking something?
- lollipop

3. How late did you stay up last night?
- 4am

4. Will you do anything just to get things that you wanted?
- no

5. What will you do if the person you love doesn't love you anymore?
- move on


1. What's the relationship of you and her/him?
- couple

2. Your 5 impressions towards her/him?
- funny, lame, sweet and idk~

3. The most memorable things she/he have said to you.
- yes xp

4. The most memorable things she/he had done for you.
- ntah

5. If she/he becomes your lover, you will:
- i'll be your wish i'll be your dream i'll be your fantasy, i'll be your hope be everything that you need~

6. If she/he becomes your enemy, you will:
- have to defeat her XD

7. If she/he becomes your love, she/he has to improve on:
- that body supaya more sexier wawawa

8. If she/he becomes your enemy, the reason is
- we're playing a game

9. The most desirable thing to do on him/her is?
- cucuk XD

10. The overall impression of him/her is
- i love her, apakan~ XD

11. How do you think the people around you feel about you?
- idk, ask them. Cool x or lame~ just saying xp

12. The characteristic that you think you have, is?
- tamak

13. On the contrary, the characteristic you hate of yourself is?
- ego~

14. The most ideal person that you want to be is?
- wu chun wawawa XD

15. For the people who care about you and like you, say something about them
- lanja

16. 10 people you tag:
- 1.ayen

17. Who is No.2 having a relationship with?
- anytime~

18. No. 3 a male or female?
- male monkey

19. If No. 7 and No. 10 were to be together, would it be a good thing?
- i never thought of that, but ok jua xp

20. How about No. 5 and No. 8?
- wah~ haha XD

21. What is No. 1 studying about?
- dietary fibre

22. Is No. 4 single?
- single mingle pringle triangle angle juggle XD

23. Say something about No. 6?
- baie~ update blog mu ah =p

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

On my elevator again?


i woke around 10ish knowing that i was late sudah haha, but i did woke up earlier x dah ah which was around 7, but kdai apa jua buka at that particular time? Kdai abgmu x ganya wawa, you know~ KK xp haha . . . The plan was that i'm supposed to go jalan2 with mom and she would tarus antar me to gdg, but then nda menjadi. I thinked she also nda jdi instead cooking saja. Spoiler aku ani eyh, cubatah exaust or rims haha apakan~ you guys won't get it XD. So yeah, i woke up showered and ate. At around 1 bru tah jalan cause i had to wait for nadiah and wardeena to be ready cause ibunda tak mahu pergi membeli belah seorang diri :D

1ish smpai, 1.30 i think and went straight to the cinema to watch free movies, alone haha. I tidak told syee that aku dtg dah, biartia jalan2 dulu. Chillax sja since i'm so tired i'm missing you again once again, apakan~ nda tau lyric haha . . . ok ehem, since i'm so tired bkas the beach party ah. Sangal wah everything. Then i msgd si aiman whether durang jadi kah nda chillax. Then ada si jelly, ea solo with this redhead guy heheh~ then JOKO family, bahrin and nily haha xp . . . Then ada si~ baik sabut smua nah haha, pokoknya ramai ms. So while waiting, ada this girl, she sat next to me, hye haha ;D apakan~ nda wah, but she does looked attractive and she's having a date with a form 3 ms guy i think. Well, i didn't do anything x ah, the eye balls just happened to roll itself wah. Yknow, guys haha XD. Even if they have the most beautiful girl in the world, they'll still look at other girls. Right? I mean looking lah sja~ salah kali mliat? xp . . . then aiman came along with j-rund. Here comes the rappers here here comes rappers haha XD, so i went round and round with them, cool eyh jalan sma drang since they walk so slow which suits my speed haha, but skali drang bckap~ homg lajunya, nda g subtitle 2 wawawa. Nda deyh, they talked mcm biasa x ah =p. Met amir and hadi, kata dorang she was d bwah kali so kmi round2 lah lgi~ si amir and hadi ilang mengajut, like poof! =D

