Friday, December 26, 2008


Nothing much today. Just preparing and cleaning some stuffs for the bbq tomorrow~


went to stadium to play tennis with ayyub aiman joules jazmi and halim. Si joules offered me a ride to go there using his scooter utk menebus hutangnya =p. Whooh~ this dude is crazy i tell ya that. His speed reaches up to 93km/h wah. Gila jua tu. I mean i was the passenger kali, takut gugur wah or apakah XD. When i asked him, this is the 2nd time ea membawa org. Lucky me cause the 1st one could have been lying in the hospital bed right now in a comma situation haha xp average speednya 80km/h lah and everytime ea slows down for the bandul tarus tah mengajut accelerating tu after that haha XD. Ada this one time arh stadium, gila wah ea arh seleko ah :s mcm si . . . Siapa? Valentino rossi kah haha~ as kmi sampai, aiman was there duduk2 like a blind person with his shades and tongkat =p . . . Hopped off the motor and sujud sahwi, thankfully that i was still alive haha lame~ XD . . . The others came sama2. So played a competition, eventhough smua bru2an except for some. Used the 2 cubes as dadu for siapa kn di lawan. I got against halim while jaz against joules and ayyub against aiman. Jaz aiman and me were the winners while the other were the not winners haha. Played against aiman, i lost. Handal wah baie ah =p, bowling handal jua ea ani. Smua sports yg kmi bru2an kah yg ea andal ani? =O . . . So lawan jaz i won heheh~ then lawan aiman again, kalah tia ku lagi XD i know how to serve sudah whee~. Balik around 6.5ish, but this time aku yg drive the motor while si joules passenger =p heheh, my average speed 50km/h ja. Biar lambat asal selamat xp.

so malamnya bersihkan my room. Bru tah checkout dri living room for like 5 days dah haha. It feels good to be back to my kapal pacah haha ;D i'll miss the sofa ='(, apakan XD


Plan jalan with O's nda jadi cause nda jua sound2~ slept the whole day mcm beruang. Winter x ah, winter sonata wawawa . . . Apaaaan~

so, tomorrow bbq, but before that jalan whee~ and abg is not at home right now. Nda adil eyh. Ea satu tngan saja but still driving and jalan2. He should be resting and aku yg drive kn ea. Auto jua saja heheh xp
. . . and i went out masa azan isyak tadi, wow~ so peaceful. It's like malam raya wah or puasa, so refreshing~ haha maybe cause the devil(s) inside of me lari wawawa xp

♥S, RR

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