Friday, January 30, 2009

Tears and Fear

The time has come, the moment people had been waiting for. The time when boys will cry again~ apakan XD It was after cca that rumours were spread. Rumours of results getting out by the afternoon, expected time which was 2.30. Chem was a little bit of relaxing cause most of the time sir ravuf becerita sja, giving some advices. This was when more and more people in the lab got more nervous for their result, especially syarif cause he was next to me since iqbal wasn't coming. We can even hear the noise outside getting louder, people shouting for some reason. Fuhh~ by 2, jeremy shouted in the lab when he got his result through the dst sms. Wow 6A 2B, he sure was happy jumping around the lab with faizan xp. Outside zaim and aiman was at the bridge, looking down to the others at canteen, sad and happy faces. Zaim was so nervous that he even shouted for no specific reason xp. As i looked at ayyub, his eyes became red and watery. Yes, those were his tears. He was so afraid to read the msg sent by dst. He read it at the canteen i think and shockingly he got 10 O's, congrats bro~. Otw down, jaz was so afraid that he ended up crying at the canteen. I feel so sorry seeing them cried which makes me sad also, but i didn't cried, i tried not to, which i did managed to do it xp

not long after that, zaim and aiman came down. They were supposed to have class but they're given 10 minutes to release their stresses. Due to the surrounding, aiman cried cause he haven't got his results, he was so scared. He ended up sliding and hitting his phone up and down where i happened to stop him by taking his phone away, rusak krg xp. Loads of us were waiting near the concourse area infront of the library. Waiting for the results for those who haven't got it through sms which includes me. Well i didn't brought my phone cause nda baik, bangas dah haha. Qawiem got 7A 1B which was wow and Malcolm got 5A and idk~ the results weren't there yet, ivy haven't return from the MOE with the results. So me and aiman took a walk to remember XD a walk to the futsal area. Ayen was there, and he got his result already. 8 O's and 3 were A kah? or 2? Idk~ but congrats bro. Daus got 6 O's i think. Lutfi 8 O's with 2A. Went to the canteen, Joules got 4A 4B congrats tok xp. Hanafi got 9 O's with 5A kali. Fuhh~

then someone announced that the results were at the concourse!! OMG!! people began running their way. Some of them even walked so fast, pelahan wah! XD. I sat down on the table looking at them pushing each other around. Shouting for happYness, crying for sadness and fear for the parents. Aqil got 4A and 4B but still he cried cause he was afraid of his parents. Parents shouldn't be mad or pressuring their children for what they got, they had tried their best, well for atleast just accept them that have passed the exam.

Then azim came to me asked for my results. I said that i haven't check it yet. He was being so kind so ea check kn. Skalinya he told me that i got 8 O's. Wth~ at first i didn't believe it cause i wasn't expecting for 8 but instead 7 or less cause i know that my a.maths some sciences would fail. So i went for a check check check check it out now, you call somebody check it out now. Haha antam. With chub, suprisingly azim was right. Wow~ but with 1A sja, jaditah.

A.maths - C
Bio - B
Chem - B
English - CP
Physics - B
Maths - A
Geo - B

i was happy for my result eventhough i could have gotten a better one. Iqbal got 7 O's, congrats yaw. Aiman got 7 O's i think but he have to take for june cause he got a D for english. Chill bro, it's not the end. Most of us got C x ah. So we're not that far. You'll get through it ;). Mizan got 8 O's also xp. Azlan got 6 O's i think but he was pretty much sad cause his parents will be disappointed, it'll be okay tu lan :).

so then i went to the canteen, sitting by the stage. Alone lgi tu waiting for her to finish her class. Then dano and nadia came to join. Then si jaz and syufiqa. Dano got 8 O's x or 7. Historynya A x ah ;p. Nadia 6A 2B kali. Syu got 7 O's and for si jaz, well he'll be smiling for now, 4A 4B xp. Zaim, he got 6A 2B and that was a major shock cause most people thought yg ea ani buduh, well not buduh lah, i mean not that pandai and i'm not making this up. It really is true. I guess my dream about zaim did came true. E.guitar ni =p. He was pretty much busy receiving calls then haha.

syidah then finished her class. I spoiled her by telling her results but she didn't believe it. So we went to check it. She was a bit down, cause she got 7 O's sja. Ok jua tu =p. Cheer up ;). A.mathsnya D. Well most people that got 7 O's is cause of a.maths which spoils.

cca, i had hiking tdi but there were two choices plang. It's either to go for hiking or practice school band as told by vivian. Tpi i chose hiking. I guess the location was salah tdi. We went to pantai berakas instead haha. Awal2 was ok but then we ended up playing at the beach. Main air. We even had an estimation of 100m race. Well most of the time zaim won. Aiman 2nd and ayyub 3rd. I was the 4th. Jaditah~

i went home at 4.30 cause i think nini salah dngar. I told him 5.30 but instead 4.30 ea dtg. Nini bini was the 1st person that i told my results to, then dad, then amit, then mom. We had a doa selamat tdi and nadiah pretty much annoyed me. She kepts on saying ' eyah~ 8 O ea '. Blik2~ majal wah. xp we were supposed to have a ppb match tdi against outsy but nda jdi due to the results

ok that's all for today.

