Sunday, December 21, 2008

Stressing night eyy?


went to gdg cause mom asked to since she was there arh something bibd ah, menjaga. So went there with nadiah and wardeena around 2. Aga mom, got kaachings and she halau kmi from there huhu ='( nda deyh~ kna suruh round2 mcm arh roundabout ;D. So we went atas skali cause nadiah and wardeena were making stickers of their name, kids~ =p then went down, by that time si jaz msgd cause ea d atas dah with si ayyub. Sengaja wah drang ah, mliat dah aku arh escalator but nda jua gtau. Sudah ku arh ground bru tah -_-' mengaleh jua 2~ . . . So i told them about cerita yes man, bkan si yasmin eyh, yes man xp and they agreed to watch it and cancelled watching twillight with faizah since kmi tiga mliat jua dah. Mun kn dliat lgi skali wah, buntu jua ku 2~ kali ke 3 jua tu, mcm fanatic wah tu XD majal haha~ met faizah around the food court and jaz told her about it, she was okay with it. Went to the arcade, kmi main yg ada prize patung atu, pfft~ membazir duit eyh. Nda jua mau dpat XD

our movie starts at 3.55, 4 lah but it was still 3 time atu so we went to the thai foodcourt to eat there. On our way, we saw this cool t-shirt, nanti tah wawawa~ back to watch the yes man movie, bkan yasmin eyh, yes man wah XD the movie was cool, by that i mean supercool ;D rugged lah haha. So after the movie, kmi went to arcade again to play the shitty prize machine again, nda jua mau mng haha XD wasted about $6 to that machine :D. Then kmi chillax sja near the jolibee cause teingat kn si JOKO wawawawa. Panya ea arh giant ='( haha brigali eyy~ we saw this waitress bwa sizzling lamb chop with fries, nyaman usulnya. Melilih wah air liur olehnya =O, so kmi search for the place dmana and kmi ordered one sja. Chip'in since sorg2 bankrupt haha. Aku 20cent plang ganya XD. The food was so nyum2 ;D went to the bookstore, mahma called, balik~

group chatted with the regulars till 4am, it was a very stressful night. Subuh actually cause i miss syidah and ayen and ayyub and aiman and scooter si joules wawawa~ . . . Awu wah joules, kau ea jua wah =p . . . and chubby also, and . . . Haha apakan~ baik smua nah. PPB's O's. Ok that's all bye

your gay friend,

p/s : gay as in happy wah~ apa kan ni =p

p/s2 : siuk~ haha apakan. Yub~ bleh ku masukkan nama si durky arh part miss atu? XD

p/s3: man, si amal bleh? xp

p/s4: yen, you get me. nda wah~ =p

♥S, RR

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