Monday, December 1, 2008

i MiSsEs YeW~ XD


happy birthday majin~ xp . . . Don't get any bigger haha ;D

so it was the last day of school. CCA closing in the audi early morning. I was late. Left my stuffs at the canteen near bag si tawa i think cause there were no other signs of the other's stuff~ went to the audi, met khalid. He doesn't know where to sit =p atu pun, kerusi kan bnyak =D . . . The ceremony was ok~ with the performances from other cca clubs . . . None of them were enjoying though haha~ . . . The music club didn't get a chance to perform just because of the stupid amplifier~ iski ku dah liat drum setnya -_-' . . . So okay~ masa receiving medals, karing were supposed to walk in with the robot stance which nda menjadi haha . . . Mizan and dano didn't came so they're replaced by shrek and halim :D and we gave the extra medal to halim since he is our manager pada nama haha xp . . . Si bur was so -_-', wall of shame lgi~

after all ended and the guest of honour left, haiseh held all the students back and ea marah. Boys were asked to stay for a while to sing the national anthem again and the school song . . . Then yg berambut pnjang kna gunting their hairs~ gila wah, bjurit rambut haha . . . I thought selamat tah udah ni cause people yg won the z.i. bgambar dulu. Skalinya ada tia jua msih waiting by the door the 2 kings and 2 queens ah~ . . . Cigu mubarak cucuk aku with the scissors cause ea jealous kn rambut ku =p, nda deyh ea kn tgur aku but then aku jalan ja haha~

haiseh : eyh~ kmari kau, pnjang ni blakang mu ah *pulling me*
me : alaa~ cigu . . . Kmarin jua ku bgunting
haiseh : bh, sikit sja :D

checksh checksh~ *bunyi gunting XD*

HAHA~ sikit brabis ea ah, mcm nda ani wah. That's why i like her cause ea pndai ngunting~ apakan XD . . . I think all four teachers should quit teaching and start opening a barber shop by name of discipline barber shop, haha apakan~ lame eyh =D . . . Most of the students mentalzz~ sampai ada yg, kurang ajar -_-' i mean to their parents, ish2~ . . . Well, if aku yg kna maybe aku pun cmatu. Ntah eyh :D malastah ku pikir kn :)

went to excapade~ si syarif lanja so ikut sja tia. Kjarangan x ah ea kn mlanja =p . . . Masa naik kerita, si syarif hit my head masa ea kn tutup pintu~ sakit bh 2, skajap plang ganya . . . We met sir quentin there masa waiting. Wow~ pnjang dah rambutnya, mcm si ayen haha and he's more thinner than before :D . . . Seriously, i think excapade is a kitchen to them wah haha xp

arrived back to school at 2. Had a match against uic, drang inda full team~ -_-' . . . I don't know who won, what i know was that i'm didn't let them sakit kn si shahmi that easily and i scored 2 goals sja~ jadi tah ;D

4.30 when . . . . . . .


played footie again. Stg against hukan haku. Huahaha~ kmi seluru kn plang ganya since rmai yg nda stuju they got the best z.i. team . . . and there was a time when si hanis jadi goalie, atu ya~ sorang bh jadi defend haha XD

Balik with si ayen, awal kmi antar si muaz. Then si pej, this is where we got stucked masa d roundabout mentiri due to kebakaran. Buntu wah menunggu, about half an hour kali -_-'

this was a sticker from a car sbalah, rugged wah so ambil sja tia since nda kn d buat haha XD

Around 7 something bru tah smpai drumahnya. We were so thirstay eatah si pej offered us a drink. Skalinya ea bwa turun cucur udang, atu ya~ nyaaman!! Hahaha . . . Then kmi request g, bwanya jua g panat ah, thank you xp . . . Then off we go to nunu's ngambil ea trus went to dewan, makan ;D . . . Both ayyub and jon berbaik hati mlanja saya, thanx xp . . . Next time i won't bring my wallet since kna lanja jua sana sini haha . . . Went to sent ayyub back home first but ea ani nda jua mau kluar so kmi round lah arh party house ah, still freaky haha . . . Sent si angin jon home, ayyub then me~ i don't what to do tomorrow. It's either to come for the beach party, but transport is a problem to me or come for the school band sja~

♥S, RR

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