Congrats to the people who pass the exam and i feel sorry to those who doesn't. I'm quite sad actually cause thinking about the people whom i know very well who had to leave school because they can't fulfill the wanted grades to stay in ms ='( So to the people who pass, you should be grateful.

♥S, RR

Monday, January 26, 2009

Kill kill kill

Can you even show some respect to someone who is older than you? Who am i to you? Am i even your brother? You're acting like you're the one who's older. Why do you always want me to hate you? Seriously~ i know you're a pig and that's a fact but please please please show some respect. I've tried avoiding talking to you to avoid any conflict but you're always in my way. Are you doing it on purpose? or were you just thinking about what's good for yourself. Man~ that is just just just so selfish of you. Grow up.

i know it's been a long time since i got my hands on you. The last time that i remember was the time when i pulled you down to the ground and almost stepped on your big head. Luckily i stopped my foot, if not i know you'll end up as a retard, well most probably not cause you have a head of a stone. I'll figure out a way ;). Maybe someday, when the day come i'll teach you a lesson. This thing between you and me has been going on since i was in primary 3. Syeesh~

i think i'm too soft in your eye but if i am to be like abg, you would probably suffer. You should be thankful that i'm still being kind to you. For some reason, i just wanna beat you up but mom and dad and nini are here which prevent me from doing it. Sometimes i even want you dead, can you imagine how fucktup you could be till i wanted such thing to happen. I don't want anything from you, i just want you to think about the stupid things you had done, especially to nini laki. Ok i think i'm done haha~

i'm having anger management problem lately. Sensitive bout stuffs, even if it's just a small simple thing but it will end soon. or not or not :)

♥S, RR

Some gas would help

I guess there's nothing to do today except for


this thing had been penetrating through my nose since saturday night. It's time xp

♥S, RR

a journey to the centre of the heart

It's been almost a week sudah since i last updated me blog. So malas wah, all caused by the sickness i'm having since last sunday. Fuhh~ since that eatah malas sja. Mcm everytime kn buat something, parts of me body would straight away becomes so heavy. Heavy to move. Even heavyduty can't help. Haha apakan~. I didn't ate any medicine yet nor going to the clinic, malas. Even my parents nda tau, especially my mom. If she knew, i'll end up being houseprison, no footie no jalan no this no that which will be so so much boooring.

so last sunday ppb had a padang match against gman's team. It started pgi. Around 8, where aku bru jua kn dtg and shrek was also there, pling awal ea ah. Waited the others for 2 hrs to come, nda heran. Eatah si gman kata2 haha. While waiting, me shrek mizan and fadli were standing by the road just beside the bus stop, waving to all indians that were passing by. They're the only citizen of brunei that's friendly x ah. Yes, they waved back. Even one of them that was using a lorry offered us a ride at the back cause we looked like we wanted to go somewhere else with all the bags haha~. The match was ok. I didn't have the mood to play in the 1st half cause of a word that came out from someone's mouth which i happened to take it seriously, 'ambitious'? is that how you described me? Well ok, what the hell~ actually everybody is ambitious. What's wrong with trying? So you're saying i can't try to shoot a ball from a far distance? or you're saying that i can't do some dribbling? Is that it? What the hell man, it's all about trying. Never try never know, so most of the time i was just wandering around, but i was ok in the 2nd half. It also rained, hujan panas.

after that we played cs against outsy where aku kna jual to them. It was so cold there where i started to get sick. For the past few days i was thinking what was it actually that made me sick.

1) the hujan panas
2) after the match, we kinda went to a shop and this is where i sat under the hot sun ray, it felt so warm wah eatah nyaman. Nyumnyum XD
3) 3 hours of sitting in the cybercafe using a half-length pants. Sajuk ah~

oh well~ damam ani cool i guess except for the weak part cause i get to skip anything that i don't wanna do with damam as my reason heheh. But i don't look like a sick person, mcm healthy sja. That's what people around school said. Mcm neyo wah, he's a healthy person but when you get closer to him. Try to know him better, he's actually sick, sick of love song hahaha. Luruskah atu lagunya? Haha ntah eyh, spoil XD. I've been having weird dreams lately, including the olevel results where my results were really really teruk, but i don't mind cause atleast pass jua. Biar tia eyh~ zaim and bonethug got the best result, haha baie jua tu. Eyah~ sudah atu XD.

