Monday, December 1, 2008

Beach Partaay~


chubbay's msg woke me up around 8 kali.

" Jees kau inda datang?durang nyuruh datang ah.makanan banyak katanya.aku confirm inda dapat.. "

since it was 8 something dah and if i come to school akhir dah usulnya so i offered chubby to go to the beach and aku ngambil ea. Sanggup ani wah. Transport blum plang confirm ada but msg sja tia dulu haha~ . . . Showered then looked at the garage, one car was missing which was the cheryl~ maybe my parents jalan. So aku bngun kn abg to send me tpi ea nda mau bngun ah -_-' . . . Msged my mom where she was, skalinya she replied that she was in her room. Wawawa~ pkir bjalan :D so trus i offered my mom to pick chubby up and send us kpantai brakas, luckily ea mau ;D whee~ thanx mummeyh =D

arrived at the beach around 9 something. Nda ramai wah. Zimah dijah nawal hafizatul alex and aiman wah sja. Plus kmi 2 so 8 people ganya~ . . . The foods was so bnyak, especially snacks haha. Chubbay and alex did most of the barbeque-ing and aku tau makan and complaint sja haha . . . Played twister, it was so cool and siuk since it uses your body and hold at a specific pose. Overall the game larap lah haha because you have to do something tempting lah mcm nearer to someone's ehem2 XD. Sex positions also occured, one of the strategy to win x ah ;D. I won skali sja, my first game, beginner's luck x haha. Most of the time si dijah ganya tah yg mng =p amongs that were playing was me chubbay alex dijah zimah hafizatul and nawal . . . Apakan~ kmi semua jua tu, except for aiman haha xp

twister~ ;D

we also played the nada-mau-ketinggalan-game big 2 ;D . . . Si zimah lanja everyone of us mr.softy, gila wah 2. Cups lgi tu haha~. They're so many lalats arh our table, baie wah~ nda btmpat =p . . . Went jalan2 along the coast with aiman and chubbay while zimah and dijah were busy covering nawal's body with sand haha and alex and hafiizatul busy mandi sama2 xp

masa kmi balik semula to our place, kawan si dijah dtg mencuri keropok. Kawannya ani cousin si jon xp

tu cousinnya ah ah xp

by 4.30 me and chubbay went home tia. Rasa nda puas wah haha cause that's probably the last time this year i'll meet the foods, haha nda wah i mean probably the last time hanging out with gang maci xp . . . Plus si zimah g pindah next year. Kalau the whole class dtg kn bsai ='), ani~ syeesh hampa jua birthday girl tu. Emosi aku ah XD . . . Malamnya i played presea, eyah~ played haha =D

♥S, RR

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