Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Sigh =')


selamat ulang tahun ayahanda ;D semoga panjang umur, murah rezeki, sihat selalu disamping keluarga. Amin~ :D

so the day didn't ended cause i was still awake till 4am i think with si aiman. I sat infront of the keyboard for hours trying to find the notes of semua tentang kita. Yes dpat plang ku but kinda nda lurus haha =D. Then cerita2 in the dark with aiman while everybody were sleeping sudah. Half of me was asleep already so i was kinda unconscious when talking to aiman. I can't hear some of what he was saying but i never bother to ask again. I was like ' owh~ ya kah? Haha awu kali~ apakan ntah eyh haha '. At one point i was replying it correctly but i didn't realise how it happened =D. Idk by what time aku tbngun atu, aiman was awake main lappy. Gila kali anak ani haha~ owh yeah, muaz joined us for the sleepover this time while shrek jon and joules blik dah . . . Ate nasi katok and went to jerudong with ayyub's dad, ayyub and muaz to take the drumset.

came back at ayyub's, i went to sleep again. Lalah wah haha. Ayyub had to leave us d rumahnya cause he had to go to ogdc for the competition. Talur wah anak ani, dpat ea mng wah 2, gagar tia jua xp ish haha. So then sufri came, off we go to the dewan to buy drinks. Went to rimba, round2 through there mliat the rumah and rumah si hahamu =D. Sent jaz home, then followed by muaz. Then we went to aiman's around 4. Chilled sana. Hajat kn mandi tah sja ni, skalinya mlarat. Ended up watching movie 'film horror' haha~ cali lah the story and sexayh XD. Aiman's sis cooked mee for us, nyaman wah. Went to take a look at the graveyard behind his house. Spooky =o. Learned new language there haha ;D. Around 6 bru tah mandi haha. I wore an attire that i don't usually wear, well it's about fashion man, fashion xp. Then ayyub came, off we go to gdg.

rugged the tie

you really are short huh man? =p

otw there was a call for aiman, peewits~ we put it on loud speaker. The call was from bandar to gdg. Gila wah 2 haha =p. Then we happened to saw si suha outside mall, balik tia kali. Lambat wah kmi ah haha. She's jon's big crush, but you know~ jon's an idiot eatah hahaha xp . . . We watched free movie kajap then round2. Went inside the karoke? kareoke? karaeoke? box and nyanyi 1 song haha, semua tentang kita =D. Jiwang much rite? Biartia haha. Awal2 kmi kn liat movie but nda menjadi since bnyak yg main akhir. Skalinya balik akhir jua haha XD chilled at rizqun jap

So we went to pasar malam instead. Before that we took some pictures of our shadows making the 'IONS' letter. Cool x ah, to me/us haha xp.

I O N S~
nampak? =p
ada? :D

over S ku ah XD S letter, bkan s ass butt jubur xp

went to pasar and then we ate arh our very own davy jones. Wooh~ lama dah nda sna wah haha. That would be our last time sna since si ayen blayar ah. Well not last as in last ah. I mean last as in complete wah ;D apakan~ aku sja paham 2 XD

went to komunis but nda jua yg kn d bali ani. Met a terrorist instead haha XD

terrorist kah? I prefer a hairy man XD kalau d shave handsome 2 wawawa

Then kmi chill around the luar sja, while them ayen and aiman busy ddr-ing haha =D

went to send ayyub home. Then went to kadai kajap. Org beusin sja turun, yg nda stay sja haha~. Sent me home and before they go we celebrate the day with royal select haha. Sorry yub, you should've been there xp. Nadiah came to my room, idk why. Rindu tia kali kn aku haha =p it's been two days sudah aku nda drumah and katanya mcm batah, haha apakan ea ani xp.

♥S, RR

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