Wednesday, December 3, 2008



so what did i do ah? Just stayed for the whole day drumah rotting to death -_-' . . . Around 6 abg brought me to mall to buy game bru (disc xp) after ngambil ibunda~ skill~ cause kmi duadua bankrupt XD. Expired dah game yg drumah. Still we bought yg lama2 jua masih haha XD. So i bought the action replay cause aku mau pkai cheat main harvest moon but unfortunately salah harvest moon panya aku ani. Nda g cheatnya 2, spoil eyh~ malas ku wah kn inda pkai cheat ah eatah XD . . . Then watched saw 5, it was cool. Bru startingnya 2~ didn't finish watching it cause i wasn't concentrating, busy chatting with you with you with you, girl~ xp . . . I'm gonna watch it again tomorrow, when then rain fall down, lalalala~ =D

♥S, RR

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