Friday, January 30, 2009

Tears and Fear

The time has come, the moment people had been waiting for. The time when boys will cry again~ apakan XD It was after cca that rumours were spread. Rumours of results getting out by the afternoon, expected time which was 2.30. Chem was a little bit of relaxing cause most of the time sir ravuf becerita sja, giving some advices. This was when more and more people in the lab got more nervous for their result, especially syarif cause he was next to me since iqbal wasn't coming. We can even hear the noise outside getting louder, people shouting for some reason. Fuhh~ by 2, jeremy shouted in the lab when he got his result through the dst sms. Wow 6A 2B, he sure was happy jumping around the lab with faizan xp. Outside zaim and aiman was at the bridge, looking down to the others at canteen, sad and happy faces. Zaim was so nervous that he even shouted for no specific reason xp. As i looked at ayyub, his eyes became red and watery. Yes, those were his tears. He was so afraid to read the msg sent by dst. He read it at the canteen i think and shockingly he got 10 O's, congrats bro~. Otw down, jaz was so afraid that he ended up crying at the canteen. I feel so sorry seeing them cried which makes me sad also, but i didn't cried, i tried not to, which i did managed to do it xp

not long after that, zaim and aiman came down. They were supposed to have class but they're given 10 minutes to release their stresses. Due to the surrounding, aiman cried cause he haven't got his results, he was so scared. He ended up sliding and hitting his phone up and down where i happened to stop him by taking his phone away, rusak krg xp. Loads of us were waiting near the concourse area infront of the library. Waiting for the results for those who haven't got it through sms which includes me. Well i didn't brought my phone cause nda baik, bangas dah haha. Qawiem got 7A 1B which was wow and Malcolm got 5A and idk~ the results weren't there yet, ivy haven't return from the MOE with the results. So me and aiman took a walk to remember XD a walk to the futsal area. Ayen was there, and he got his result already. 8 O's and 3 were A kah? or 2? Idk~ but congrats bro. Daus got 6 O's i think. Lutfi 8 O's with 2A. Went to the canteen, Joules got 4A 4B congrats tok xp. Hanafi got 9 O's with 5A kali. Fuhh~

then someone announced that the results were at the concourse!! OMG!! people began running their way. Some of them even walked so fast, pelahan wah! XD. I sat down on the table looking at them pushing each other around. Shouting for happYness, crying for sadness and fear for the parents. Aqil got 4A and 4B but still he cried cause he was afraid of his parents. Parents shouldn't be mad or pressuring their children for what they got, they had tried their best, well for atleast just accept them that have passed the exam.

Then azim came to me asked for my results. I said that i haven't check it yet. He was being so kind so ea check kn. Skalinya he told me that i got 8 O's. Wth~ at first i didn't believe it cause i wasn't expecting for 8 but instead 7 or less cause i know that my a.maths some sciences would fail. So i went for a check check check check it out now, you call somebody check it out now. Haha antam. With chub, suprisingly azim was right. Wow~ but with 1A sja, jaditah.

A.maths - C
Bio - B
Chem - B
English - CP
Physics - B
Maths - A
Geo - B

i was happy for my result eventhough i could have gotten a better one. Iqbal got 7 O's, congrats yaw. Aiman got 7 O's i think but he have to take for june cause he got a D for english. Chill bro, it's not the end. Most of us got C x ah. So we're not that far. You'll get through it ;). Mizan got 8 O's also xp. Azlan got 6 O's i think but he was pretty much sad cause his parents will be disappointed, it'll be okay tu lan :).

so then i went to the canteen, sitting by the stage. Alone lgi tu waiting for her to finish her class. Then dano and nadia came to join. Then si jaz and syufiqa. Dano got 8 O's x or 7. Historynya A x ah ;p. Nadia 6A 2B kali. Syu got 7 O's and for si jaz, well he'll be smiling for now, 4A 4B xp. Zaim, he got 6A 2B and that was a major shock cause most people thought yg ea ani buduh, well not buduh lah, i mean not that pandai and i'm not making this up. It really is true. I guess my dream about zaim did came true. E.guitar ni =p. He was pretty much busy receiving calls then haha.

syidah then finished her class. I spoiled her by telling her results but she didn't believe it. So we went to check it. She was a bit down, cause she got 7 O's sja. Ok jua tu =p. Cheer up ;). A.mathsnya D. Well most people that got 7 O's is cause of a.maths which spoils.

cca, i had hiking tdi but there were two choices plang. It's either to go for hiking or practice school band as told by vivian. Tpi i chose hiking. I guess the location was salah tdi. We went to pantai berakas instead haha. Awal2 was ok but then we ended up playing at the beach. Main air. We even had an estimation of 100m race. Well most of the time zaim won. Aiman 2nd and ayyub 3rd. I was the 4th. Jaditah~

i went home at 4.30 cause i think nini salah dngar. I told him 5.30 but instead 4.30 ea dtg. Nini bini was the 1st person that i told my results to, then dad, then amit, then mom. We had a doa selamat tdi and nadiah pretty much annoyed me. She kepts on saying ' eyah~ 8 O ea '. Blik2~ majal wah. xp we were supposed to have a ppb match tdi against outsy but nda jdi due to the results

ok that's all for today.

Congrats to the people who pass the exam and i feel sorry to those who doesn't. I'm quite sad actually cause thinking about the people whom i know very well who had to leave school because they can't fulfill the wanted grades to stay in ms ='( So to the people who pass, you should be grateful.

♥S, RR

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