Friday, February 27, 2009

i just wanna make love right now right now

I can't sleep, not yet. Not now -_-' idk why maybe because of the coughing which makes me awake. I am officially of one week sick. Blum tah mau baik2nya -_-'. Maybe it's because i stopped taking medicine cause malas until tadi.

tadi school i was late again. Audi showroom, mps~ then i skipped gp by joining the economics people at the library heheh. CCA hiking was cancelled so most of the time i was just sitting listening to music and played tekken.

practiced for the crosscountry again. I did well today. I stopped once sja, at the highway. My time was about 30+ minutes i think. I don't know my exact time cause i don't what time i started running. I was in a rush tdi cause kna tinggalkan -_-' i didn't know they started running dah, but today was ok cause lots of people tdi. I like toh~ plus ada music g which controlled my speed of running. If the song jiwang i'll be slow. If rancak, you won't/can't see me. Kes laju lah tu. Taie eyh haha~ i hope all the boys yg practice today sakit kaki till the real day, saturday so my winning chance would rise ;D but impossible cause i'm like dupdupdupdup and you're like lubduplubdup, apakan~ ntam tah eyh haha.

Spent me time with syee. Fuhh~ so lazy eyh. Idk what to talk about anymore. K bye~

happy 3rd monthsary halwani =p i love you

♥S, RR

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Imma take you there

Yesterday was my first time using the grey pants. Well it sure was membawa malang. My left foot tmasuk kdalam longkang cause salah stepping. I was looking ke belakang jua time atu arah them lutfi mizan syafiq and tawa walking with the virus-affected guy, aiman. Nda wah ;D. I guess penyakit si aiman blik smula. Eatah kn~ my left foot was soaking wet, air longkangnya g hitam eee~. Inda cool eyh, syidah g mliat tu. How embarrassing -_-' huhu. So i went to the girls toilet d audi since boys kna pakai. Cuci my bottom part of the pants, my left shoe and sock. Bersih plang but bebau, eww~ it looks weird wah cause the left side was darker cause basah so aku basah kn the right side also to balance things up. When i asked drang yg behind when i fell atu, they said they didn't saw me. Wow nasib~

changed clothes trus since i'm joining them lutfi jon mizan and shrek training. I was ok awal2 but then i stopped mcm last time which was after the final hill. Along the highway mostly walking. Awal2 si jon cut me then lutfi and mizan. Si shrek idk dmana ea. I didn't got the chance to see him cept for the starting. Just when i was walking, i looked back and saw a car which is very familiar to me. Hyundai Tucson, it was abg. He stopped by the side of the road which was about 20m front so i sprint my way and trus masuk the car minta hantar ke ms. I can't take it anymore wah. So disqualified lah, mana jua ulah kn haha~ jon was tekizut cause i arrived earlier than him =p

balik rumah i went for a jog again around the kampung and i managed to do it non-stop. Well nda plang jauh. About 4 km and that's all i think :D

owh ya~ had makans-makans after the training at school with o's. Some sja :D sempena sambutan ulang tahun si khairini. Happy belated birthday. Long life cheap foods ;p thanks for not suap-suaping cherry with ayen XD

♥S, RR

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

run baby run~

Wow~ i just finished eating my first ever successful own-made nasi goreng. Sadang~ inda jua brapa nyaman lah XD but ok compared to last time where the nasi jadi grey, hangus wawawa

well today, i came a bit late for school cause lastnight akhir tdur. Ayen and ayyub came by to send my stuffs where we ended up picking aiman and makan at mama cafe bandar's till 10+ haha. Ok before that, pgi atu we went to stadium to attend the national day celebration. Cool~ i mean the marching bands ah, jealous wah me ;p. Kami, me aiman and ayyub, nda transport blik. So we walked our way from stadium till the pulaie's mosque. Then rest kajap. After that sambung blik, just about 50+m i was like main2 kn stop a car. By the power of ntah, a red car stops by haha ;D an old man drove it

old man : kan kmana?

me : maktab sains

old man : bh masuk tah, tpi byar $1

me : ah? Ya kah? bh manasaja tah, ntam tah eyh.

we hip'n'hop in, apakan~ XD

old man : yg bnrnya aku ada bjanji plang sma org dakat atu, tpi nda apa lah.

on our way, ea bwa becerita g...

old man : wah~ mengaleh jua ah ngantar org sna sini ani

me : *dalam hati* wow~ baik bnar jua ea ani, confirm rmai ni yg d antar ambilnya

Sampai at luar ms...

