Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Please don't stop the music~ XD


it was about 3am dah but kmi blum jua tdur cause of group chat and stuffs haha~ . . . Well me and jon stayed up late~ it was 6 sudah and we can't sleep so me and him went round2 the neighbourhood using the scooter, it was raining eatah sajuk :\ pkai short pants lgi, kajar2 wah 2 XD . . . Then around 6.30 bru tah tdur and woke up around 9ish. Bngun trus makan wawawa~, we were kinda late eatah paksa rush. Just brushed our teeth, packed our stuffs and went to jerudong at wafiqah's crib. Sorg2 lgi blum mandi 2 kmi ah wawawa~ . . . We played bouncer for a while, tiup balloons and stuffs. Then me ayen jaz shrek and ayyub went to jpmc to take a shower but nda dpat. Dpat plang we have to pay $4 for it. Wth? Rugi jua 2. So bli minuman sja haha~ . . . Suddenly the receptionist called us again and surprisingly, ea suruh kmi mandi for free wawawa, but just this time :D aww~ tq haha. Finished our shower then went back to rumah si wafiqah. There i saw two corpse playing the guitar and drum while houseflies were flying around them. Nda fresh si jon and aiman ani eyh, blum mandi xp . . . While they're gone to take a shower at muaz's, people started coming, unexpected people~ seperti nazirul ;D

the party started, makan dulu wawawa and that's a must XD. Then played the sliding bouncer. I had to borrowed bju si ayyub since aku lupa bwa haha. The sliding bouncer was gila~ yeah gila wah. Eatah the doctors came to bring it to the hospital XD. Nda wah~ i mean the bouncer was not that strong, but still fuunn~ with the water and the soap, bek plang jgntah mandi tadi XD. Ada this one time, ramai people was on the top and the bouncer singit sebalah. Me and shrek were d atas jua eatah mcm panic. Si shrek even shouted to the people infront to go down faster. At one moment, my mind was thinking bout something.

" What if the bouncer fell to the side? Would i be okay? Okay 2 eyh since ada net sbalah ku ;D but then nda jua gugur x ni eyh, blum jua ku prnah dgr bouncer tumbang =p "

neah~ nda jua tumbang kan xp so we continued on playing, targeting ahmad as our victim. Jarih wah ea for some reason XD. Then the singit sbalah happened again. again~ -_-' si shrek and me was on top. With the two girls, sharifah and azemah i think, or ada g. Patutlah singit sbalah~ hahaha XD nda wah, but you guys get my point right? Just saying~ =DD . . . Then hazwan came running to the top pushing the walls of the bouncer to the side~ gila wah anak ah. He was just scarying us xp which happened to work =D. Shrek shouted at hazwan to stop.

" palui wan, branti wah!! "

hahaha =D. Then out of nowhere, my thoughts came true =') the bouncer fell to the side =o. i landed on the vase, gila wah 2. Baik jua be-net. aku g kna pihit oleh one of the girl, tkirit tarus eyh, tkluar wah 2 taie wawawawa XD mihir eyh haha. Eyy! Manada kluar wah! Jgn salah sangka, sja blawak xp which happen to be nda cali cause bravo. Apakan~ nda cali cause mihir haha XD



whee~ XD

Si jon gila wah, i mean he was so serious. Bnr2 wah ea nyelamatkn org haha xp. Usai the bouncer and most of us stopped dah main. Changed clothes and perform. Aku menyanyi plang ganya, but most of the time i was the cameraman sja. Then we had this disco dance d dalam haha . . . Gila wah~ i mean mcm, there's no time for shy-shy-cat-do-what-you're-supposed-to-do ;D . . . We also had this couple dance during slow songs, but among the boys plang ganya wawawa. The dance battle ; boys against girls xp. Around 11 something bru tah balik. I was on both first and second trip. Rugi siapa nda dtg haha. The night ended perfectly. Well it didn't ended actually haha ;D

♥S, RR

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