it was 2.40 dah and the movie, twillight, starts 5 minutes lgi. Luckily aku ani part time vampire mcm si edward so aku laju2 sja ksana, that's why drang nda nampak aku ddpan wawawa. Syarif ida and syee was panicking dah haha, chill wah =p. Well aku sudah liat the movie eatah malas awal2 haha. Skali masuk, trailer jua masih XD. I told syee yg aku sudah liat the movie but ea nda pecaya so aku spoiled some to make her believe haha ;D and thank you to someone, nda ku tau siapa, thank you for the popcorn. Sorg diri ku makan haha, with her plang but mostly aku wawawa. After the movie kmi round2 sja, to the toilet XD eatah here i met the girl yg tdi again ;D . . . one by one two by two balik~ met the guys ; shrek j-rund ayyub and aiman near utama, ambung drang huhu ='( haha. Then me and her went to our own world

dq, menyasal ku remind si jelly bout the ticket, kalau inda free dah. Pkir ku arh si amir wah kn d byar ani XD. It was 6 dah she had to go to the toilet drumahnya haha. Before, i met the girl lagi, majal eyh~ just leave your number wah. Haha nda wah, i guessed she's a friendly and SPORTING type of girl, ah yub ah? ;D

went to netcom with the guys, but pekerja looks dead or sleepy so we went to netland. Haha, nda deyh the worker mcm karau sja eatah plus the area panas. Netland totally the opposite. Played COD4, me ayyub j-rund as finch 3, finch 2 and finch 1 against shrek and aiman as finch and finch 4. Haha apakan~ atu pun kn dgtau kah? XD. Around 7.30 we went to pasar malam. Bankrupt ku leh si ayyub eyh haha. Ate arh davy jones, ksian nda si ayen~ the sambal was so smokin pedah, i like toh XD. Went to arcade, shiit~ a lesson learnt haha. 9.30 bru tah balik

♥S, RR

Ahoy sailors~


12.00 A.M. i was still awake cause busy chatting with someone stressed cause of getting fat but blum lgi. Bru jua chubbier xp. By 2 or 3 she disappeared ngajut, don't know why haha. Chubbay also texted me around that time, ea ani stress jua ni pasal something xp. Si jon also one of the person yg stress, blik2 d textnya. Then bye dah tu ada ea lgi 2, ngapa kah ea haha xp. Ayyub and joules slept earlier which was around ntah, 2 kali or 3 haha while me and aiman were still awake becerita-ing, gay momentnya dtg xp. Talk2, nda plang mau tdur till 5ish when both ayyub and joules woke up haha xp. By 6ish kmi makan cause ibunda ayyub cooked something for us. So candy eyh, mcm anaknya wawawa. By 7 bru tah me and aiman went to sleep =D

aiman woke up around 8 i think cause he had to mandi 1st then bru aku which was around 8.30, mengantuk brabis wah~ as soon as saya siap, mizan was there sudah. By 9 kmi jalan to da beach, berakas ;)

dtg sana trus byr $5 to si amal, strict brabis haha xp kmi trus ke bwah far west, staie~ compass pun nda haha. Met plancong sasat, si jon haha. Taunya konichiwa tah saja =p and further g ada si shrek aqil benny and the big chinese version of sponge bob, malcolm XD. We played with the water sja then went back up main swing haha. On one swing kmi main 2 org asak2 haha. It was so bari takut, me and shrek even fell down from it causing tangan si shrek luka but he didn't cry though xp he cried when he knew his drugs picak wawawa XD. Went back down, me ayyub aiman and mizan main bula~ but kmi tandang bula atu far to the sea plang ganya haha but not far enough to hit the outshore oilfield, apakan~ XD. Benny then came gtau makan start dah, aaarite~ si jon happened to came and ea mengambil bula eatah kmi lari leaving him about 200m behind wawawa ksian =p. Santap, the foods was ok, memuaskan jua bh but too bad aku nda dpat bnyk makan cause ngantuk -_-' but still aku makan bnyak jua where i ended up ke dalam toilet melabur emas wawawawa XD disgusting? Manada, that's natural x ah. Human activities =p kalau tekirit bru tah disgusting haha~

then went back down, kmi main bula pkai najwan's balls wehwehweh. Me muiz mahri shrek mizan and malcolm against ayyub aiman aqil alif benny and jon. We won, eventhough si malcolm main slow motion haha xp. Then went back up, i got major headache, gila wah~ nda mood olehnya ='(, but then ok tia haha cause of foods XD. Down again, ngaleh eyh, naik turun wah. This time kmi main battle of the sand castle ; me shrek jon and fauzi against aiman ayyub alif and mizan. We built the rectangle pyramid ah, apakah 2 namanya haha and ada great wall of china around it wawawa.