me : bh sini sja, terima kasih ah.

old man : bh $1 ah

i was like tekajut, sirius black panya ea ani. Pkir me main2 haha.

old man : kan lari kmu kah? Nda tah kmu kn mmbyr ni?

me : heheh nda eyh~ ni kn mmbyr tah ni

wow~ illegal taxi panya haha. Hmm~ biar tia eyh, cranya mencari rezeki kali ;)

so we chilled d canteen till 1. Thinking what to do. I even fell asleep d canteen haha. So we ended up balik sja since we were confused what to do plus tired heheh. Balik trus tdur wawawa. Eatah that night yg si ayen came atu.

ok where was i? Owh ya, i came a bit late to school. Eatah trus ke library to do my chem hw haha. After halfway done, i went to audi showroom =p auditorium bh ;p. I realised rmai yg pkai the bottle yg we got from hafiz's party, kewl~ i thought drang lupa =p

owh~ masa sunday we had party at hafiz's. Aku sasat plang awal2 haha. So dtg sna, aiman was already waiting and kmi trus mengamai the jukebox. Well aku plang ganya tu, sakai wawawa. The party was ok. We had futsal after makan. Owh ya~ me and nafi made a chess set using cardboards, chewing gum and sampah =D.

desperate much eyy? =p

Then played the bouncer, cool wah cause it was a titanic bouncer. 1st time wah tu =p and i was afraid plang but main sja tia. Really tall wah. Even sakit if salah position -_-'. Played from 3 kali or 4 till 7 hahaha. Then we played rockband and guitar here WT. Hafiz have a collection of WWE action figures, cool jua tu haha. So we stayed till 10 kah? Sent nafi home and back at ayen's. Me ayyub and aiman had a sleepover there and it was our first time bngun awal dsana for the national day haha. Biasanya lambat wah XD played cube also, 42s was my fastest. I even forgot the cases -_-'

melarat eyh haha~ so had chem class test tdi. Fail tu eyh =D. Then ptg had practical. Ok i guess. 'JOGGED' with sayang =p weseh~ apakan haha. We did ok, i mean she did ok haha. We didn't stop for kdai tdi unlike saturday haha :p. I haven't practice for the crosscountry yet. Sudah plang but skali ganya. Practice bjalan bru twice heheh ;p nda wah~

hmm~ ok that's all. Sorry for the short post =p

♥S, RR

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

walk slow?

sigh. Very frustrating, after more than a week of hardwork they're finally announcing that the band isn't going to march for the national day anymore. Some of the reasons that i heard was that

- 'BIDA' if meliat dri atas
- they couldn't hear what we were playing from the above

oww wth~ the song yg kna play around the stadium atu yg loud. Syeesh~

i realised my nose was bleeding when i had my shower in the morning. Wow cool~ i never had a nose-bleed before ;) but too bad it was kinda dry sudah tdi atu.

chess isn't my thang anymore i guess cause i kept on losing today haha but i'm not gonna stop. I'll try to improve it and idk~ i just hate it when someone spoils the game by telling what move to be made. Syeesh~ kalau mau kau main. Eyah mental haha. Aweh ngapa kn ;p. Known spoilers ; 1st Zahir, he just can't shut up when mliat org main. 2nd Hanafi, ntah idk what's his problem. Skali sja ea dtg, trus spoil wah. and lately 3rd Yap. These are the people i need to avoid if main =p. Syahmi Suferi jua kdang2 and adinya ah xp

had the crosscountry practice tdi. Well it wasn't in my plan. Mengajut wah, ikut sja tia. The route was ok. I mean nda kerasahan jauhnya. Jauh plang last year. I didn't jog all the way, the last bukit i stopped tia. Settle wawawa. My thighs are still tight since last night after jogging at stadium with abg. Plus it's hard to breathe when you're sick, tsumbat XD. I was the last to arrive cause bnyak walking. I tried stopping every car cause i need a ride to school, sadly nda yg mau stop. Ambung bruneians ani eyh =p or maybe because it was d highway eatah nda mau stop haha.

i was losing hope masa d skulah and decided not to run during the 28th but then tdi d toilet, something changed my mind, lari sja tia kali heheh~

♥S, RR

Monday, February 16, 2009

My Symptoms

All i can say is 15/02, which was yesterday, was the saddest day in my life. Sigh. I can't talk about it here, neither do outside there -_-'. I just wanna say thank you to abg for being there for me, you're the best. =')

