Wednesday, December 17, 2008

On my elevator again?


i woke around 10ish knowing that i was late sudah haha, but i did woke up earlier x dah ah which was around 7, but kdai apa jua buka at that particular time? Kdai abgmu x ganya wawa, you know~ KK xp haha . . . The plan was that i'm supposed to go jalan2 with mom and she would tarus antar me to gdg, but then nda menjadi. I thinked she also nda jdi instead cooking saja. Spoiler aku ani eyh, cubatah exaust or rims haha apakan~ you guys won't get it XD. So yeah, i woke up showered and ate. At around 1 bru tah jalan cause i had to wait for nadiah and wardeena to be ready cause ibunda tak mahu pergi membeli belah seorang diri :D

1ish smpai, 1.30 i think and went straight to the cinema to watch free movies, alone haha. I tidak told syee that aku dtg dah, biartia jalan2 dulu. Chillax sja since i'm so tired i'm missing you again once again, apakan~ nda tau lyric haha . . . ok ehem, since i'm so tired bkas the beach party ah. Sangal wah everything. Then i msgd si aiman whether durang jadi kah nda chillax. Then ada si jelly, ea solo with this redhead guy heheh~ then JOKO family, bahrin and nily haha xp . . . Then ada si~ baik sabut smua nah haha, pokoknya ramai ms. So while waiting, ada this girl, she sat next to me, hye haha ;D apakan~ nda wah, but she does looked attractive and she's having a date with a form 3 ms guy i think. Well, i didn't do anything x ah, the eye balls just happened to roll itself wah. Yknow, guys haha XD. Even if they have the most beautiful girl in the world, they'll still look at other girls. Right? I mean looking lah sja~ salah kali mliat? xp . . . then aiman came along with j-rund. Here comes the rappers here here comes rappers haha XD, so i went round and round with them, cool eyh jalan sma drang since they walk so slow which suits my speed haha, but skali drang bckap~ homg lajunya, nda g subtitle 2 wawawa. Nda deyh, they talked mcm biasa x ah =p. Met amir and hadi, kata dorang she was d bwah kali so kmi round2 lah lgi~ si amir and hadi ilang mengajut, like poof! =D

it was 2.40 dah and the movie, twillight, starts 5 minutes lgi. Luckily aku ani part time vampire mcm si edward so aku laju2 sja ksana, that's why drang nda nampak aku ddpan wawawa. Syarif ida and syee was panicking dah haha, chill wah =p. Well aku sudah liat the movie eatah malas awal2 haha. Skali masuk, trailer jua masih XD. I told syee yg aku sudah liat the movie but ea nda pecaya so aku spoiled some to make her believe haha ;D and thank you to someone, nda ku tau siapa, thank you for the popcorn. Sorg diri ku makan haha, with her plang but mostly aku wawawa. After the movie kmi round2 sja, to the toilet XD eatah here i met the girl yg tdi again ;D . . . one by one two by two balik~ met the guys ; shrek j-rund ayyub and aiman near utama, ambung drang huhu ='( haha. Then me and her went to our own world

dq, menyasal ku remind si jelly bout the ticket, kalau inda free dah. Pkir ku arh si amir wah kn d byar ani XD. It was 6 dah she had to go to the toilet drumahnya haha. Before, i met the girl lagi, majal eyh~ just leave your number wah. Haha nda wah, i guessed she's a friendly and SPORTING type of girl, ah yub ah? ;D

went to netcom with the guys, but pekerja looks dead or sleepy so we went to netland. Haha, nda deyh the worker mcm karau sja eatah plus the area panas. Netland totally the opposite. Played COD4, me ayyub j-rund as finch 3, finch 2 and finch 1 against shrek and aiman as finch and finch 4. Haha apakan~ atu pun kn dgtau kah? XD. Around 7.30 we went to pasar malam. Bankrupt ku leh si ayyub eyh haha. Ate arh davy jones, ksian nda si ayen~ the sambal was so smokin pedah, i like toh XD. Went to arcade, shiit~ a lesson learnt haha. 9.30 bru tah balik

♥S, RR

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