buruk ah? Cause si jon spoiler ah, lupa ku yg ambuk nda bleh bkraja wah xp

the other team made a pyramid with ntah apakah 2 yg bulat2 ah, i think drang curi idea atu dri ada dah yg awal2 kna buat haha xp but who cares~ pokoknya rugged lah the pyramid with the lines and entrance path and the flower on the top.

see~ wait till i took the second picture, lagi rugged. Natural beauty body spa wah haha XD

KAN!! idk cmana bleh ada purple like light-force-field atu haha. Rugged wah~

maybe it came from the flower on top atu kali since it's purple jua + the sunlight effect lgi + camera low quality lgi haha XD or maybe they just woken up the spirit, spirit siapa? Pharoah kah? Haha antam =D

ok then kmi went back up, the girls balik dah and they left us foods whee~ ;D berpuluhan minit kemudian, the others balik leaving me aiman and ayyub so kmi main tabak sja tia sampai blik at ayyub's haha. There went home around 9 kali haha akhir, i thought it was around 7 cause my mom said my brother bgagas eatah. Skalinya bgagasnya ani lambat xp

♥S, RR

Monday, December 15, 2008

Layaknya lalala~


i woke up around 7 cause of msg si mizan, but unfortunately aku nda dtg main d kebajikan so aku tdur blik. :D Then around 10.30 around i was woken up by msg si aiman telling me that he'll be at ayyub's around 11 so aku mandi lah since it was kinda late dah. Packed up my stuff and searched for my mom cause i don't have any kaachings~ $_$ haha . . . but unfortunately she was out to bandar. Alaa~ so i had to wait, 12.30 bru she came home. She brought foods so telalai tia ku jua kn makan wawawa. Around 1 si aiman called cause they had been waiting for me at ayyub's and kn jalan. So my abg yg ngantar but sadly ea blum mandi so paksa tah menunggu -_-' around 1.30 bru tah dtg haha

so taruh my stuffs and off we go to gdg with nunu's sista. Search for si hahamu, found her and guess what? She bought five tickets wah =o 1 for me, 1 for aiman, 1 for ayyub and 1 for her. 1+1+1+1=4 so siapa g 1? =O . . . So then kmi paksa si shrek to join us but he had $3 ganya so me ayyub aiman chip'in $1 each. Sanggup jua 2 haha. went to watch free movies kajap while waiting. Then masuk, it was so funny cause si sherk didn't know what movie we're gonna watch, he thought it was the day the earth stood still. When he found out it was a totally different movie yg ea nda liat, kata2 brabis wah ea ah haha. By 6 we had to leave leaving si hahamu, alaa~ XD

at ayyub's kmi chillax sja, surfing drums keyboard guitar. Joules was also there for the sleepovah. Ayyub cooked food for us, so sweet man xp. Not man as in aiman eyh, man as in man sja. Haha apakan =p . . . Had a lousy group chat till 11.59pm, exact brabis masanya ah XD

♥S, RR

i shit true (AISHITERU) XD


went to kb for some wedding occasion. Bkan plang kawin, before that ;D. So we ; dad mum nadiah wardeena and me, bertolak after the jumat prayer which was around 1.4ish and arrived there around 2.4ish haha~ one hour bh, bnyak cars. So as we arrived, the ceremony ended tia sudah haha~ wth, skajap jua. I mean bkan start at 2.30 kn? Bru jua 10+ minutes, ntah eyh but dtg sna kmi makan sja tarus, that's the most important thang haha. To my surprise, surprise!! Haha apakan~ we were not the only one yg trlambat ;D bdgn jua kn hehe :D. Owh ya~ just as soon as we got out of the car, there's this blast of shit smell coming through your nose. Kuat wah bau nya haha XD Settle bh idung ku, tsumbat trus. Banar banar true true betul betul~ benar tak bohong, biilaaa riiinduu terkenang lalalalala~ =D and yg menakjub kn, org lain juga begitu, hidung tersumbat haha

otw i saw this ;

which reminded me the conversation between muaz and ayyub kah during the rubik's ogdc haha. It sounded mcm ;

ayyub : eyh tu nodding ah~
muaz : awu ah~ mcm donkey lgi 2, lakastah panggil nodding donkey XD

haha~ something like that lah or the other way round :D . . . Went back to tanah air ku around 4. Took pictures, sja~ buang boring :D.

then i fell asleep the whole journey haha. Woke up, we were at lambak tia arh my cousin cause ada pesta soto sna haha xp. Majin wasn't there, bjalan-jalan tia udah baie ah lapas exam ani haha xp nda wah ;D stayed there until 6 kali then got home. ok that's all, bye

♥S, RR

Saturday, December 13, 2008


what if your ex said this to you:

1. Hi. How are you?

- fine i guess, you?

