Wednesday, January 7, 2009



woah~ the first day of school, well not actually. We ions happened to plan to come sja buang boring, but it sure is the first time that i felt that i just want to go back to sleep, seriously... mengantuk wah -_-' didn't even sadar who opened the light in mah room~ closed it and back to sleep. Nadiah came to wake me up, briwatir wah ea ah xp so~ do ma thang and the breakfast sausage with bbq sauce . . . Nyumnyum XD

So as i arrived d canteen, aqil and shahmi were the only one . . . two actually =p there ;). Shahmi came cause he thought school start sudah for pre-u's, i told him few days before that 6th bru tah but ea nda pcaya. Too bad xp . . . So he went home early lah. Then ayyub and aiman came, baie nda jua bwa guitar drang ani~ ngaleh sja ku mmbwa -_-' si ayen came so late, fuhh~ baik jua ea bwa guitarnya, bdgan jua kn ;). So kmi chilled sja~ singasongs~ LG-ing d gym, then played footie. Only 5 of us.

around 12.30 we went out for jamming, but before that we gave the 2 guitars to malcolm so ea taruh d hep. Malas kn bwa :D. It's either to go to bz, main or 4ace, jamming. So we chose both haha~ but ke bz bali drinks sja XD so 4ace lah~ after that kmi went to this restaurant by that block jua. Makan nasi campur sja~ and murtabak wawawa XD. Then went to the toy shop ah, sja round2

went to huaho~ round2 again. Btah wah, for hours kali haha. Ayen and aiman bnar2 wah drang masa mliat kasut. It was nearly 5 sudah eatah i told bout the guitar, takut the cigu balik~ then balik tah kmi but before that si ayen bli plasters yg ada colours and pictures of dinosaurs, panat wah. Tmpat yg nda luka pun dbgi XD

Went home, trus tdur. Woke up around 7 and there was a msg from ayyub giving no. recharge card from durky. Haha wth~ bnr2 ani wah. Takut jua me tu XD . . . Late dinner with family which was around 10 kali, wow~ so saddap xp apakan

♥S, RR

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