Monday, January 12, 2009


So yesterday i was supposed to be at pantai muara for the muller's bbq. My abg said he can only brought two people so he chose michelle and me but the day before, masa d icc, i told him that i'm not sure whether to ikut or not cause ppb ada something going on jua on sunday.

so, the morning, as i woke up nda tia my abg ani. Trus bh ea jalan without telling, i said not sure x ah -_-' so plan b sja, sama ppb. So dtg bz around 12 i think. Played cs for 2 and a half hours. Okay jua lah since we were ramai, i mean the ppb's yg main :)

Went to huaho to buy foods. School around 2+ then played around 3. Yg bnrnya 2 tpi yknow, ppb x ah. Always an hour late haha~ rasyidul did joined us to play cause ea nda kn dbuat kali =p i lost my mood during the second match cause of si mizan -_-' nda mau serious wah ea ah, i mean he was not really into the game. Kn dribble and ketawa ganya, and begay xp. Jazmi was also not performing at his best, bgi hampa wah. If i was to choose who was the best player of the day, i'll choose fadli. Damn he's so handal and full of spirit. Unlike the adi, si mizan xp. Cs he was also handaler than mizan XD.

climbed the goal post again heheh~ but this time rmai2. Me ayyub aiman and jon. Palang ada dua ah, biar asak2 arh satu. Well aku kn cuba bediri on the post ah tpi takut. So aiman did it since he was braver than me. Tpi nda kira cause he didn't stood that straight, bongkok sikit haha. Then before we played the last match, i climbed the post again and trus bdiri mengajut haha. Straight brabis but skajap sja cause aku awal trajun haha. Takut wawawa~ mcm 1s x hahaha, skajap bnr XD.

everyone blik dah leaving me alone, again~ haha. Lambat wah aku gtau kn blik atu. So minta ambil arh my abg. Wait and wait and wait, hujan tia. So lebat =O it was getting pretty dark too, should i say ugly dark? Apakan haha~ and masa waiting i saw a very kewl lightning striking. Lawa brabis wah, but not until the sound came which freaked me out~

around 6.30


around 7 bru tah blik and makan some foods yg abg brought from the bbq, nyumnyum~. 8.30 jalan again to teguh raya cause bgambar for the green form. Bismi for nadiah. 9+ blik then ntah~ fell asleep kali haha
. Even forgot to do my hw XD

♥S, RR

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