Wednesday, January 7, 2009

First sight


chatted with manager halim in the subuh. Cool hadiah birthdaynya and ea start schooling sana on september, baie jua tu xp hahaha~ ok now i get it why org yg scholarship blayar so late, i mean after the middle year instead of the early year. It's cause there in uk, all the new form 6 starts schooling on september~

moving on, so i came a little bit late but still on time but not the time as planned~ haha apakan . . . taruh my bag outside library, there she was, panya akhir tia jua dtg haha xp. So went to the audi, sat between iqbal and aiman. Didn't concentrate to most of the 2+ hours of briefing cause busy rubbing the dust off my songkok :D . . . Syidah was chosen as one of the pre-u's mp haha~ tekajut wah ku mndgr XD.

ramai org went to check for their classes arh between the locker. Mati eyh~ ramai wah and i was so hungry. So i complained and stuffs, suruh ke canteen then most them ikut trus, haha apakan~ bangga XD. After makan spaghetti bru tah check the list. T1i, registration i was with zaim fatlee shrek alif and yap and rasyidul. Filled my timetable and go. My first class was chem with iqbal nunu aqil jaz syarif ida and khairini, also jeremy haha and melvin and faizan~ our teacher was mr ravuv kh or rauv? Besty si amin haha. It was a total silence wah cause he was so serious. Syarif made a funny voice when ravub mentioned something about standard bruneians menurun and they'll face problems in university. Marah wah ea trus haha. Syarif was actually gasping but lain lah bunyinya to me XD

ravuv: what's your name?

syarif: syarif~

r: full name?

s: muhammad syarif

r: bin what?

s: bin is tong sampah wawawa~

nda deyh, he didn't said cmatu haha xp

s: zamain/hj zamain~

r: you're gonna make me remember your face/name for the next two years. If you're trying to be famous by making funny voices then i'll make you UNFAMOUS

after chem i had maths, statistics. Me zaim and najwan and ntah were kinda lost haha cause si zaim was so confident that our class was 104, tpi me and najwan said it was 103, tpi ea nda pecaya. Being so confident he made us confuse. Trus tah kmi check the list lgi. Paksa jalan haha. It was mr salamut. He was a bit funny though with his pink panther accent heheh~ ;D we were also annoyed cause he kept on repeating saying bout the 21days 2-3months, happy star, 2 hardcover books and etc. Sampai masa ani wah ingat, very effective xp . . . and there was a moment where me and zaim were confuse either to tadah tangan or not cause ea bdoa mcm trus2 haha.
Also 'haha' moment where mr.salamut called me shahrukahn, haha baie XD

stayed back till 3.30, played footie with outsy's main tiang. We won, 8-3 kah? Haha cool~ aku 6 and si aiman 2 ;D. Aku curi ayam sja haha, gameshark ;)

♥S, RR

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