Monday, December 15, 2008

Layaknya lalala~


i woke up around 7 cause of msg si mizan, but unfortunately aku nda dtg main d kebajikan so aku tdur blik. :D Then around 10.30 around i was woken up by msg si aiman telling me that he'll be at ayyub's around 11 so aku mandi lah since it was kinda late dah. Packed up my stuff and searched for my mom cause i don't have any kaachings~ $_$ haha . . . but unfortunately she was out to bandar. Alaa~ so i had to wait, 12.30 bru she came home. She brought foods so telalai tia ku jua kn makan wawawa. Around 1 si aiman called cause they had been waiting for me at ayyub's and kn jalan. So my abg yg ngantar but sadly ea blum mandi so paksa tah menunggu -_-' around 1.30 bru tah dtg haha

so taruh my stuffs and off we go to gdg with nunu's sista. Search for si hahamu, found her and guess what? She bought five tickets wah =o 1 for me, 1 for aiman, 1 for ayyub and 1 for her. 1+1+1+1=4 so siapa g 1? =O . . . So then kmi paksa si shrek to join us but he had $3 ganya so me ayyub aiman chip'in $1 each. Sanggup jua 2 haha. went to watch free movies kajap while waiting. Then masuk, it was so funny cause si sherk didn't know what movie we're gonna watch, he thought it was the day the earth stood still. When he found out it was a totally different movie yg ea nda liat, kata2 brabis wah ea ah haha. By 6 we had to leave leaving si hahamu, alaa~ XD

at ayyub's kmi chillax sja, surfing drums keyboard guitar. Joules was also there for the sleepovah. Ayyub cooked food for us, so sweet man xp. Not man as in aiman eyh, man as in man sja. Haha apakan =p . . . Had a lousy group chat till 11.59pm, exact brabis masanya ah XD

♥S, RR

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iabhm said...

so sweet? yg mana yaw? yg soup or mee? tlabih tambah gula kali. ahaha. kes inda fhm lah tu. =p