Friday, February 27, 2009

i just wanna make love right now right now

I can't sleep, not yet. Not now -_-' idk why maybe because of the coughing which makes me awake. I am officially of one week sick. Blum tah mau baik2nya -_-'. Maybe it's because i stopped taking medicine cause malas until tadi.

tadi school i was late again. Audi showroom, mps~ then i skipped gp by joining the economics people at the library heheh. CCA hiking was cancelled so most of the time i was just sitting listening to music and played tekken.

practiced for the crosscountry again. I did well today. I stopped once sja, at the highway. My time was about 30+ minutes i think. I don't know my exact time cause i don't what time i started running. I was in a rush tdi cause kna tinggalkan -_-' i didn't know they started running dah, but today was ok cause lots of people tdi. I like toh~ plus ada music g which controlled my speed of running. If the song jiwang i'll be slow. If rancak, you won't/can't see me. Kes laju lah tu. Taie eyh haha~ i hope all the boys yg practice today sakit kaki till the real day, saturday so my winning chance would rise ;D but impossible cause i'm like dupdupdupdup and you're like lubduplubdup, apakan~ ntam tah eyh haha.

Spent me time with syee. Fuhh~ so lazy eyh. Idk what to talk about anymore. K bye~

happy 3rd monthsary halwani =p i love you

♥S, RR

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