Sunday, January 4, 2009

Bow Baw Bow

Hupdate!! Sorry, been busy haha XD . . . Lotsa stuffs going on. Well, not really haha~ so,


abg picked me up at nunu's around 5 and went to gdg trus. Me nadiah and wardeena went to utama while abg arh communist~


ppb had a match at jkr 2pm but i came a bit late which was around 3.30 cause i had to go to communist with abg dulu. As i arrived at jkr, trus tanya them yg ada bout the scores. They told me that they played 2 games dah. Satu seri and satu mnang. Wow~ i was so shocked hearing bout it. Mcm, wow~ handal jua ppb ani ah. So the next game i played. Kinda main2 aku time atu and kmi kalah. So i was like ok, inda apa. Atleast kmi ada mng dah. Then bru tah they told me the truth that yg bnrnya kmi seri sja and yg mng atu team sbalah~ wth!! Hampa wah ku mendangar. Sudah tia atu, kna tipu lgi tu ='(. Disappointed brabis ku eyh, the next game we lost, again~ -_-' shiites~ that was the last game of 2008 and i'm very very very disappointed~ oh well, moving on haha~ . . . Shrek haircut bru, cool~ but he would look better if gundul XD

dad picked me up around 5.30 then trus ke kiulap to picked mom~ bkan pilih mama bru eyh, ngambil ibunda~ apakan haha . . . Nda wah XD talur eyh. Round2 arh hotel kiulap. Bought new dvd player, haha at last ;D fun donuts then went to gdg to ambil adimu, trus ke pasar malam, the best kitchen ever haha xp

♥S, RR

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