I'm still sick since friday and now it's worster. My breath is hot which hurts my nose whenever i breathe out, also hurts when i breathe in cause the air feels so cold. I have to breathe through my mouth for a quite sometime. I can't sleep, my eyes felt hot whenever i shut them. Sigh. My back hurts, i'm feeling so weak. I don't know whether i should come later for the marching. Maybe i should cause i need to be sweaty so the heat would vapourize. That was what being taught in bio. The aircond is off and i'm still under double blankets -_-' Ok i need to get some sleep and hopefully i would be better when i wake up, amin~

♥S, RR

Thursday, February 12, 2009

check check check check it out now

Cca was cool. We had a hike at tasek lama. Pejri came to join us, eventhough ea nda g d ms :). Tried the rock climbing wall, wow it was harder than it looks. Our journey took for about an hour. Half way, the rain falls. Cool eyh but also yuck cause the pathway was muddy and stuffs. I even fell down masa kn ending haha but luckily ada support. Well i'm not the only one yg tgugur =p. Wish danial mat was there, it would be more interesting haha~. My first time hiking in the rain x ah and the most hated thing of the day goes to the stairs~ bnyak ani wah -_-'

after hiking we went makan arh restaurant mama cafe. It was almost 2 sudah and about 10 of us were late for the marching. By the time i got my cymbals, yg lain marching tia dah, so aku carry on main dri hujung haha~ and it was very tiring for today. The left cymbal even got full palatation XD. Trpaksa one of the cigu step on it wah. Marchband kna bgi foods, whee~ heheh but i didn't finished it cause kenyang. Ended my day by playing chess against hanafi from 4 till 5.30 haha. It was a draw, 4-4. Okay i guess cause i was expecting no wins at all :D

♥S, RR

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

a story to tell

Sorry for the lack of updates~ being lazy that's all :)

ok let's catch up with things~

5/02 was birthday si syahmi suferi. Me ayyub and aiman had a sleepover there. Among that came were ayen mizan shrek and muaz. The cake was nyumnyum. Dq i think, maybe~ :D. The bbq, well duhh~ hujan ah spoil but still on ;D

we had PES tournament, i beated muaz and mizan and syafiq =p. Spanjang subuh kmi bjaga main QWOP, talur ah haha~ furthest was 15m i think. Yg ku dapat lah :D i slept at around 6 cause si syafiq nda mau abis becerita, layan sja tia =p. When i woke up, si aiman kna virus, nda dpat bdiri xp. Haha that's all that day i think. Owh ya~ we had our first marching band practice.

saturday, 7/02
worst day ever in my life. 5 years of friendship ended by betrayal just like that. Pfft~ how lame. Moving on~

sunday, another band practice. Well i made two new girl friends~ ( ada space tu ah between girl friends =p ) well anak the cigu plang, sporting lah drang ;D. Sorg iman and sorg g was ntah, si hijau? =D.

midday, O's had a going out. Well i was pretty much boros lah haha. Spending on something yg nda faedah =D. Wecan, pizzahut, DQ, swensen's, gelato, utama grand and near skh were all the food shops and restaurant that i had visited. It was also my first time makan d west, suprisingly the foods was that cheap and nyaman~ esp. Japanese teriyaki chicken rice ;D. I feel so bloated for the whole day. Makan sja wah haha. Also played lumba kerita at the arcade, most of the time i won ;) bila lagi? =p. That night i had to go to mentiri cause rumah was kosong =O

from mentiri =p

monday, our first band practice under the sun. So damn hot plus the cymbals were burning my hands. Panas bh tu ='(. I was pissed off also cause we worked hard for it and still one of the cigu mcm insulting. Serious bh ea ah~ 1st x ah.

tuesday, 2nd practice was a lil bit ok. Ayyub got the drum major role. Cool yub~ apakan monday jua dah ea dpat haha. Me and azlan kept on laughing whenever ayyub gave orders cause cali wah ea ah haha xp.

wednesday, our first time marching with the pre-u's. Well i think line kmi nda blurus, but people at the back said we were ok. Owh~ ok tah tu kali haha and the cymbal kept on tepalating, bent outwards especially the right one. Luckily i found out a technique to fix it while walking cause usually i had to step on it ;D

updates :

been addicted to chess since si jon hosting a ppb chess league. I beated ayyub twice, syafiq twice, syahmi twice, jon twice. Wow~ twice sja jua. Actually aku garak2 sja haha and maybe i should start khataming the chess book like they do cause they seems to know more about it than me~ and today i left my cymbals at school, malas kn bwa cause i had to carry it around masa pagi2, malas i~ :D. Yg bnrnya kna suruh polish but aku malas haha, as usual. Before school tadi, i saw 3 jons (monkeys) mlintas front house to store to hutan. I was gonna take their pictures but nda sampat. Drang nda nampak. If yes, they would do a pout to me camera =D

