Monday, December 15, 2008

i shit true (AISHITERU) XD


went to kb for some wedding occasion. Bkan plang kawin, before that ;D. So we ; dad mum nadiah wardeena and me, bertolak after the jumat prayer which was around 1.4ish and arrived there around 2.4ish haha~ one hour bh, bnyak cars. So as we arrived, the ceremony ended tia sudah haha~ wth, skajap jua. I mean bkan start at 2.30 kn? Bru jua 10+ minutes, ntah eyh but dtg sna kmi makan sja tarus, that's the most important thang haha. To my surprise, surprise!! Haha apakan~ we were not the only one yg trlambat ;D bdgn jua kn hehe :D. Owh ya~ just as soon as we got out of the car, there's this blast of shit smell coming through your nose. Kuat wah bau nya haha XD Settle bh idung ku, tsumbat trus. Banar banar true true betul betul~ benar tak bohong, biilaaa riiinduu terkenang lalalalala~ =D and yg menakjub kn, org lain juga begitu, hidung tersumbat haha

otw i saw this ;

which reminded me the conversation between muaz and ayyub kah during the rubik's ogdc haha. It sounded mcm ;

ayyub : eyh tu nodding ah~
muaz : awu ah~ mcm donkey lgi 2, lakastah panggil nodding donkey XD

haha~ something like that lah or the other way round :D . . . Went back to tanah air ku around 4. Took pictures, sja~ buang boring :D.

then i fell asleep the whole journey haha. Woke up, we were at lambak tia arh my cousin cause ada pesta soto sna haha xp. Majin wasn't there, bjalan-jalan tia udah baie ah lapas exam ani haha xp nda wah ;D stayed there until 6 kali then got home. ok that's all, bye

♥S, RR

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