mmm~ what else?? Si chub ada gf dah, haha nda wah. Bkan gfnya tu, just a friend. I've start using pencil case dah, wohoo~ cause slama ani my pocket = pencil case, but since bnyk my stuffs yg ilang so eatah ;). Also used keychain yg si hahamu bgi. and i did something bad to someone and someone, sorry. I'll come to you someday :)

masa saturday, kmi ordered spaghetti ideal. Kmi ; me ayen ayyub aiman chub amir muizmumin jon and hahamu. Aiman sponsored the drinks, well kakanya plang xp. But awal2 was so funny cause he msgd kakanya to buy 3 drinks. We were expecting it would be big bottles, skali dtg yg dmit haha. So ke kadai tia kmi lgi. We ate d atas, tmpt ppb launching and tq to the maci's canteen cause pinjamkan the plates.

yesterday had a cs match against outsy again. It was pretty much boring cause wasn't that official. and there was this one guy between me and nunu, he was so god damn annoying. Kept on saying and shouting ' ya mum ' which he thought was cool which i don't really agree which nunu agreed, with me~ XD ntam lah labu. He was gang si duan i think cause the way they laugh sama xp. Spent most of our time d arcade main this and that. Lastnight was so ntah cause awal2 hujan then bila abis, the chinese neighbourhood went nuts. Main badil spanjang malam. Biising~ i wish they had the tradition of playing badil bawang sja, cute jua tu so that nda bising. I'm back to the school band where most of the time aku main cymbals sja. I know, boring x ah but someone had to do it. So aku sja~

oh yeah~ about the picture above, that was my journey after the school band where i walked all my way from school to home. It was so tiring and hot. I don't know where the hell was nini at that time. Waited for an hour for him but nda jua ada. I was the only one left that time and i'm out of credits. So i decided to walk saja. All the way i was hitting the rail cause i was pretty much pissed. Fuhh~ as soon as i arrived trus tdur. The walked last for about 50minutes i think. Then masa bngun, trus ke kitchen where i told abg bout it. Ea ani tumpis tia jua.

abg: babu tau?

Me: inda, malas ku gtau. Krg marah sja.

then my mom mlintas

abg: bo!! Babu tau dah yg ea exercise dri skulah ke rumah?

mum: exercise apa?

paksa jua gtau dri awal g. Lalah -_-'. but nda jua kna marahi haha~ baik moodnya ;) been doing my hws late in the night, subuh cause it's the only time i don't have anything to do. Haha staie. But lately i just spent most of my time watching dvds yg aku ktinggalan. And today idk if i have any plans or not :?

and i got meself puntero, capische~

♥S, RR

Monday, January 19, 2009

be a man


So yeah, i fell asleep instead of doing my hws -_-' luckily there was a late midnight call from chubbay!! which woke me up. Thanks bro ;). Started doing chem, took me 3-4 hrs to finish the last two pages haha.

school was ok. We had a match against stg. It was pretty much booring since someone from that team was so manja~

" serious lagi tu mukanya, bri kn menampar, " said name-need-not-to-be-mention, kn yen XD

♥S, RR

Friday, January 16, 2009

Just . . . ice, justice xp. Where did the 'xp' came from?

Sitting alone facing the computer for 2hr was pretty much . . . boooring~ cause i was a little disappointed since nada yg dtg pgi. Smua dtg ptg. Ada yg kn dtg atu but nda jdi -_-' so buang boring, i surf the porn site and masturbate right on that spot. No one was looking cause everybody else was doing the same. Wawawa nda wah~ funself XD . . . Half an hour left on the time so i ended my session. Walked my way to the mosque, alone~ inda plang, with a group of indians people and i saw two of them guys were actually holding their pinkies together heheh~ as mentioned by russel peter =D i feel weird walking close to them, mcm there was this gay feeling circling around me. Ntah eyh, apakan~ XD

mosque, i met qusairy. So kmi crita2 sja, for once i was like ' khutbah sudah kah? ' astagfirullah~ hahaha nda kdangaran wah apa khutbah =D . . . Back to bz, joules then came. Followed by shrek, nunu, aiman, alif and bahrin. So kmi trus main. For the first time i was the server. Banci tia kali drang pasal aku slalu restart round haha~ and changelevel skati2 XD . . . after cs we were supposed to go hiking but nda jdi. Smangat dah si aiman xp