♥S, RR

Friday, February 6, 2009


Wednesday, maths was the first then physics after that gp. That was when i realised i brought the wrong book, a dictionary instead of the core maths textbook. No wonder my bag was a bit lighter. In the afternoon, well i stayed till 2 cause i had to go home early. Abg told me the day before that we would have a haircut together near the komunis. Actually it was supposed to be on monday but he kept on postponding it -_-' before i went home, we sang a song birthday song for tawa.

happy belated birthday dude =p long life cheap foods ;)

owh~ ya, i had fixed the light in my room, 1 week dah nda mau. Well slama ani i used the orange light for studying atu plang, which i never used it for studying =p. menyasal plang awal balik cause i didn't do anything except for sleeping. There was no sign of abg. When i woke it was around 5+/6+ and he was there. He had his haircut dah, alone~ -_-' pedah jua ku awal blik tu. So malamnya mom and dad brought me to the saloon near hk bank, magstar kah? but we were a bit late, tutup tia dah. Not actually, the worker awal balik. So i ended up arh saloon abg mu, saloon hamdan haha =p.

my sideburns are a bit off balance plang cause my right is thicker than the left but biar tia eyh. I don't mind, apa juanya rambut. It will grow again, or not, or not. but it will xp

♥S, RR

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Crappy thoughts

Yesterday, it was so so so sunyi d canteen. No sign of outsyders, except for azlan cause he was the only outsie that i met during breaktime. Yg lain ntah, ppb tah ganya. After chem ppb ada match which i don't know, so i didn't brought my stuffs. Well it was quite bored cause usually muiz wali would come to join, ani nda g. Maybe cause tdi he was joining the U19 for one last time,eatah. Speaking of U19, nama ku kna masukkan lah. Atupun just because of replacing yg pindah. So kalau drang nda pindah nda tah ada tu. I'm still not gonna come cause i know i would end up as a sub. Super-sub, eatah bri malas. I'll just come when they really really want me to play, but i'm not that handal plang in padang. Buruk haha. Fuhh~ now i know. Know what? Ntah, i'm blank. Well actually i'm azeerul, my mind yg blank ani xp

i'm feeling so down, due to some reasons. Maybe after reading post si bahrin atu kali, i mean about zul helmi ah. Baru jua ku tpikir pasal ea tu, sorry dude~ but he wasn't around school since saturday. Even the day when the expellariamus returned their books. Sigh. I feel guilty cause aku slalu nyaya si zul lately with the bulan sabit thingy~ -_-' but that's just part of why i'm feeling so down. There's a main reason actually. You people can just find it out through the ppb blog + a blog that's in the ppb link. Both are connected. I recommend you all michael ballack as a solution xp. Apakan~ pedah

now i realise how bad i am as friend, captain to some of you guys out there and i don't know, maybe also a bad bf to syidah =p. I'm thinking of a change, ok that just came out from my mind. Well maybe JUST, i'll try to change slowly but i'm not promising anything wawawa =p.

♥S, RR

Sunday, February 1, 2009

So layzeyh

So today i spent most of my time main battle realms until i forgot that ppb ada match. By that time it was 3.30 dah and abg malas kn ngantar. My handphone wasn't with me cause it was with your adi. Cacat dah the screen eatah. Also played cs but aku main buyuk cause the bot can only use knives eatah XD

i didn't cut my hair today cause nda jdi. Esuk sja kali. Hopefully saya tidak d tegur esok. Went to gdg with abg to pick up adimu and i happened to saw drang ayyub alif and when i checked my msgs, i was messaged pnya yg drang ke rf. Sorry guys cause nda dtg main both.

my shoulders hurt cause of yesterday's performance and tomorrow ada chem test. Haven't revise yet. Krgtah cause i'm so so lazy right now

