Sunday, February 1, 2009

Make me

Had assembly masa school. I was a bit late, nothing much. They were telling about requirements to stay in ms. So i decided to stay for a while when they let everyone out except for the people who can't fulfill the requirements. I found out the people who stayed were bahrin, muiz wali, alex, zubair, danial mat, zul helmi and some girls. After knowing i went out for chem. Luckily rambut nda kna check, yay!! Oh well~ aku sorang jua ganya lelaki yg masuk. Pedah sja ku buat hw, skajap jua ganya haha

maths, mr salamuth start membuly org dah. Well not really, sort of lah. He even called abid by his dad's name, samat. Cali lah haha. It was quite a relaxing day cause physics teacher left us for the last period to do some measuring practicals sja and gp, we went to the computer lab.

in the afternoon, well i was quite sad because some of the guys yg earlier which includes muiz pejri had to leave school for good. It was my first time to see muiz wali, zubair and danial crying in five years, except for alex cause puas dah meliat ea xp i feel like i wanna cry watching them cried. Fuhh~ the school will be a little less fun now without them all ='(. Then we had a photo sessions among the boys of pre-u1 2009/form 5 2008. I'll post the pictures nanti if dapat cause the pics aren't with me. You can look it arh 'aawuutt' ada tu :)

then had the schoolband practice at 3.30. Bnarnya 2 plang but me and azlan decided akhir skit cause it's our last time to see them yg kluar. The band performance was cool, but only for the first three songs. Lapas atu boring tia cause there was a change of plan where aku duduk sja. The cymbal even got TEPALAT where it bent outwards cause i hit it too hard haha. I had to step on it utk luruskan. After the national anthem, the grip rope for holding the cymbal putus. I had to play by holding it manually for the 3rd full song haha. Luckily after that, cgu trus ikatkan blik. Syidah came to watch, tpi masa 4th song, too bad time aku duduk2 dah haha.

owh ya~ masa practice one of the cigu music sat next to me

cigu : aku nda plang ku minat ni studentnya ah. Cigu cigunya bini-bini bru tah

haha gatal~ xp

got home, there was no food and mom malas kn cook so ea suruh bli nasi katok sja arh mamih's and she offered me to drive. Ok aku mau sja lah haha. So i drove presea again, it's been a long time sudah nda drive :D. Abg also ikut cause mom asked to. He sat at the back and he kept on pressuring me. Spoil haha. I did ok, to me lah. The car mati engine twice sja. Once masa kn kluar simpang and skali lgi masa parking arh mamih.

adimu turun and came back and told me that there was no ayam available. So tekajut jua ku tu. Nda ku mau drive lgi mencri nasi. Luckily abg was there so ea sja drive wawawa.

♥S, RR

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