while playing, si aiman lapar so me ayyub and him went to jassamine kah? He was gonna lanja us nasi katok but nda jdi since we have to wait for 20 minutes for it. Ea pun nda jdi kn makan cause kakanya ada dah. So me and ayyub tah sja yg ordered. I ordered fried rice thai style. Nda btah, kaka si aiman masuk tia to the restaurant, makan tia jua si aiman xp ksian~ haha apakan. Kakanya paid everything for us. Kewl~ save jua kn ;)

me and nunu went to other restaurant lgi since msih lapar haha. So we chose faize. Sat down with menu. By looking at the pictures, it was wow~ skali liat harganya, we went out trus haha. Nda jdi wah, but instead kmi bli kasut sja arh asmin. Not yasmin ah, asmin xp. Well nda plang kmi bli ksut, just looking around :). Wishing~ haha. So we settled at zapina since the price was better than faize =p

why is it ah? Mcm every restaurant, not every lah, almost~ whenever the waitress came and gave the menu, they always stood there waiting. They were like pressuring us, or maybe just me xp, pressuring me to choose the food as fast as possible. For me, i don't like to see them standing there just waiting cause i don't like to make people wait, eventhough i always make people wait, apakan~ XD . . . They should go away wah for a while giving us time to choose the food. So when we're ready we'll call ya~. ani, pfft~ mati haha. I ended up choosing the mee goreng thai style. Bnyak plang skalinya dtg but yuck~ nda nyaman wah haha. Rugi ku $3, well $4 actually cause aku kna tipu. I chose that food cause it says $3, but then the waitress tanya ayam or daging. So i chose daging, skalinya si ayyub told me that with daging it would be $4 tia. Nda jua ku tnampak tu arh menu ah -_-'. Not just the mee yg nda nyaman, bkan me as in aku ah mee as in tepung xp, the soup also nda nyaman. Mcm tawar pahit or ntah, idk what taste was it haha.

back to bz, the others blik sudah leaving me and adimu. So around 7 bru tah blik, so tired right now. It's either going to sleep right now or do my chem physic statistic hw? :?

i miss you halwani~ not alwani eyh, or wani . . . Bleh jua~ haha apakan nda wah. I miss you nurrasyidah halwani abd razak holdings =p

♥S, RR

Monday, January 12, 2009


So yesterday i was supposed to be at pantai muara for the muller's bbq. My abg said he can only brought two people so he chose michelle and me but the day before, masa d icc, i told him that i'm not sure whether to ikut or not cause ppb ada something going on jua on sunday.

so, the morning, as i woke up nda tia my abg ani. Trus bh ea jalan without telling, i said not sure x ah -_-' so plan b sja, sama ppb. So dtg bz around 12 i think. Played cs for 2 and a half hours. Okay jua lah since we were ramai, i mean the ppb's yg main :)

Went to huaho to buy foods. School around 2+ then played around 3. Yg bnrnya 2 tpi yknow, ppb x ah. Always an hour late haha~ rasyidul did joined us to play cause ea nda kn dbuat kali =p i lost my mood during the second match cause of si mizan -_-' nda mau serious wah ea ah, i mean he was not really into the game. Kn dribble and ketawa ganya, and begay xp. Jazmi was also not performing at his best, bgi hampa wah. If i was to choose who was the best player of the day, i'll choose fadli. Damn he's so handal and full of spirit. Unlike the adi, si mizan xp. Cs he was also handaler than mizan XD.

climbed the goal post again heheh~ but this time rmai2. Me ayyub aiman and jon. Palang ada dua ah, biar asak2 arh satu. Well aku kn cuba bediri on the post ah tpi takut. So aiman did it since he was braver than me. Tpi nda kira cause he didn't stood that straight, bongkok sikit haha. Then before we played the last match, i climbed the post again and trus bdiri mengajut haha. Straight brabis but skajap sja cause aku awal trajun haha. Takut wawawa~ mcm 1s x hahaha, skajap bnr XD.

everyone blik dah leaving me alone, again~ haha. Lambat wah aku gtau kn blik atu. So minta ambil arh my abg. Wait and wait and wait, hujan tia. So lebat =O it was getting pretty dark too, should i say ugly dark? Apakan haha~ and masa waiting i saw a very kewl lightning striking. Lawa brabis wah, but not until the sound came which freaked me out~

around 6.30


around 7 bru tah blik and makan some foods yg abg brought from the bbq, nyumnyum~. 8.30 jalan again to teguh raya cause bgambar for the green form. Bismi for nadiah. 9+ blik then ntah~ fell asleep kali haha
. Even forgot to do my hw XD

♥S, RR

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sorry, about your face xp


Nothang much happened at school, it was ok i guessed. Owh~ ya, i've been hiding my phone in the spec case lately. Skalinya si hahamu sama tia jua, but she's more weird than mine cause tmpatnya tapuk ani mcm in a book where ea buat lubang. Hahaha~ bekarih jua tu =p. Ok maybe i shouldn't talk about that here, krg ada cigu membaca o_O. Biar tia eyh XD

