Friday, December 12, 2008

You crazy girl XD

Lastnight :

Wow~ so i just finished cleaning up my room. Started at 10.30 and finished at 2.30. Whoot? 4 hours baru tah siap? Haha i was chatting jua time atu, so eatah ;D as my mom always mention that my room is like a 'KAPAL PACAH', you know~ ;D Nadiah also helped me so we finished 5 minutes earlier. Apakan~ pedah haha =D well she did most of the work plang, nda dpat dharap bah aku ani XD she was so hyper wah lastnight, don't know why. Also pretty much annoying haha xp Everything that's sharp in my room abis d tukul2nya XD For hours ea d bilik ku panya ea nda brani turun seorang diri wawawa~ eatah when i accompanied her down, she cooked maggie for me, jadi tah. As a payment x to show her appreciation. Apakan~ what am i talking about kn XD. So after eating and chit chatting, went to sleep around 3.30. End~

and now my room looks like a new boat haha xp i'm set to sail again wawawa XD i'll do the taggies nanti =p

♥S, RR

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