Friday, January 16, 2009

Just . . . ice, justice xp. Where did the 'xp' came from?

Sitting alone facing the computer for 2hr was pretty much . . . boooring~ cause i was a little disappointed since nada yg dtg pgi. Smua dtg ptg. Ada yg kn dtg atu but nda jdi -_-' so buang boring, i surf the porn site and masturbate right on that spot. No one was looking cause everybody else was doing the same. Wawawa nda wah~ funself XD . . . Half an hour left on the time so i ended my session. Walked my way to the mosque, alone~ inda plang, with a group of indians people and i saw two of them guys were actually holding their pinkies together heheh~ as mentioned by russel peter =D i feel weird walking close to them, mcm there was this gay feeling circling around me. Ntah eyh, apakan~ XD

mosque, i met qusairy. So kmi crita2 sja, for once i was like ' khutbah sudah kah? ' astagfirullah~ hahaha nda kdangaran wah apa khutbah =D . . . Back to bz, joules then came. Followed by shrek, nunu, aiman, alif and bahrin. So kmi trus main. For the first time i was the server. Banci tia kali drang pasal aku slalu restart round haha~ and changelevel skati2 XD . . . after cs we were supposed to go hiking but nda jdi. Smangat dah si aiman xp

while playing, si aiman lapar so me ayyub and him went to jassamine kah? He was gonna lanja us nasi katok but nda jdi since we have to wait for 20 minutes for it. Ea pun nda jdi kn makan cause kakanya ada dah. So me and ayyub tah sja yg ordered. I ordered fried rice thai style. Nda btah, kaka si aiman masuk tia to the restaurant, makan tia jua si aiman xp ksian~ haha apakan. Kakanya paid everything for us. Kewl~ save jua kn ;)

me and nunu went to other restaurant lgi since msih lapar haha. So we chose faize. Sat down with menu. By looking at the pictures, it was wow~ skali liat harganya, we went out trus haha. Nda jdi wah, but instead kmi bli kasut sja arh asmin. Not yasmin ah, asmin xp. Well nda plang kmi bli ksut, just looking around :). Wishing~ haha. So we settled at zapina since the price was better than faize =p

why is it ah? Mcm every restaurant, not every lah, almost~ whenever the waitress came and gave the menu, they always stood there waiting. They were like pressuring us, or maybe just me xp, pressuring me to choose the food as fast as possible. For me, i don't like to see them standing there just waiting cause i don't like to make people wait, eventhough i always make people wait, apakan~ XD . . . They should go away wah for a while giving us time to choose the food. So when we're ready we'll call ya~. ani, pfft~ mati haha. I ended up choosing the mee goreng thai style. Bnyak plang skalinya dtg but yuck~ nda nyaman wah haha. Rugi ku $3, well $4 actually cause aku kna tipu. I chose that food cause it says $3, but then the waitress tanya ayam or daging. So i chose daging, skalinya si ayyub told me that with daging it would be $4 tia. Nda jua ku tnampak tu arh menu ah -_-'. Not just the mee yg nda nyaman, bkan me as in aku ah mee as in tepung xp, the soup also nda nyaman. Mcm tawar pahit or ntah, idk what taste was it haha.

back to bz, the others blik sudah leaving me and adimu. So around 7 bru tah blik, so tired right now. It's either going to sleep right now or do my chem physic statistic hw? :?

i miss you halwani~ not alwani eyh, or wani . . . Bleh jua~ haha apakan nda wah. I miss you nurrasyidah halwani abd razak holdings =p

♥S, RR

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