Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Crappy thoughts

Yesterday, it was so so so sunyi d canteen. No sign of outsyders, except for azlan cause he was the only outsie that i met during breaktime. Yg lain ntah, ppb tah ganya. After chem ppb ada match which i don't know, so i didn't brought my stuffs. Well it was quite bored cause usually muiz wali would come to join, ani nda g. Maybe cause tdi he was joining the U19 for one last time,eatah. Speaking of U19, nama ku kna masukkan lah. Atupun just because of replacing yg pindah. So kalau drang nda pindah nda tah ada tu. I'm still not gonna come cause i know i would end up as a sub. Super-sub, eatah bri malas. I'll just come when they really really want me to play, but i'm not that handal plang in padang. Buruk haha. Fuhh~ now i know. Know what? Ntah, i'm blank. Well actually i'm azeerul, my mind yg blank ani xp

i'm feeling so down, due to some reasons. Maybe after reading post si bahrin atu kali, i mean about zul helmi ah. Baru jua ku tpikir pasal ea tu, sorry dude~ but he wasn't around school since saturday. Even the day when the expellariamus returned their books. Sigh. I feel guilty cause aku slalu nyaya si zul lately with the bulan sabit thingy~ -_-' but that's just part of why i'm feeling so down. There's a main reason actually. You people can just find it out through the ppb blog + a blog that's in the ppb link. Both are connected. I recommend you all michael ballack as a solution xp. Apakan~ pedah

now i realise how bad i am as friend, captain to some of you guys out there and i don't know, maybe also a bad bf to syidah =p. I'm thinking of a change, ok that just came out from my mind. Well maybe JUST, i'll try to change slowly but i'm not promising anything wawawa =p.

♥S, RR

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