Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Let me take you up and down


12.00am, still awake chatting with me love, syee. Both of us stayed up late till the early morning which is around 8ish maybe and that was when she decided to go to sleep, nda ea sanggup~ so aku mng lah wawawa. Nda wah ;D. At 9, bru tah me tdur. 10, alarm bebunyi but since still rasa ngantuk so i set it to 11 haha. Ayyub invited me and aiman to come to yayasan but aku nda dpat ah ='(, dpat plang~ but si syidah yg nda mau xp . . . Woke up and showered. I had to wait for my mum blik. Katanya pukul 12 ea kn balik. Tunggu punya tunggu, pukul 3 bru tah she came. My mom turun kajap cause she had to take something kali so i waited in the car lah along with nadiah wardeena and adimu. So i waited . . . and waited . . . and waited . . . Then brutah my mom came out but then ea masuk balik. I caught her mcm menyubuk2 to the car from the kitchen =p she came out then msuk balik~ waah!! Sengaja wah ='( then she catwalked to the car haha xp . . . Rasa wah menyaya ah~ i'm having a date with syee and i said i'll be coming around 1-2 tpi it was 3 sudah. So so late -_-', stress bh me olehnya hahahehehihihohohuhu~ 3.4ish bru tah dtg. Met her and went to watch bedtime stories. Okay~ cool the story.

an old friend of mine from mabohai bru tah kn mnagur aku, i mean slalu jua ku mliat ea dsna atu. Bru ingat kali, well that took a lot of for him to remember me =p. Si far lari, makan haha xp so me and syee were off to . . . tonnes of shoes~ haha for some people who doesn't understand what does that suppose to mean, well i'm not gonna tell ya~ . . . It means heaven according to syidah's term of what heaven is like to her =p, haha d bgtau jua XD

so i went home around 6.40, before that i saw si khairini dating with someone who is far away from her age, ish3~ nda wah, i think atu bapanya kali :D. I also saw 5O's toughest man, si chixx hahaha xp nda wah chixx, toughest lady wah ;D

so i'm having this bbq drumah. Michelle was there plang dah helping since morning. The bbq was ok although i had few burnts on me fingerings XD the best part was that i'm the one yg merasa either the foods masak kah udah or blum haha~ ayyub aiman and jaz came but only ayyub and aiman stayed for sleepover while jaz had to go home. I am so tired cause i slept for 2 hours saja in 24hrs~

through the fire and the flame

we carry on~

i love YOU~

YOU = nuRRaSyidah halwani xp

♥S, RR

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