Friday, February 6, 2009


Wednesday, maths was the first then physics after that gp. That was when i realised i brought the wrong book, a dictionary instead of the core maths textbook. No wonder my bag was a bit lighter. In the afternoon, well i stayed till 2 cause i had to go home early. Abg told me the day before that we would have a haircut together near the komunis. Actually it was supposed to be on monday but he kept on postponding it -_-' before i went home, we sang a song birthday song for tawa.

happy belated birthday dude =p long life cheap foods ;)

owh~ ya, i had fixed the light in my room, 1 week dah nda mau. Well slama ani i used the orange light for studying atu plang, which i never used it for studying =p. menyasal plang awal balik cause i didn't do anything except for sleeping. There was no sign of abg. When i woke it was around 5+/6+ and he was there. He had his haircut dah, alone~ -_-' pedah jua ku awal blik tu. So malamnya mom and dad brought me to the saloon near hk bank, magstar kah? but we were a bit late, tutup tia dah. Not actually, the worker awal balik. So i ended up arh saloon abg mu, saloon hamdan haha =p.

my sideburns are a bit off balance plang cause my right is thicker than the left but biar tia eyh. I don't mind, apa juanya rambut. It will grow again, or not, or not. but it will xp

♥S, RR

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