Thursday, December 11, 2008

It's just you and me

So yesterday i went to bandar with dad mom and nadiah to bawa wardeena utk bgambar. She won something ah. Awal2 ku tanya mng apa, sorang2 jua kn ckap ntah. Panya she won something mcm english quiz at school, yg is are is are ah. Aku pun bleh full mark 2 haha~ well she didn't get full mark though, 33/40 =p. but then mng~ meniru x eyh ea ani haha . . . So there my parents were busy listening some explanations while wardeena malu2 and main the book. Me and nadiah were busy reading books about wild animals haha . . . They also got the new genius world record 2008 book, cool jua tu but i didn't get a chance to finish it. My dad said the whole thing was a set up so that what they're doing cepat maju. I mean they made an easy quiz for the kids. Make their parents come and offered them their things. Get me? I don't think so haha xp

since sorg2 blum breakfast so we went searching for foods in every dumpster wawawawa~ then ada this homeless guy went mad, crazy mad if you tell me XD so kmi ran away. Sheesh~ so we went to pgs instead arh kiulap cause sna buffet kn? Puas hati haha . . . I ate alot and shiite alot too wawawa XD

that was yesterday's story. Now today's.

i woke up around 8 cause ibunda miscalled saya, lalu saya pergi kebawah. Owh~ rupa-rupanya ibunda menyuruh saya santap. That's all bye XD

Hello again!! Apakan~ so today i'm supposed to go to excapade gdg cause si nadia lanja half-price =p lanja? Is that even a correct word to use? =D ok she's gonna pay half of what we're gonna order. Pedah jua 2, baik smua. Alang2 jua eyh, but syukur tah haha~ so she's gonna pay half sja kn, that would mean i'll have to eat half of the dish sja, eat yg ea byar and tinggalkan the other half. By that i don't have to pay anything wawawa XD but unfortunately i'm not going there today haha. Ibunda suruh saya stay drumah sja cause ea ckap aku jrang d rumah dah. Ya kan? I've been here for like 3 days x ah dah nda jalan2, merungau tah ganya wawawa XD Maybe she's the one yg jalan2 haha =p . . . but then i did made a good deal with her that today aku nda jalan2 so that on saturday i can go jalan trus sleepover at ayyub's and sunday ke beach party atu and monday date wawawawa~ i'm so good at negotiating, staie XD

i'm supposed to clean up my room lastnight but something distracted me while doing it -_-'

what about tomorrow? Ada music class kh? Fuhh~ i miss IONS, especially the guy yg nda bwa kmi blayar ah wawawa xp okay i'm done bye ;D

i miss you syee xp, not to forget haha :D

♥S, RR

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