Monday, January 26, 2009

a journey to the centre of the heart

It's been almost a week sudah since i last updated me blog. So malas wah, all caused by the sickness i'm having since last sunday. Fuhh~ since that eatah malas sja. Mcm everytime kn buat something, parts of me body would straight away becomes so heavy. Heavy to move. Even heavyduty can't help. Haha apakan~. I didn't ate any medicine yet nor going to the clinic, malas. Even my parents nda tau, especially my mom. If she knew, i'll end up being houseprison, no footie no jalan no this no that which will be so so much boooring.

so last sunday ppb had a padang match against gman's team. It started pgi. Around 8, where aku bru jua kn dtg and shrek was also there, pling awal ea ah. Waited the others for 2 hrs to come, nda heran. Eatah si gman kata2 haha. While waiting, me shrek mizan and fadli were standing by the road just beside the bus stop, waving to all indians that were passing by. They're the only citizen of brunei that's friendly x ah. Yes, they waved back. Even one of them that was using a lorry offered us a ride at the back cause we looked like we wanted to go somewhere else with all the bags haha~. The match was ok. I didn't have the mood to play in the 1st half cause of a word that came out from someone's mouth which i happened to take it seriously, 'ambitious'? is that how you described me? Well ok, what the hell~ actually everybody is ambitious. What's wrong with trying? So you're saying i can't try to shoot a ball from a far distance? or you're saying that i can't do some dribbling? Is that it? What the hell man, it's all about trying. Never try never know, so most of the time i was just wandering around, but i was ok in the 2nd half. It also rained, hujan panas.

after that we played cs against outsy where aku kna jual to them. It was so cold there where i started to get sick. For the past few days i was thinking what was it actually that made me sick.

1) the hujan panas
2) after the match, we kinda went to a shop and this is where i sat under the hot sun ray, it felt so warm wah eatah nyaman. Nyumnyum XD
3) 3 hours of sitting in the cybercafe using a half-length pants. Sajuk ah~

oh well~ damam ani cool i guess except for the weak part cause i get to skip anything that i don't wanna do with damam as my reason heheh. But i don't look like a sick person, mcm healthy sja. That's what people around school said. Mcm neyo wah, he's a healthy person but when you get closer to him. Try to know him better, he's actually sick, sick of love song hahaha. Luruskah atu lagunya? Haha ntah eyh, spoil XD. I've been having weird dreams lately, including the olevel results where my results were really really teruk, but i don't mind cause atleast pass jua. Biar tia eyh~ zaim and bonethug got the best result, haha baie jua tu. Eyah~ sudah atu XD.

mmm~ what else?? Si chub ada gf dah, haha nda wah. Bkan gfnya tu, just a friend. I've start using pencil case dah, wohoo~ cause slama ani my pocket = pencil case, but since bnyk my stuffs yg ilang so eatah ;). Also used keychain yg si hahamu bgi. and i did something bad to someone and someone, sorry. I'll come to you someday :)

masa saturday, kmi ordered spaghetti ideal. Kmi ; me ayen ayyub aiman chub amir muizmumin jon and hahamu. Aiman sponsored the drinks, well kakanya plang xp. But awal2 was so funny cause he msgd kakanya to buy 3 drinks. We were expecting it would be big bottles, skali dtg yg dmit haha. So ke kadai tia kmi lgi. We ate d atas, tmpt ppb launching and tq to the maci's canteen cause pinjamkan the plates.

yesterday had a cs match against outsy again. It was pretty much boring cause wasn't that official. and there was this one guy between me and nunu, he was so god damn annoying. Kept on saying and shouting ' ya mum ' which he thought was cool which i don't really agree which nunu agreed, with me~ XD ntam lah labu. He was gang si duan i think cause the way they laugh sama xp. Spent most of our time d arcade main this and that. Lastnight was so ntah cause awal2 hujan then bila abis, the chinese neighbourhood went nuts. Main badil spanjang malam. Biising~ i wish they had the tradition of playing badil bawang sja, cute jua tu so that nda bising. I'm back to the school band where most of the time aku main cymbals sja. I know, boring x ah but someone had to do it. So aku sja~

oh yeah~ about the picture above, that was my journey after the school band where i walked all my way from school to home. It was so tiring and hot. I don't know where the hell was nini at that time. Waited for an hour for him but nda jua ada. I was the only one left that time and i'm out of credits. So i decided to walk saja. All the way i was hitting the rail cause i was pretty much pissed. Fuhh~ as soon as i arrived trus tdur. The walked last for about 50minutes i think. Then masa bngun, trus ke kitchen where i told abg bout it. Ea ani tumpis tia jua.

abg: babu tau?

Me: inda, malas ku gtau. Krg marah sja.

then my mom mlintas

abg: bo!! Babu tau dah yg ea exercise dri skulah ke rumah?

mum: exercise apa?

paksa jua gtau dri awal g. Lalah -_-'. but nda jua kna marahi haha~ baik moodnya ;) been doing my hws late in the night, subuh cause it's the only time i don't have anything to do. Haha staie. But lately i just spent most of my time watching dvds yg aku ktinggalan. And today idk if i have any plans or not :?

and i got meself puntero, capische~

♥S, RR

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