Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Care for a ride?


so i watched saw 5 as soon as i woke up. Waaah~ giiler siuknya . . . I love love love love love love love saw . . . and syee xp. I hope there will be another saw, yg ke-6 cause the villain blum jua mati 2. Well ofcourse there's no hero in the story, wanna-be sja which ended up dead in the end it doesn't even matter XD

in the afternoon, went to play footie against form 1 ah -_-' wth~ . . . but before that paksa ambil tok guru since ea tidak ada kenderaan, maklumlah~ blum kerja hahaapakan. Chubbay also came, asi2 nda org membwa xp nda wah haha. So we kissed in the rain, played i mean =p . . . Till the security came telling us that cigu malai suruh mesti ada permission -_-', the securities were kinda lame jua panya haha~ what is it with lame kn? The next cool? Majal~ XD . . . Si ayen had a new haircut. Ea bgunting, girlfienya bgunting tia jua. Eyah~ kes bkas arh blognya haha. He looked even more . . . you'll know =p. Then we went to dewan lambak ikut abg si ayyub, the car looks small but bigger on the inside, lain kali pkai atu sja eyh xp

So, dewan kmi makan so bnyak. Each everyone of us ordered twice haha~ i ordered country fried rice and buttermilk chickeyn. Kenyang wah i~ but i don't burp mcm that someone, hahaha nda wah~ xp

then we went to ayyub's by walking our way through the skajap dark skajap inda haha. Jalan raya wah, you know~ the lamp post ada certain range x ah XD . . . Selipar i rusak masa bejalan, tsktsk malangnya aku ='(.

arrived at nunu's we jammed sna. Most of the time drang plang ganya. Aku siuk sendiri sja when there's time haha~ around 9.30 blik, and someone stressed cause of something. Chill wah~ xp

okay imma post some pictures ;D

SOME picture heh? Bru some tu~ xp

♥S, RR

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