So, presea kna towed today cause nda mau start the engine and mom said she's gonna sell it, no!!! but ok jua if get the money wawawa~ =p and the car kna tarik pkai a cable while aku in that car, meluruskan the position. Haha apakan~ sakai XD

supposedly me and mom bjalan after school but the car spoiled everything. Cherry is with dad and tucson is with abg. Ish ish ish~ so went inside aku release stress by mengantam someone. I was screaming so loud punching his face while closing my eyes. Aaaahh!!! . . . . Then when i opened my eyes =O

MASYALLAH~ minta maaf eyh haha xp rusak muanya XD

so then abg bwa jalan in the night but before that antar mom ke majlis dulu. So kmi ke icc after that cause there's something there, yg consumer consumer something something ah. Ramai org lah. Ada mcm ntah, expo? Bkan jua. Pokoknya ada tournament jua, winning, rockband, call of duty 4 and etc. Me abg khalid and madin duduk2 sja chilling. I saw mr.soh there sama isterinya kali. Then met amin and adi si boh or adi si ahmed. Whichever, sma jua wah =p si amin main winning and he lost first gamenya i think~ . . . There was also org main life 4 dead kah? 4 people played it using connection. Cali lah haha especially the chinese guy cause ea kinda beteriak-teriak and swearing like " what the fuck, fuck!!, aaah!!, oh shit!! " haha cali lah which reminded me of the chinese yg masa mliat 4bia XD

Around 10 bru tah balik and tarus ambil mom. Half way balik bru tah adimu minta ambil d gdg, abg was kata-kataing cause menyusahkan org sja ea ani -_-' ok that's all bye~

♥S, RR

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Did you even think before doing that?

Sooow~ i'm a lil bit down.

one of the white pieces is missing. Does this shows something?

Friday, January 9, 2009

high in the sky, sky high


dad woke me up around 7.30 cause kn ke kubur today. So yeah, ke kubur si fatihah. Only me dad and adimu. Nadiah and wardeena nda mau bngun ah. Lastnight bkan main smangatnya xp . . . After ke kubur dad asked whether i'm gagas or not cause i had to go to school for the school band and bz for the ppb's cs. So i said no lah, pukul 9.30 plang dah. There must be something eatah kna tanya atu. Turn out to be true. Dad bwa makan d pgs. Nyumnyum

11 brutah arrived at school and that was when the band finished dah haha~ nunu and aiman was there. Went to bz main cs along with bahrin and shrek. Cool~ after jumat's went to melabau's aiana, si bahrin melanja ;). Then lof bakery.

canteen, shrek fadli mizan joules jon and jonathan were there sudah. Nda bula eatah. So we had to wait for them ball to come. Dtg trus main, so horny~ as in gian kn main bula xp. I performed very well today. Well, to me :) then balik around 6.30 i think. I had to wait outside in the rain cause the security closed the gate -_-'

also climbed the goal post with jon without any help. Cool~ where it got me bruises on me thigh

♥S, RR

Shouldn't be too open


cca~ whooh. I thought the pre-u's nda pyh ke audi so most of the guys just stayed at the canteen till cigu zainal came to us and told that we have to go in. Ish~ so paksa masuk. Skalinya, wow~ so ramaiss. Sat at the back. Idk apa yg kna gtau atu, trus2 kluar tia smua students.

most of the cca were full sudah. My first choice was cooking tpi full ataupun utk girls sja. So we went round2 bebaris mcm iban XD searching for the right cca. Cigu ridha kept on halau-ing us asal sja kmi dtg arhnya cause ea mau new students. Since form 3 cca kmi was with cigu ridha sja wah till last year, gang x ah. Eatah ea menghalau haha, and kept on telling us that his club full sudah but masih jua ea duduk2 sna =p round punya round, pujuk punya pujuk, akhirnya cigu ridha accepted us haha. Skali check, kosong wah listnya ah. Pmalas~ =p rasa wah kn rehat ah haha. 11 of us x signed up arhnya. So lawn bowling it is.

after that kmi ke gym, then blik ke canteen, ada cake. Najwan's cake, birthday of outsy's el-capitano panya ;D. The cake was so nyumnyum. Bejabih wah makan XD. Then had chem in the afternoon. It was more like a history class haha. Ended at two.

played footie with the outsy's, well nda dalam plan plang :D. Malamnya i was so tired eatah fell asleep :)

