Thursday, December 4, 2008

Jangan lagi, kau sesali~


so as i woke up, my hand padash mengajut~ panya there was this cutting on it. I don't know when and how the hell it got there.

i don't remember me being emo lastnight xp

watched saw again~ majal. Then i watched crows zero which was a very very very cool japanese story. It's about a gang high school lah~ cool and rugged ;D . . . Maybe there's a sambungan since it says episode zero at the beginning ataupun sja kn berugged xp . . . I searched for harvest moon cheat then ada jua panya. So i entered all codes using action replay ah but smuanya selahau. The disc, the game, the memory card, the console, the electric and most importantly the stupid action replay maker, no offense =p . . . I mean i updated it but everytime aku pasang g ilang tia. Which means nada mau update. Ish~ iski dah ku kn bkabun and stuffs XD. I played boxing sja since yg lain . . . ntah eyh haha XD

there was no food in the house, owh~ LaPaRrRzZxX -_-' till my mom came home and buat corn sup, nyumnyum =D . . . There was no water also, eatah nda dpat cooked rice, even indon's most favourited food~ maggi XD

♥S, RR

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