Friday, January 9, 2009

Shouldn't be too open


cca~ whooh. I thought the pre-u's nda pyh ke audi so most of the guys just stayed at the canteen till cigu zainal came to us and told that we have to go in. Ish~ so paksa masuk. Skalinya, wow~ so ramaiss. Sat at the back. Idk apa yg kna gtau atu, trus2 kluar tia smua students.

most of the cca were full sudah. My first choice was cooking tpi full ataupun utk girls sja. So we went round2 bebaris mcm iban XD searching for the right cca. Cigu ridha kept on halau-ing us asal sja kmi dtg arhnya cause ea mau new students. Since form 3 cca kmi was with cigu ridha sja wah till last year, gang x ah. Eatah ea menghalau haha, and kept on telling us that his club full sudah but masih jua ea duduk2 sna =p round punya round, pujuk punya pujuk, akhirnya cigu ridha accepted us haha. Skali check, kosong wah listnya ah. Pmalas~ =p rasa wah kn rehat ah haha. 11 of us x signed up arhnya. So lawn bowling it is.

after that kmi ke gym, then blik ke canteen, ada cake. Najwan's cake, birthday of outsy's el-capitano panya ;D. The cake was so nyumnyum. Bejabih wah makan XD. Then had chem in the afternoon. It was more like a history class haha. Ended at two.

played footie with the outsy's, well nda dalam plan plang :D. Malamnya i was so tired eatah fell asleep :)

* ok it's cigu zamley, my bad XD

♥S, RR

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