* ok it's cigu zamley, my bad XD

♥S, RR

auto did the job


school was ok. Given something by hahamu, a keychain actually. showered as soon as arrived home cause had matches against outsy's. Trus ttdur after shower, tired wah. Woken up during my sleep which was around 6.30ish by mom cause she wanted me to pick up my abg d teknikal~ serious kali? Haha wow~ so ok sja tia since cherry is auto jua, eventhough i don't know how auto works :D . . . i think i did ok but kajar2 plang after that, both hands and feet haha~ nadiah was with me also. Eating milo, yes eating~ not drinking haha xp but balik abg drove the car ;D

♥S, RR

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

First sight


chatted with manager halim in the subuh. Cool hadiah birthdaynya and ea start schooling sana on september, baie jua tu xp hahaha~ ok now i get it why org yg scholarship blayar so late, i mean after the middle year instead of the early year. It's cause there in uk, all the new form 6 starts schooling on september~

moving on, so i came a little bit late but still on time but not the time as planned~ haha apakan . . . taruh my bag outside library, there she was, panya akhir tia jua dtg haha xp. So went to the audi, sat between iqbal and aiman. Didn't concentrate to most of the 2+ hours of briefing cause busy rubbing the dust off my songkok :D . . . Syidah was chosen as one of the pre-u's mp haha~ tekajut wah ku mndgr XD.

ramai org went to check for their classes arh between the locker. Mati eyh~ ramai wah and i was so hungry. So i complained and stuffs, suruh ke canteen then most them ikut trus, haha apakan~ bangga XD. After makan spaghetti bru tah check the list. T1i, registration i was with zaim fatlee shrek alif and yap and rasyidul. Filled my timetable and go. My first class was chem with iqbal nunu aqil jaz syarif ida and khairini, also jeremy haha and melvin and faizan~ our teacher was mr ravuv kh or rauv? Besty si amin haha. It was a total silence wah cause he was so serious. Syarif made a funny voice when ravub mentioned something about standard bruneians menurun and they'll face problems in university. Marah wah ea trus haha. Syarif was actually gasping but lain lah bunyinya to me XD

ravuv: what's your name?

syarif: syarif~

r: full name?

s: muhammad syarif

r: bin what?

s: bin is tong sampah wawawa~

nda deyh, he didn't said cmatu haha xp

s: zamain/hj zamain~

r: you're gonna make me remember your face/name for the next two years. If you're trying to be famous by making funny voices then i'll make you UNFAMOUS

after chem i had maths, statistics. Me zaim and najwan and ntah were kinda lost haha cause si zaim was so confident that our class was 104, tpi me and najwan said it was 103, tpi ea nda pecaya. Being so confident he made us confuse. Trus tah kmi check the list lgi. Paksa jalan haha. It was mr salamut. He was a bit funny though with his pink panther accent heheh~ ;D we were also annoyed cause he kept on repeating saying bout the 21days 2-3months, happy star, 2 hardcover books and etc. Sampai masa ani wah ingat, very effective xp . . . and there was a moment where me and zaim were confuse either to tadah tangan or not cause ea bdoa mcm trus2 haha.
Also 'haha' moment where mr.salamut called me shahrukahn, haha baie XD

stayed back till 3.30, played footie with outsy's main tiang. We won, 8-3 kah? Haha cool~ aku 6 and si aiman 2 ;D. Aku curi ayam sja haha, gameshark ;)

♥S, RR



woah~ the first day of school, well not actually. We ions happened to plan to come sja buang boring, but it sure is the first time that i felt that i just want to go back to sleep, seriously... mengantuk wah -_-' didn't even sadar who opened the light in mah room~ closed it and back to sleep. Nadiah came to wake me up, briwatir wah ea ah xp so~ do ma thang and the breakfast sausage with bbq sauce . . . Nyumnyum XD

So as i arrived d canteen, aqil and shahmi were the only one . . . two actually =p there ;). Shahmi came cause he thought school start sudah for pre-u's, i told him few days before that 6th bru tah but ea nda pcaya. Too bad xp . . . So he went home early lah. Then ayyub and aiman came, baie nda jua bwa guitar drang ani~ ngaleh sja ku mmbwa -_-' si ayen came so late, fuhh~ baik jua ea bwa guitarnya, bdgan jua kn ;). So kmi chilled sja~ singasongs~ LG-ing d gym, then played footie. Only 5 of us.

around 12.30 we went out for jamming, but before that we gave the 2 guitars to malcolm so ea taruh d hep. Malas kn bwa :D. It's either to go to bz, main or 4ace, jamming. So we chose both haha~ but ke bz bali drinks sja XD so 4ace lah~ after that kmi went to this restaurant by that block jua. Makan nasi campur sja~ and murtabak wawawa XD. Then went to the toy shop ah, sja round2

went to huaho~ round2 again. Btah wah, for hours kali haha. Ayen and aiman bnar2 wah drang masa mliat kasut. It was nearly 5 sudah eatah i told bout the guitar, takut the cigu balik~ then balik tah kmi but before that si ayen bli plasters yg ada colours and pictures of dinosaurs, panat wah. Tmpat yg nda luka pun dbgi XD