♥S, RR

Make me

Had assembly masa school. I was a bit late, nothing much. They were telling about requirements to stay in ms. So i decided to stay for a while when they let everyone out except for the people who can't fulfill the requirements. I found out the people who stayed were bahrin, muiz wali, alex, zubair, danial mat, zul helmi and some girls. After knowing i went out for chem. Luckily rambut nda kna check, yay!! Oh well~ aku sorang jua ganya lelaki yg masuk. Pedah sja ku buat hw, skajap jua ganya haha

maths, mr salamuth start membuly org dah. Well not really, sort of lah. He even called abid by his dad's name, samat. Cali lah haha. It was quite a relaxing day cause physics teacher left us for the last period to do some measuring practicals sja and gp, we went to the computer lab.

in the afternoon, well i was quite sad because some of the guys yg earlier which includes muiz pejri had to leave school for good. It was my first time to see muiz wali, zubair and danial crying in five years, except for alex cause puas dah meliat ea xp i feel like i wanna cry watching them cried. Fuhh~ the school will be a little less fun now without them all ='(. Then we had a photo sessions among the boys of pre-u1 2009/form 5 2008. I'll post the pictures nanti if dapat cause the pics aren't with me. You can look it arh 'aawuutt' ada tu :)

then had the schoolband practice at 3.30. Bnarnya 2 plang but me and azlan decided akhir skit cause it's our last time to see them yg kluar. The band performance was cool, but only for the first three songs. Lapas atu boring tia cause there was a change of plan where aku duduk sja. The cymbal even got TEPALAT where it bent outwards cause i hit it too hard haha. I had to step on it utk luruskan. After the national anthem, the grip rope for holding the cymbal putus. I had to play by holding it manually for the 3rd full song haha. Luckily after that, cgu trus ikatkan blik. Syidah came to watch, tpi masa 4th song, too bad time aku duduk2 dah haha.

owh ya~ masa practice one of the cigu music sat next to me

cigu : aku nda plang ku minat ni studentnya ah. Cigu cigunya bini-bini bru tah

haha gatal~ xp

got home, there was no food and mom malas kn cook so ea suruh bli nasi katok sja arh mamih's and she offered me to drive. Ok aku mau sja lah haha. So i drove presea again, it's been a long time sudah nda drive :D. Abg also ikut cause mom asked to. He sat at the back and he kept on pressuring me. Spoil haha. I did ok, to me lah. The car mati engine twice sja. Once masa kn kluar simpang and skali lgi masa parking arh mamih.

adimu turun and came back and told me that there was no ayam available. So tekajut jua ku tu. Nda ku mau drive lgi mencri nasi. Luckily abg was there so ea sja drive wawawa.

♥S, RR

Someone is looking

Schoolband was practiced at the audi on friday. I got the centermost high position for a cymbalist/cymbaler. Cool plang but not cool if salah main haha. The practice was ok. Me ayyub and aiman did some lg-ing, i'm still not that handal since i'm so so lazy. Bkan mcm drang, rajin xp.

in the afternoon, around 3. Ppb had a match d haruns. It was a last minute change since jkr was flooded. Spoil eyh. I'm still wondering cmana bleh bnyak hujan lately? Kemarau kah slama ani? Aqil said brunei kna taie-taie from other countries, ntah bnr kah nda ea ani. So ayen promised to pick me up, skalinya ngambil it was around 3.30 kali cause si aqil lagi~ so we arrived around 4. Skali liat tmpat main ani, wow~ very very very . . . ntah eyh. Teruk lah, i thought it would be tmpat futsal atu kn. Skalinya tmpat badminton atu, where they opened up the centre so we're using 2 badminton courts which is a square instead of a rectangle. Wth~ plus the price was the same as the actual futsal field, $36. Goblok~ and the opponent played for 1hr sja, so they were paying $18 sja but instead of 18, 16 sja. Antam tah kmu eyh. Then since si mizan booked for 2hrs, the other 1 hour ppb sja main. Which makes 36+20 = 56 kn d byar. Each everyone of us had to pay $5, rugi eyh except for mizan cause he had to pay more than 10 kali. Eatah kau nah. Biar tia eyh. " THE PASS IS PASS " wawawa xp

then we, me ayyub aiman ayen and jon went to pgs for the buffet. Nyumnyum. Then gdg cause ayen had to do something. Masa pusing2 around mall, we saw a group of chinese walking passed the car and the last person kurik idung, asyik lagi tu. Walaupun blakang skali. So kmi smua in the car mcm ' ewww ' bising lah haha. Went home around idk, 9? 10?

i was planning to do my hw at 12 but nda menjadi cause i fell asleep instead. Luckily i woke up at 4 and did it. Chem hw.

♥S, RR