2. Hey! You wanna go to the mall?

- Kalau kna lanja, awu =p

3. I love you.

- owh~ ya kah?

4. Do you want some cookie?

= manasaja~

5. Can i take a picture with you?

= why not? =p

6. Would you help me with my homework?

= inda, i did mine myself jua

7. Here`s a gift to you.

= blum g birthday ku xp

8. Let us just be friends.

= since when we're enemy?

9. Do you want me to buy you an ipod?

= just give me the money ;D

10. Lets watch a movie.

= aaarite~ duit? :D

11. Hi baby.

= are you talking to me or that baby =p

12. You`re still gorgeous.

= haha tq, here's a dollar for you =p

13. I still love you.

= ya kah? Pasal?

14. Can i visit your house?

= bring foods ah

15. Do you love me?

= kn tdur eyh XD

Now tag five people.


Friday, December 12, 2008

You crazy girl XD

Lastnight :

Wow~ so i just finished cleaning up my room. Started at 10.30 and finished at 2.30. Whoot? 4 hours baru tah siap? Haha i was chatting jua time atu, so eatah ;D as my mom always mention that my room is like a 'KAPAL PACAH', you know~ ;D Nadiah also helped me so we finished 5 minutes earlier. Apakan~ pedah haha =D well she did most of the work plang, nda dpat dharap bah aku ani XD she was so hyper wah lastnight, don't know why. Also pretty much annoying haha xp Everything that's sharp in my room abis d tukul2nya XD For hours ea d bilik ku panya ea nda brani turun seorang diri wawawa~ eatah when i accompanied her down, she cooked maggie for me, jadi tah. As a payment x to show her appreciation. Apakan~ what am i talking about kn XD. So after eating and chit chatting, went to sleep around 3.30. End~

and now my room looks like a new boat haha xp i'm set to sail again wawawa XD i'll do the taggies nanti =p

♥S, RR

Thursday, December 11, 2008

It's just you and me

So yesterday i went to bandar with dad mom and nadiah to bawa wardeena utk bgambar. She won something ah. Awal2 ku tanya mng apa, sorang2 jua kn ckap ntah. Panya she won something mcm english quiz at school, yg is are is are ah. Aku pun bleh full mark 2 haha~ well she didn't get full mark though, 33/40 =p. but then mng~ meniru x eyh ea ani haha . . . So there my parents were busy listening some explanations while wardeena malu2 and main the book. Me and nadiah were busy reading books about wild animals haha . . . They also got the new genius world record 2008 book, cool jua tu but i didn't get a chance to finish it. My dad said the whole thing was a set up so that what they're doing cepat maju. I mean they made an easy quiz for the kids. Make their parents come and offered them their things. Get me? I don't think so haha xp

since sorg2 blum breakfast so we went searching for foods in every dumpster wawawawa~ then ada this homeless guy went mad, crazy mad if you tell me XD so kmi ran away. Sheesh~ so we went to pgs instead arh kiulap cause sna buffet kn? Puas hati haha . . . I ate alot and shiite alot too wawawa XD

that was yesterday's story. Now today's.

i woke up around 8 cause ibunda miscalled saya, lalu saya pergi kebawah. Owh~ rupa-rupanya ibunda menyuruh saya santap. That's all bye XD

Hello again!! Apakan~ so today i'm supposed to go to excapade gdg cause si nadia lanja half-price =p lanja? Is that even a correct word to use? =D ok she's gonna pay half of what we're gonna order. Pedah jua 2, baik smua. Alang2 jua eyh, but syukur tah haha~ so she's gonna pay half sja kn, that would mean i'll have to eat half of the dish sja, eat yg ea byar and tinggalkan the other half. By that i don't have to pay anything wawawa XD but unfortunately i'm not going there today haha. Ibunda suruh saya stay drumah sja cause ea ckap aku jrang d rumah dah. Ya kan? I've been here for like 3 days x ah dah nda jalan2, merungau tah ganya wawawa XD Maybe she's the one yg jalan2 haha =p . . . but then i did made a good deal with her that today aku nda jalan2 so that on saturday i can go jalan trus sleepover at ayyub's and sunday ke beach party atu and monday date wawawawa~ i'm so good at negotiating, staie XD

