Thursday, February 12, 2009

check check check check it out now

Cca was cool. We had a hike at tasek lama. Pejri came to join us, eventhough ea nda g d ms :). Tried the rock climbing wall, wow it was harder than it looks. Our journey took for about an hour. Half way, the rain falls. Cool eyh but also yuck cause the pathway was muddy and stuffs. I even fell down masa kn ending haha but luckily ada support. Well i'm not the only one yg tgugur =p. Wish danial mat was there, it would be more interesting haha~. My first time hiking in the rain x ah and the most hated thing of the day goes to the stairs~ bnyak ani wah -_-'

after hiking we went makan arh restaurant mama cafe. It was almost 2 sudah and about 10 of us were late for the marching. By the time i got my cymbals, yg lain marching tia dah, so aku carry on main dri hujung haha~ and it was very tiring for today. The left cymbal even got full palatation XD. Trpaksa one of the cigu step on it wah. Marchband kna bgi foods, whee~ heheh but i didn't finished it cause kenyang. Ended my day by playing chess against hanafi from 4 till 5.30 haha. It was a draw, 4-4. Okay i guess cause i was expecting no wins at all :D

♥S, RR

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