Monday, December 8, 2008

On my elevator


a happy birthday to the helicopter boy jazmi XD . . . Short life expensive foods~ haha ndawah, long life cheap foods xp

nothing much to tell. I woke up main game sja till 12 then bru tah get ready for the date haha~ . . . Abg came around that time, so then aku wait till 1+ bru tah ku minta antar. Sja giving him time to rest, but then bila ku asked to hantar . . . He was being such an asshole!! Baie wah, katanya ea mau tidur~ shiit eyh -_-' he also mentioned minta antar arh my nini, wth? The old man needs a rest -_-', but then paksa jua kn since my nini seldom says no ;D. He dropped me off near the sugar sugar how i get so fly bun XD so i had to walked all the way, i'm not complaining =p

met my gothic emo metal girl at the cinema xp . . . So we walked and walked and walked. Window shopped window shopped and window shopped. Cuci mata, aku plang ganya tu wawawa~ nda wah ;D. She was bored i think cause aku siuk sendiri kali =D
lift, naik turun plang ganya, eventhough aku paning kadang2 if main lift, it was worth it xp. Then rizqun waiting for someone to finish their business.

mom picked me up around 6.30 and aku minta antar to ayyub's cause ION were there. There, they jammed while aku duduk2 sja mliat. Minta kesiankan haha XD. Went home around 10

♥S, RR

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