Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Biarkanlah aku sendiri~


happy birthday to jouleh the tok guru xp . . . Go for ANYTIME wawawa =p

so went to school for the band. I was kinda late though, an hour late haha XD . . . As i entered the room, all the people were in their positions except for me ayen and picik since we're still new~ but me and syafiq did get to join playing the cymbals and bass, msukkan sja tia XD

around 3 aku minta antar ke lambak at ayyub's cause sleepover sna for 2 days. As i arrived there, si joules sna dah with ayyub, apakan~ ofcourse lah mun atu rumahnya haha XD. Then shrek came. We played scooter si joules, wooh~ cool. At first sorg2 plang nda pndai then ok tia. Belicense tia smua XD . . . I even went home kajap to take a movie and went to shell to buy fuel for the scooter, sanggup =D ate birthday cake si joules and ice cream yg d balinya haha . . . we had this group chat, truk lah~ mcm there's no point, invite2 org sja haha. Ok smuanya ada 7 org yg sleepover arh ayyub's ; me ayen aiman jon joules shrek and jazmi, gila wah 2 XD

owh ya~ before i forget, jon and shrek fell down cause the floor licin, wawawa apakan =D

♥S, RR

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