Friday, January 9, 2009

high in the sky, sky high


dad woke me up around 7.30 cause kn ke kubur today. So yeah, ke kubur si fatihah. Only me dad and adimu. Nadiah and wardeena nda mau bngun ah. Lastnight bkan main smangatnya xp . . . After ke kubur dad asked whether i'm gagas or not cause i had to go to school for the school band and bz for the ppb's cs. So i said no lah, pukul 9.30 plang dah. There must be something eatah kna tanya atu. Turn out to be true. Dad bwa makan d pgs. Nyumnyum

11 brutah arrived at school and that was when the band finished dah haha~ nunu and aiman was there. Went to bz main cs along with bahrin and shrek. Cool~ after jumat's went to melabau's aiana, si bahrin melanja ;). Then lof bakery.

canteen, shrek fadli mizan joules jon and jonathan were there sudah. Nda bula eatah. So we had to wait for them ball to come. Dtg trus main, so horny~ as in gian kn main bula xp. I performed very well today. Well, to me :) then balik around 6.30 i think. I had to wait outside in the rain cause the security closed the gate -_-'

also climbed the goal post with jon without any help. Cool~ where it got me bruises on me thigh

♥S, RR

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