Saturday, December 20, 2008

I'm on crack

Haven't been posting for a while~ malas wawawa. Oookay ;


nothing much. Kapal pacah under renovation. That's all. Renovation? Haha~


had a futsal match d jkr against mizan's cousin/friend. Went there with si azmi. I was gonna be the keeper but then jon cina ani dtg tia jua. So played forward sja. Ok lah~ i did get to score plang but just once haha~ . . . Maklumlah, lama dah nda main XD. Owh ya~ i brought lunch from home, maggi plang ganya tu, the whole $1.50 ah haha. Jaditah~ atleast there's something to eat. Minta jua org2 sna wah =p. Final game i became the gk, 1 bolos x ganya ah :p. Awu handal, i know~ the defend ah wawawa.

syidah went to kl~ waa!! ='('= , owh well~


had a match against outsyders arah si hafiz. Before that i went to ayyub's cause kmi bkumpul d sna. Hajat kn ksana pgi tah ni around 7 8 9, somewhere around that time, but akhir bngun. So ikut my dad sja ksana since he's going to muara jua kn which was around 12. At ayyub's, chillax sja. Played cube and stuffs. Si joules makin laju ah, baie xp. Shrek came around 2.30 along with bahrin alif and aiman. Kmi smua ikut si shrek. At hafiz's, khalid was there already and the outsie~ chubby was there, nda jua difference ea ani~ sama sja before and after haha. Si zaim rambutnya ganya haha, and rambut si azlan ganas. Haha apakan aku ani~

so the match, we won by scoring 5 sja while they scored 8 which determined that we lost XD but it was ok. I don't mind losing cause outsyders x 2 ah, impossible kmi mng padang. Futsal x lah =p. Losing by 3 is considered as ok sudah tu ;D. The info ada reported by ayyub arh the ppb's blog. Showered there and hafiz's maid was so kind enough to provide us drinks and nasi katoks. Thanks. Went back at nunu's around 6. Thanks shrek for the transport. There, makan lagi. Thanks to both person yg masak ah. Nda ku mau sbut siapa =p. Si aiman blik around 7. Joules 8 and me nearly 10 after si jaz came. Got home, washed my stuffs yg penuh dgn chocolates itu (lumpur) XD

i miss you syidah~

♥S, RR

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