Went home, trus tdur. Woke up around 7 and there was a msg from ayyub giving no. recharge card from durky. Haha wth~ bnr2 ani wah. Takut jua me tu XD . . . Late dinner with family which was around 10 kali, wow~ so saddap xp apakan

♥S, RR

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

hello to everyone?


went to gdg, si aiman ngambil aku. Wow~ sanggup wah ea, rasa wah nda mau lonely ah xp. Around one he msgd me that he was on his way. Waited and waited, another msg from him came.

haha~ can you believe that? Si aiman sasat ani wah, balik2 dah ea krumah ku prasan ku xp . . . So then kakanya bwa ke supasave mabohai first, then to the balai d bndar. I found out that car's that involved in a fatal accident would end up there and the people d hospital, haha apakan~. Around 2 bru tah we arrived at gdg, went to the free movie area and looked for jaz and hahamu.

went to kfc and si hahamu lanja-ed us, kewl~ went up to arcade and met ayyub durky and ayeen. Singasong, suara si hahamu was so . . . wow~ haha ;D. Ofter thot we went to ntah apa namanya tmpat atu, pokoknya atas deejay near ideal. It's an icecream shop, restaurant lah~ ice cream restaurant. Well i've never been there before, first time. Eatah si hahamu mlanja lgi haha~ so she told us to pilih apa saja but we ended up ordering the same thang. Cool lah the ice cream, mcm yg cheese spread ah, tpi ani ice cream spread hahaha~ apakan. To be specific the ice cream kna kisar eatah ;D . . . After that onwards, nothing much happened. Owh ya~ i met si eepah haha. Also met si khadz, ea ucap kmi ambung pasal nda menagur, so then bru tah ku tgur haha~ antam sja tia, walaupun nda biasa~ Masa balik si aiman was so jahat mengugut-ngugut aku about he's not gonna send me home, so aku mcm mlayan sja. Mrajuk that i'm going to walk my way home sja~ but yg bnrnya my mom ada dsana eatah haha XD

So masa balik, mom bwa to the kadai jahit bwah bridge atu to take me baju. Then she said that we'll be stopping at tiong hin lama and ea suruh aku drive but masa otw i told her stories bout fatal car accidents, trus nda jdi wawawa~ spoil haha XD. She was kinda stress jua skit haha, she even wanted to langgar 2 people wearing white clothes, jubah kali, masa masuk simpang ah

mom : langgar tia kali dua org ani eyh

me : awu langgar sja tia, bkannya org atu

mom : hahaha~

stress xp

♥S, RR

Running Naked


so yeah, we went to sleep at around 5 kali haha~ panat wah. Except for ayyub cause he was earlier, 4? maybe. So~ nothing much, just stayed at aiman's till 10pm haha then bru tah balik. Owh~ ya, ada bbq jua that night. Cool~ and masa balik si ayen lanja credit haha~ nda ku tau ikhlas kh inda xp


so~ yeah. Ppb had a match against my abg's team, muller. I became the gk for 3 games kali or 4 cause nda gk yg dtg. So bayie~ but i did ok, i think. Except that the ball always 'ole' arh ku eatah bolos XD. I need to wear kain next time or jubah supaya nda lasut haha~ . . . So we won, lost, lost, won, lost and won. 3 of 6, ok lah haha. What a way to start the new year, and the first game of this year, we won!! Haha cool~

but things did get a little . . . idk~ haha. It was when the two guys came and asked for the payment. Sibuk wah ku trus sana sini haha~. The last game, my right hand got injured cause of blocking two consecutive shots haha. The last time that happened was when i was in form 2. Abg si joules shooting, had to rest for a month wah -_-'.

after the matches ended which was around 4, me ayyub aiman and aqil went to gdg ikut my abg. Turun at taurean cafe, but then si aqil trus blik there and kmi jalan kaki to mall haha. We didn't change though, still in our ppb jersey, sweaty and all haha. So kmi round2 and people were looking at us baby look at us now. Apakan~ XD mcm nda pernah mliat org the same clothes kesana, well it's our first time plang cmatu ksana haha. Cool isn't it? :D . . . It was so damn cold so kmi cari tmpat panas. Kmi chilled at the lower basement sja haha, tmpat elevator. Then went to pasar malam, since it was rainy so kmi nda dpat makan arh davy jones. So we brought the foods to the foodcourt haha~ . . . Then we chilled near gelato, wilson came so we went to chong hock. There, ayen was there with khairini and along with her cousin si mina. Then there's this weird feeling coming, something that every girl craves for, si bur wawawa apakan~ XD

so yeah, kmi round2. Chilled at the foodcourt where si aqil came, rizqun.

