Tuesday, December 30, 2008

look at us baby, look at us now


tenet tenet tera tenet duk duk duk duk

wah~ with ayyub and aiman in the room, i ended up sleeping at 4am haha. and woke up at 9 haha where we were supposed to be at yayasan dah bnrnya cause there's this kfc family something but bru bngun and stuffs plang instead XD

ate and jalan around 10.30. As we arrived there, aku trus lonely cause ayyub had to be with durky and aiman had to be with ayeen. Both of them ada date~ aku ganya nda ='(. Maybe drang pkai bju sewa atu kali eatah ada date atu haha. I'm gonna use baju sewa next time ;D. Ayeen is a really really really cool person cause she's so friendly, funny and she just can't shut up which makes her even more cooler haha xp, too bad ea date sama si aiman, cubatah aku haha ;) nda wah~ . . . Pokoknya she's cool lah or should i say amazing, wonderful, miracle and incredible. Lurus kah tu? xp . . . and jambu hahaha XD but i have the permission to call her ayang dah wawawa cause this is to keep the confusion out cause krg confuse sma one and only ayeno kudros~ alasan plang saja tu. Saja ngambil ksempatan haha XD

Luckily alif batu was there to keep me company but he had to go home earlier. So, lonely jua ku masih kan ='(, but i don't mind since aku ndang slalu funself kadang2 haha ;D. So i went round2 to the sports section. Owh ya~ there was also the Orang kuat brunei competition, cool. First time ku mliat ;D next year register ku eyh kalau ada since my name ada azez hahaha XD

most of the time aku limpang2 near the bouncer plang ganya with the quadruple~ you know, there's two couples eatah haha. Well not really, but aku consider as couples haha. Eatah just limpang2, watched the clouds and sang till the rain falls XD. Also played the trolley with aiman, hehe~ siuk ;D



subuh~ nda deyh XD

Ayeen with her doll stand xp

craving for chocolatos, i searched for it everywhere but nda jua ada. Huaho, sbalah ayamku, front yg anugerah 60 atu, pusing bandar lah pokoknya but nda jua ada. So i ended up buying corn sja haha. I've heard people saying that brunei's town is considered as a ghost town at night, i think they're really right about it cause sunyi wah and most of the shops awal tutup. Bru jua lapas isyak but there's also an advantage besides that. To me lah ;D to people who just wanna chill and relax, chillax. I suggest bandar is the best place cause it is so quiet and peaceful. I know some of you would say boring plang, that's cause nda bnyak entertainment but it is really cool there especially if you want to have those 'BONDING' time haha ;D if you get what i mean :D.

So when i got back from bli jagung, drang yg lain duduk2 sja. Sorg2 stress except for me cause aku stress awal2 dah eatah nyanyi2 atu haha XD. Went to arcade, played the shitty prize machine again. I was so close wah, really really close to win~ but then aaaah!!! O=) played futbol cause si ayeen ayang trial for ppb goalie hahaha xp, staie wah ea ah =p.

at 9, aiman durky and ayeen went home leaving me and ayyub. So we went to huaho again. Bought drinks bread and tuna cili, si ayyub plang ganya yg mmbyr xp thanks haha. So kmi makan tmpat mcm umbrella atu and one of the drinks yg ducth lady atu i think nda baik. So aku tumpah kn kelantai sja and dared ayyub to siruk it. Siruknya jua~ eww man xp . . . Kmi aher minta ambil due to kesalahfahaman, nda wah yub :D. So kmi round2 arh anugerah 60 atu and did some stuffs. Ayyub with the freeze and mini me with the flare ;D.

nunu with freezer, nice pic eyy? I edited the background colour, rugged kn~ ;D

nunu's bro came around 11, kmi round near masjid kajap. Went to rimba. Kadai near jalan zahir and got back at nunu's. Aku sleepover sana since it's aher dah. Went to sleep at 1.40. Nda plang accurately ;D

♥S, RR

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