Thursday, February 26, 2009

Imma take you there

Yesterday was my first time using the grey pants. Well it sure was membawa malang. My left foot tmasuk kdalam longkang cause salah stepping. I was looking ke belakang jua time atu arah them lutfi mizan syafiq and tawa walking with the virus-affected guy, aiman. Nda wah ;D. I guess penyakit si aiman blik smula. Eatah kn~ my left foot was soaking wet, air longkangnya g hitam eee~. Inda cool eyh, syidah g mliat tu. How embarrassing -_-' huhu. So i went to the girls toilet d audi since boys kna pakai. Cuci my bottom part of the pants, my left shoe and sock. Bersih plang but bebau, eww~ it looks weird wah cause the left side was darker cause basah so aku basah kn the right side also to balance things up. When i asked drang yg behind when i fell atu, they said they didn't saw me. Wow nasib~

changed clothes trus since i'm joining them lutfi jon mizan and shrek training. I was ok awal2 but then i stopped mcm last time which was after the final hill. Along the highway mostly walking. Awal2 si jon cut me then lutfi and mizan. Si shrek idk dmana ea. I didn't got the chance to see him cept for the starting. Just when i was walking, i looked back and saw a car which is very familiar to me. Hyundai Tucson, it was abg. He stopped by the side of the road which was about 20m front so i sprint my way and trus masuk the car minta hantar ke ms. I can't take it anymore wah. So disqualified lah, mana jua ulah kn haha~ jon was tekizut cause i arrived earlier than him =p

balik rumah i went for a jog again around the kampung and i managed to do it non-stop. Well nda plang jauh. About 4 km and that's all i think :D

owh ya~ had makans-makans after the training at school with o's. Some sja :D sempena sambutan ulang tahun si khairini. Happy belated birthday. Long life cheap foods ;p thanks for not suap-suaping cherry with ayen XD

♥S, RR

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