Monday, December 1, 2008



happy 17years 7months birthday to me~ 5 months to go . . . Apakan~ kes boring XD

went to school for the band. Ayen and aqil were there for the first time. We watched a music video where one of the teacher ada dalam atu. Yg lama plang~ cali lah and cool jua :D i learnt something very useful which is related to the snare. Cara mengampas plang ganya XD

about 2.30, shrek picked me up at home. Then picked wilson and we went to nadia watergirl's birthday party. Dtg, i played the keyboard kajap. Sja buat kacau haha~ then makan. Whooh~ so bnyak pilihan foods nya. If only i have 2 stomach XD . . . Played guitar hero~ showoff haha~ . . . Bouncer. I made a kid cried cause aku gugur through the climbing area and tlangar ea. Ea yg sigung my nose, ea jua yg nangis xp . . . My nose hurt~ like hell!! Patah inda jua XD By 10.30, went home~

♥S, RR

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