Monday, January 26, 2009

Kill kill kill

Can you even show some respect to someone who is older than you? Who am i to you? Am i even your brother? You're acting like you're the one who's older. Why do you always want me to hate you? Seriously~ i know you're a pig and that's a fact but please please please show some respect. I've tried avoiding talking to you to avoid any conflict but you're always in my way. Are you doing it on purpose? or were you just thinking about what's good for yourself. Man~ that is just just just so selfish of you. Grow up.

i know it's been a long time since i got my hands on you. The last time that i remember was the time when i pulled you down to the ground and almost stepped on your big head. Luckily i stopped my foot, if not i know you'll end up as a retard, well most probably not cause you have a head of a stone. I'll figure out a way ;). Maybe someday, when the day come i'll teach you a lesson. This thing between you and me has been going on since i was in primary 3. Syeesh~

i think i'm too soft in your eye but if i am to be like abg, you would probably suffer. You should be thankful that i'm still being kind to you. For some reason, i just wanna beat you up but mom and dad and nini are here which prevent me from doing it. Sometimes i even want you dead, can you imagine how fucktup you could be till i wanted such thing to happen. I don't want anything from you, i just want you to think about the stupid things you had done, especially to nini laki. Ok i think i'm done haha~

i'm having anger management problem lately. Sensitive bout stuffs, even if it's just a small simple thing but it will end soon. or not or not :)

♥S, RR

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