Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sorry, about your face xp


Nothang much happened at school, it was ok i guessed. Owh~ ya, i've been hiding my phone in the spec case lately. Skalinya si hahamu sama tia jua, but she's more weird than mine cause tmpatnya tapuk ani mcm in a book where ea buat lubang. Hahaha~ bekarih jua tu =p. Ok maybe i shouldn't talk about that here, krg ada cigu membaca o_O. Biar tia eyh XD

So, presea kna towed today cause nda mau start the engine and mom said she's gonna sell it, no!!! but ok jua if get the money wawawa~ =p and the car kna tarik pkai a cable while aku in that car, meluruskan the position. Haha apakan~ sakai XD

supposedly me and mom bjalan after school but the car spoiled everything. Cherry is with dad and tucson is with abg. Ish ish ish~ so went inside aku release stress by mengantam someone. I was screaming so loud punching his face while closing my eyes. Aaaahh!!! . . . . Then when i opened my eyes =O

MASYALLAH~ minta maaf eyh haha xp rusak muanya XD

so then abg bwa jalan in the night but before that antar mom ke majlis dulu. So kmi ke icc after that cause there's something there, yg consumer consumer something something ah. Ramai org lah. Ada mcm ntah, expo? Bkan jua. Pokoknya ada tournament jua, winning, rockband, call of duty 4 and etc. Me abg khalid and madin duduk2 sja chilling. I saw mr.soh there sama isterinya kali. Then met amin and adi si boh or adi si ahmed. Whichever, sma jua wah =p si amin main winning and he lost first gamenya i think~ . . . There was also org main life 4 dead kah? 4 people played it using connection. Cali lah haha especially the chinese guy cause ea kinda beteriak-teriak and swearing like " what the fuck, fuck!!, aaah!!, oh shit!! " haha cali lah which reminded me of the chinese yg masa mliat 4bia XD

Around 10 bru tah balik and tarus ambil mom. Half way balik bru tah adimu minta ambil d gdg, abg was kata-kataing cause menyusahkan org sja ea ani -_-' ok that's all bye~

♥S, RR

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