i'm supposed to clean up my room lastnight but something distracted me while doing it -_-'

what about tomorrow? Ada music class kh? Fuhh~ i miss IONS, especially the guy yg nda bwa kmi blayar ah wawawa xp okay i'm done bye ;D

i miss you syee xp, not to forget haha :D

♥S, RR

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Sigh =')


selamat ulang tahun ayahanda ;D semoga panjang umur, murah rezeki, sihat selalu disamping keluarga. Amin~ :D

so the day didn't ended cause i was still awake till 4am i think with si aiman. I sat infront of the keyboard for hours trying to find the notes of semua tentang kita. Yes dpat plang ku but kinda nda lurus haha =D. Then cerita2 in the dark with aiman while everybody were sleeping sudah. Half of me was asleep already so i was kinda unconscious when talking to aiman. I can't hear some of what he was saying but i never bother to ask again. I was like ' owh~ ya kah? Haha awu kali~ apakan ntah eyh haha '. At one point i was replying it correctly but i didn't realise how it happened =D. Idk by what time aku tbngun atu, aiman was awake main lappy. Gila kali anak ani haha~ owh yeah, muaz joined us for the sleepover this time while shrek jon and joules blik dah . . . Ate nasi katok and went to jerudong with ayyub's dad, ayyub and muaz to take the drumset.

came back at ayyub's, i went to sleep again. Lalah wah haha. Ayyub had to leave us d rumahnya cause he had to go to ogdc for the competition. Talur wah anak ani, dpat ea mng wah 2, gagar tia jua xp ish haha. So then sufri came, off we go to the dewan to buy drinks. Went to rimba, round2 through there mliat the rumah and rumah si hahamu =D. Sent jaz home, then followed by muaz. Then we went to aiman's around 4. Chilled sana. Hajat kn mandi tah sja ni, skalinya mlarat. Ended up watching movie 'film horror' haha~ cali lah the story and sexayh XD. Aiman's sis cooked mee for us, nyaman wah. Went to take a look at the graveyard behind his house. Spooky =o. Learned new language there haha ;D. Around 6 bru tah mandi haha. I wore an attire that i don't usually wear, well it's about fashion man, fashion xp. Then ayyub came, off we go to gdg.

rugged the tie

you really are short huh man? =p

otw there was a call for aiman, peewits~ we put it on loud speaker. The call was from bandar to gdg. Gila wah 2 haha =p. Then we happened to saw si suha outside mall, balik tia kali. Lambat wah kmi ah haha. She's jon's big crush, but you know~ jon's an idiot eatah hahaha xp . . . We watched free movie kajap then round2. Went inside the karoke? kareoke? karaeoke? box and nyanyi 1 song haha, semua tentang kita =D. Jiwang much rite? Biartia haha. Awal2 kmi kn liat movie but nda menjadi since bnyak yg main akhir. Skalinya balik akhir jua haha XD chilled at rizqun jap

So we went to pasar malam instead. Before that we took some pictures of our shadows making the 'IONS' letter. Cool x ah, to me/us haha xp.

I O N S~
nampak? =p
ada? :D

over S ku ah XD S letter, bkan s ass butt jubur xp

went to pasar and then we ate arh our very own davy jones. Wooh~ lama dah nda sna wah haha. That would be our last time sna since si ayen blayar ah. Well not last as in last ah. I mean last as in complete wah ;D apakan~ aku sja paham 2 XD

went to komunis but nda jua yg kn d bali ani. Met a terrorist instead haha XD

terrorist kah? I prefer a hairy man XD kalau d shave handsome 2 wawawa

Then kmi chill around the luar sja, while them ayen and aiman busy ddr-ing haha =D

went to send ayyub home. Then went to kadai kajap. Org beusin sja turun, yg nda stay sja haha~. Sent me home and before they go we celebrate the day with royal select haha. Sorry yub, you should've been there xp. Nadiah came to my room, idk why. Rindu tia kali kn aku haha =p it's been two days sudah aku nda drumah and katanya mcm batah, haha apakan ea ani xp.

♥S, RR