Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Running Naked


so yeah, we went to sleep at around 5 kali haha~ panat wah. Except for ayyub cause he was earlier, 4? maybe. So~ nothing much, just stayed at aiman's till 10pm haha then bru tah balik. Owh~ ya, ada bbq jua that night. Cool~ and masa balik si ayen lanja credit haha~ nda ku tau ikhlas kh inda xp


so~ yeah. Ppb had a match against my abg's team, muller. I became the gk for 3 games kali or 4 cause nda gk yg dtg. So bayie~ but i did ok, i think. Except that the ball always 'ole' arh ku eatah bolos XD. I need to wear kain next time or jubah supaya nda lasut haha~ . . . So we won, lost, lost, won, lost and won. 3 of 6, ok lah haha. What a way to start the new year, and the first game of this year, we won!! Haha cool~

but things did get a little . . . idk~ haha. It was when the two guys came and asked for the payment. Sibuk wah ku trus sana sini haha~. The last game, my right hand got injured cause of blocking two consecutive shots haha. The last time that happened was when i was in form 2. Abg si joules shooting, had to rest for a month wah -_-'.

after the matches ended which was around 4, me ayyub aiman and aqil went to gdg ikut my abg. Turun at taurean cafe, but then si aqil trus blik there and kmi jalan kaki to mall haha. We didn't change though, still in our ppb jersey, sweaty and all haha. So kmi round2 and people were looking at us baby look at us now. Apakan~ XD mcm nda pernah mliat org the same clothes kesana, well it's our first time plang cmatu ksana haha. Cool isn't it? :D . . . It was so damn cold so kmi cari tmpat panas. Kmi chilled at the lower basement sja haha, tmpat elevator. Then went to pasar malam, since it was rainy so kmi nda dpat makan arh davy jones. So we brought the foods to the foodcourt haha~ . . . Then we chilled near gelato, wilson came so we went to chong hock. There, ayen was there with khairini and along with her cousin si mina. Then there's this weird feeling coming, something that every girl craves for, si bur wawawa apakan~ XD

so yeah, kmi round2. Chilled at the foodcourt where si aqil came, rizqun.

then my mom msg that drumah ada function, haha lupa jua ku tu. Went to rimba to sent bur. Then went home, ayen aiman ayyub and sufri came in to makan then balik~ apakan, kes malas dah haha XD

♥S, RR

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