then my mom msg that drumah ada function, haha lupa jua ku tu. Went to rimba to sent bur. Then went home, ayen aiman ayyub and sufri came in to makan then balik~ apakan, kes malas dah haha XD

♥S, RR

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Beep Beep Boop Baap


did nothing in the morning. Just finding the right time to tell my mom that i'm gonna go for a sleepover at aiman's but nda sampat cause my mom went shopping from ptg till malam -_-'. Masa ea balik bru tah ku gtau, ok but transport pkir kn sendiri wawawa XD

Around 9 we had a family bbq. Wow~ knyang eyh haha. At eleven bru tah abis. Then i asked abg to send me ke subok, lagi pun ea kn jalan jua. So he was ok with it.


near 1am bru tah dtg at aiman's. Wow~ ada dangdut hahaha apakan XD . . . Joules and ayyub were there sudah~ kata2 wah si ayyub ah. Nda besyukur. Jaditah ku dtg dripada nda xp. Stayed up late till 4 kali and tuan rumahnya merajuk. Tdur arh kerusi wah ea haha xp but then pindah tia balik

woken up by tuan rumah around 8 cause breakfast, cool haha~ eventhough ngantuk. Joules went home after breakfast~ our plan was to go to tasek for the rock climbing yg si jon invite ah. Katanya ea kn ngambil kmi, but then nda jua jdi. So nda tia jua kmi jdi haha. Eyh awu ah, sleepover at aiman's was supposed to be a camping night wah. Kmi tdur dluar dalam tent, but then si joules ayyub aiman nda mau. So nda tia jadi -_-', tentnya dluar dah xp

so kmi stay sja at aiman's doing some thangs~ around 6 bru tah sorg2 kn mandi, haha seharian xp . . . Ayyub and aiman became my personal hairstylist larak wah, but ada jua parts rugged atu ;D so around 7 kmi ke airport cause it's the day si ayennn balik haha xp. Skalinya flightnya kna delayed. 8.22 bru tah dtg, ish~ haha . . . So i met si amar, and fauzi. Masa kmi turun, nampak tia one of the gang, sufri!! Haha xp. Then si ayen was there wearing black. Eyh~ skalinya sbalahnya ea jua. Apakan~ ada two ayens? Huh? Owh~ abgsnya panya haha~ kan sama wah, eatah confuse xp. So we joined them lah :)

then i saw a big orange fruit walking so fast in confusion. Zooming in, wah si ayen panya haha XD. So then kmi went to gdg. Chillax. Pasar malam then davy jones. Whooh~ it's been a long time haha. Then went back at aiman's, ayen joined the sleepover. Owh ya~ joules and sufri shared the same joke haha. Si joules was more like " wah~ gila, setaun wah ku nda tdur. 2008 ke 2009 " hahaha XD and sufri was more like " wah, si ayen satu tahun wah d kl, dri tahun 2008 ke 2009 " hahaha apakan~ funself xp

♥S, RR

Bow Baw Bow

Hupdate!! Sorry, been busy haha XD . . . Lotsa stuffs going on. Well, not really haha~ so,


abg picked me up at nunu's around 5 and went to gdg trus. Me nadiah and wardeena went to utama while abg arh communist~


ppb had a match at jkr 2pm but i came a bit late which was around 3.30 cause i had to go to communist with abg dulu. As i arrived at jkr, trus tanya them yg ada bout the scores. They told me that they played 2 games dah. Satu seri and satu mnang. Wow~ i was so shocked hearing bout it. Mcm, wow~ handal jua ppb ani ah. So the next game i played. Kinda main2 aku time atu and kmi kalah. So i was like ok, inda apa. Atleast kmi ada mng dah. Then bru tah they told me the truth that yg bnrnya kmi seri sja and yg mng atu team sbalah~ wth!! Hampa wah ku mendangar. Sudah tia atu, kna tipu lgi tu ='(. Disappointed brabis ku eyh, the next game we lost, again~ -_-' shiites~ that was the last game of 2008 and i'm very very very disappointed~ oh well, moving on haha~ . . . Shrek haircut bru, cool~ but he would look better if gundul XD

dad picked me up around 5.30 then trus ke kiulap to picked mom~ bkan pilih mama bru eyh, ngambil ibunda~ apakan haha . . . Nda wah XD talur eyh. Round2 arh hotel kiulap. Bought new dvd player, haha at last ;D fun donuts then went to gdg to ambil adimu, trus ke pasar malam, the best kitchen ever haha xp

♥S, RR